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  1. jjmatrix

    Possible bug, not getting rare item hof?

    I suggest this thread to be deleted immediately! This kind of conversations should be conducted via private means... else, MA with their quick reaction, will remove ALL swirlies in the next VU.
  2. jjmatrix

    Entropia Universe 15.5.3 Release Notes

    My thoughts exactly. I was ready to sell out :cool:
  3. jjmatrix

    Achievement: Intuition

    Cool!! Great stuff :eyecrazy:.
  4. jjmatrix

    Star's Hunting Log

    Very interested to see what kind of returns you get with that gear and skills. Subscribing.
  5. jjmatrix

    Are you stupid?

    +1. A LOT of people confuse the two; this is compounded by the myriad of tests named "How smart are you? " and the questions are similar to "When did Brad and Angelina got married?" or "Can you name all the Kardashians?"
  6. jjmatrix

    Compet Bulletin #7

    Looks like we're on the same page... just a "forum language" barrier :laugh: I agree with the main target not being the EU playerbase as well as with trying to get the new game's players interested in EU. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think it would've been a better idea to make the...
  7. jjmatrix

    Compet Bulletin #7

    Let me expand a bit as it seems it's not clear enough: you can create a new avatar and play via your mobile crappy device. You could be a fighter, coach etc. All separate from EU; however, certain activities will be tied to EU... but not mandatory. All EU players are also mobile and tablet...
  8. jjmatrix

    I just TT'ed my A105

    Thanks Angel for saving me the typing :D This is by far the best solution.
  9. jjmatrix

    Please add an Item Lock feature !

    +2. too short
  10. jjmatrix

    Compet Bulletin #7

    While I was trying to understand how is it possible that the same company that developed EU with a decent back story (space, planet colonization, robots, mutants etc) thinks that a pet/animal can attack and conquer a City is "exciting", I think I understood why MA is developing ComPet: they're...
  11. jjmatrix

    Help: Account Locked

    If you want help, you have let us know what AV and/or Firewall you're using. There are some helpful tips in the FAQs on the EU main website; look at the section "When I launch the Entropia Universe client, I instantly lose connection." and make sure those ports are not blocked.
  12. jjmatrix

    EBN Breaking News - Virus Outbreak

    Yes; next year they will implement a Dentist Migration.
  13. jjmatrix

    Using Unfair Advantage @ Eomons

    And that's the issue right there; I understand that it may take some time to check the facts, but shouldn't take very long. A quick survey through the game's logs around the specified time frame should do. If they would take action more quickly, maybe a lot of these things wouldn't happen.
  14. jjmatrix

    Question: Thought on using a UL level 100 weapon with less skills?

    A few years back I asked myself the same question; everyone was telling me to use maxed L guns because it's the way to go. So, I have decided to test it myself on my favourite mob at the time: Argonauts (small). I've used 4 different guns, 2 L and 2 UL; I've burned 8K ammo plus about 3K in decay...
  15. jjmatrix

    FYI: The LAG is back !

    I apologize if I misread something or if it looks like I was taking something out of context... it wasn't my intention. You're right... bottom line is that lag is a fact; it's not a perception and it looks like it's affecting many. I understand your duty to protect them at all costs but I think...
  16. jjmatrix

    FYI: The LAG is back !

    I didn't really want to get into this, but I can just stand by either when I see thinking like this; I certainly agree with the boycott stuff. It's really very simple: stop paying if you don't like it. That being said, the below is just something pull out of a hat and makes no sense: Which...
  17. jjmatrix

    something concerning

    I think it's a feature. It was implemented on request from complaints that grinding is boring.
  18. jjmatrix

    Question: Evades?

    So it's not just me then; I was starting to believe that somewhere up there, someone has something against me.
  19. jjmatrix

    FYI: New PCF Moderator

    He will if he deletes Rule 2.14 :laugh:
  20. jjmatrix

    rare loot

    Nope... it's not.
  21. jjmatrix

    Question: Evades?

    Didn't notice an increase, however I've noticed something else: as soon I hand out a Crit... 90% of the time is followed by a mob evade, or two. :mad:
  22. jjmatrix

    Advice please.

    I was just trying to help.
  23. jjmatrix

    Something awsome!!!

    Very cool; I had a similar thing happening to me a while ago. While doing the Carabok mission on Arkadia I had a KS from another player; turned out it was an accident and given the fact that the mob is puny... I didn't make a big deal out of it as it wasn't someone doing it repeatedly...
  24. jjmatrix

    How do I update entropedia MF skill MF chip?

    That must be it then; I'll try again and see. Thanks Serica!!
  25. jjmatrix

    How do I update entropedia MF skill MF chip?

    The other day, I just tried to add an Arkadia gun that was not in the DB at all; clicked submit and... nothing happened. I'll try again, but the whole process might be broken.