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  1. MarcusLucius

    Suggestion: Allow for duplicate name changes

    my name. my reputation. im no child bro
  2. MarcusLucius

    It's raining items it's time to act now MA

    MA balancing team has ofc thought out this well. or do you think MA does shoots without calculating or a plan? yes/no?
  3. MarcusLucius

    bore with chatGPT? well try agentGPT

    yea in my case. what i wanted to show you is the progress this sector is doing.......
  4. MarcusLucius

    bore with chatGPT? well try agentGPT

    well, that escalated quickly: edit: you dont need a openAI key, but without your agent is limited (in time i guess) my goal was a simple one: analize the threads on and sum up the general sentiment at this moment this was the answer: Task...
  5. MarcusLucius

    Lost Time Compass

    lol same bro.. .BUT .. did this ever got solved ?
  6. MarcusLucius

    Question: Want to switch my vengeance for a claw/sb/lb for mayhem

    bump. agreement fell through. still open for this kind of swap. might also rent out the vengeance (30k collat + some daily fee) - lets talk.
  7. MarcusLucius

    Nostalgia: Old login + more, NoBion & Gekkuli

    wow bro thanks for the flashback. the jukebox(!)
  8. MarcusLucius

    Question: Want to switch my vengeance for a claw/sb/lb for mayhem

    thanks for the hint bro, well its limited due to the value of my gun as i prefer a 1:1 swap (for the time of mayhem)
  9. MarcusLucius

    Question: Want to switch my vengeance for a claw/sb/lb for mayhem

    as i want to push this skills im asking me if anyone wants to switch his claw/knife/sword with my t4,99 vengeance FOR THE TIME OF MAYHEM worth of the gun is around 30k, so thats the target im looking for. if you can imagine something like this, hit me up in pm and lets work something out. thanks
  10. MarcusLucius

    Another happy hour - bugs or intentional?

    after going through the thread i dont know what dissapoints me more 1) the complete incompetence of a company, resulting in constant fuckups over 20 yrs 2) the fact that misscomunication combined w/ missmoderation are really working and make us, the playerbase, argue with eachother (well sure...
  11. MarcusLucius

    The sky is falling

    ever invested in $LUNA? - well if yes then you know the scenario of falling skies. otherwise. nope.
  12. MarcusLucius

    Info: Let's talk about "happy hour"

    hillarious dynamics. fu.
  13. MarcusLucius

    How space can ruin game experience

    for me space is a unwanted, boring and time consuming break i need to have between grinding. searching for a pilot, flying .. all things that cost my time. add the boring, flawed concept of "space" that MA introduced, viola ... there we are.
  14. MarcusLucius


    gratz brosef🫡
  15. MarcusLucius

    General exploit discussion thread

    nice initiative. started a similar thread a bit ago, feel free to check if there is anything you didnt add:
  16. MarcusLucius

    Selling: ep38 augmented, t4.99

  17. MarcusLucius

    Help: Running EU on new Macbook pro's

    uh? this means you basically run a remote desktop with your gaming pc, which is running at your home/office? on a sidenote: i used to play entropia on my old intel macbooks using wine and/or parallels, which did the job. i fast googled and found the arm-version of wine called "hangover" - but...
  18. MarcusLucius

    what is TWEN?

    he uses pcf as his "google". pretty smart if you ask me :dunce:
  19. MarcusLucius

    Commando unlocked

    congratz bro. jetz gehts erst richtig los ;-)
  20. MarcusLucius

    Question: What made you fall in love with Entropia?

    #1 #9 #15 only open question: why dont MA bring up such polls?
  21. MarcusLucius

    Selling: Halloween Ring 2015