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    Suggestion: Spam

    The anti-spam measures recently implemented seem to have done a pretty good job of preventing many of the spam messages that were getting through. Of course, fighting spam is a never-ending battle, so I will continue to research more effective options.
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    Another happy hour - bugs or intentional?

    As this thread has devolved into personal disputes and multiple forum rule violations, it will be closed. :locked:
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    Another happy hour - bugs or intentional?

    Loot is, and always has been, dynamic. Check your privilege. MindArk representatives are under no obligation to respond to any posts here on PCF. If they choose to do so, great, but members demanding responses to particular issues is inappropriate. PCF is not an official support forum. If you...
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    Entropia Universe 17.19.2 Release Notes

    BerthaBot automatically pulls articles posted on various pages of the and websites,and posts them here on PCF (note the "Originally Posted Here" link at the bottom of every BerthaBot post).
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    Suggestion: Spam

    There are multiple systems in place on PCF to prevent spam, and I am actively researching better solutions. 99% of would-be spam bots are caught before they are ever able to post anything. Unfortunately, fighting spam is a never-ending battle, with each side (spam and spam-prevention)...
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    FYI: Entropia Exchange subforum

    The Calypso Land Deeds subforum has been renamed to Entropia Exchange now that Calypso Land Deeds have been migrated to the Entropia Exchange. Please post all threads related to Entropia Exchange shares in this section in the future.
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    Whi is in charge of PCF now?

    I am in charge of PCF and did indeed respond to your Contact Us form request. If you have any further questions, shoot me a private message. :locked:
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    Wiki down?

    The hamsters have been resuscitated.
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    Suggestion: Entropia Universe

    FYI: MindArk does own and manage this forum. Ludvig|MindArk, the primary moderator, is a MindArk employee, as is My|MindArk, the community manager. Also, there are plans in the works to move this forum back to eventually, to make it a more generalized Entropia Universe forum...
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    Help: How do I upload an image?

    User galleries and albums were deprecated when PCF was moved to the new forum software platform.
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    Help: How do I upload an image?

    Your account seems to be in order. Please try uploading a different image. Noone else is reporting this issue, which indicates that it is a problem with the image, or something else on your side.
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    Entropedia Database Dump

    Opening post has been updated with a fresh database dump (Jan. 1, 2022).
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    I miss Wiki

    I've kicked a few hamsters and EntropiaWiki is now back online.
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    PCF Forum Migration Complete

    Unfortunately the new forum software does not support searching for posts by individual usergroups, nor does it support pre-populating a search query with specific users. The current "MindArk posts" link shows threads where MindArk officials have posted, but of course this is not as convenient...
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    Help: Remove old EL signature

    I have manually removed the EntropiaLife image from your signature.
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    FYI: Embedding SoundCloud player doesn't seem to work

    No, auto-embedding of SoundCloud and other music sites were not intended to be enabled on PCF. I have now disabled non-image sites, to avoid confusion.
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    FYI: Forum maintenance complete

    Indeed, it seems to be an isolated problem with the built-in XenForo smilies. All of the custom PCF smilies that are defined in the admin control panel seem to be working fine.
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    FYI: Forum maintenance complete

    Please search for those missing images under "Your Images" in the Gallery and replace the BB codes in your forum post with updated codes from the new forum gallery.
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    FYI: Forum maintenance complete

    Testing 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 They seem to be working now, not sure why your old post got changed to ?? I'll investigate, but not sure that those can easily be restored, unfortunately.
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    FYI: Forum maintenance complete

    Update: I found 5 or 6 smilies with broken image links and have corrected them. Please let me know if you find any other broken smilie or image links.
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    FYI: Forum maintenance complete

    Thanks for reporting, can you point me to a link where you are seeing this?
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    FYI: Forum maintenance complete

    Thank you for your patience during the extended forum maintenance during the past two days. The datacenter where PCF was being hosted is being decommissioned soon, so it was necessary to move the server to a new datacenter. The good news is that the new server is slightly more powerful than the...
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    Help: Just a question

    Gallery images can be replaced or deleted using the menu on the right-hand side when viewing an image, as seen in the screenshot below:
  24. delete_gallery_image.jpg


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    security issue

    The seems like an issue with your browser cookies. Try signing out of the forum, then doing a hard refresh (CTRL+F5), then logging in again.