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  1. Lucky Seven

    Selling: SELL FULL JARHEAD M 100% Ostelok Texture

    Full set all Tier 1. Some pieces ready to go to tier 2. Harness is Tier 2. Good Tier numbers. Full 100% Ostelok texture on all pieces. First 1300 ped bid gets it.
  2. Lucky Seven

    Buying: Arkadia DNA parts

    I have a madana leg, for 50 ped.
  3. Lucky Seven

    mayhem bugged

    Same thing happened to me, 9 in a row no looters, level 3. EXPENSIVE.
  4. Lucky Seven

    Get 50 globals and win 500 ped on OLA #23 NonStop Neconu

    Yeah, love this LA.
  5. neconu event1

    neconu event1

  6. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    I will log in later and check to see if I got the muscle oil. I will also check my email and see if they have replied. Ok the muscle oil was in the "won" section for me, so I have gotten the oil, 20 days after i filed a support ticket. Good luck getting your ped.
  7. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    Day 19 lol.
  8. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    well ok then. + rep (when it lets me)
  9. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    Hey have u tried editing your gofuckyourself.ini file? Gald u saved a couple of dollars with that Fisher Price AMD computer now? lol.
  10. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    Day 16. Welcome to my support ticket blog.
  11. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    Day 14 lol. ok on the 30th I finally got this. Hi, Thank you for contacting us. Please accept my apology for teh previous reply and rest assured that the responsible team is currently looking into this issue with the auction and any irregularities found will be adjusted as soon as possible...
  12. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    Yeah I can see u listed at 150 ped bid, it has your ped suck there as well as my 154 ped? Day 13. Im sure since my ticket was closed with the "according to our info that has been fixed" bullshit, that my follow up ticket is at the back of the list. They will deal with it whenever they want...
  13. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    Day 11. Hope they are enjoying thier weekend.
  14. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    Day 10. Got a response today - 2012-10-26 15:17 Entropia Universe Support: Hi, Thank you for your report. Kindly accept our apologies for the inconveniences this may have caused you. According to the information we have, this issue has been solved. Please don't hesitate to contact us...
  15. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    Day 9. I did get a responce to a ticket I sent in asking why this was being ignored, but they still wont fix the actual problem. Should I start a contest with a prize for the person who correctly guesses how many more days it take them to deal with a simple problem?
  16. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    Day 8. I wish someone in thier support department would take ownership of this problem.
  17. Lucky Seven

    Bad Loot with Gear from the "wrong" Planets?

    Arkadia stuff works fine, i think even better on caly.
  18. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    Still nothing. Anyone else have a open support ticket for a week now?
  19. shelby musyang

    shelby musyang

  20. mustang


  21. Lucky Seven

    First sportcar :)

    Its a mustang.
  22. Lucky Seven

    Auction bug

    Anyone else notice the 5K muscle oil stuck at the top of the auction? I put in a support ticket about it 6 days ago. Cant buy it out, and now that the auction has ended, it just sitting there. I really needed that ped yesterday. In game mod would be nice, instead of company that is cluelss...
  23. auction bug

    auction bug

    piece of shit