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  1. cypherman

    Is the game down for anyone else

    server went down 18 mins ago
  2. cypherman

    Selling: Improved GYRO FAP

    i know i own 1 :)
  3. cypherman

    Active weapons shops on Ark

    Celeste North #12 [Arkadia, 30023, 10288, 99, Waypoint] this shop has Armatrix weapons and amps, enhancers, P20's also good prices
  4. cypherman

    News: Server Downtime for Patch

    hunt the thing on RT rename by looks naomi
  5. cypherman

    Selling: [SOLD][Level 2 Finder Amplifier]

    will go BO 14.5k
  6. cypherman

    Buying: Angel / Shadow (M) UL

    pm sent
  7. cypherman

    Selling: Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Improved T2.99 - SOLD

    sent you pm in game leon
  8. cypherman

    Question: What happened to Serica?

    She is busy in Rl unable to log in atm as life got real busy for her
  9. cypherman

    Buying: Lion (Male) set

    pm sent
  10. cypherman

    tiering changes

    you may need to get a price check on it 1st :)
  11. cypherman


    no it wasnt sericas husband
  12. cypherman

    Buying: Calytrek CR Spirit MK. I.
  13. cypherman

    Free Pathfinder Warps Today

    My Condolences for your loss.
  14. cypherman

    Achievement: entropia master laser dmg

    gz bud nice work
  15. cypherman

    Achievement: 11 Years in Project Entropia

    congrats bud many more to come :)
  16. cypherman

    ***REDU MANIA*** 2000 PED Redulite Mining Event on OLA#59 - MINER'S PARADISE

    count me in cypherman cypherman cypherman
  17. cypherman

    Space - State of the Universe - an overview and outlook of past and future

    add me to the list Cypherman Cypherman Cypherman
  18. cypherman

    Gold Card out of sync

    mine has had same issue was fixed now has repeated what it 1st done so locked out again till they sort it
  19. cypherman

    Buying: Chikara Refiner Adjusted

    I have pm'd you Nika
  20. cypherman

    Sydney Meet on July 26, 2014

    count me in mac
  21. cypherman

    ATH: MacMahon Vengeance UL

    nice 1 gz mid
  22. cypherman

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register cypherman cypherman cypherman
  23. cypherman

    Selling: Hogglo tooth and pelvis

    daily bump