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  1. SashaSD

    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

    Sign me up :)
  2. SashaSD

    Show me your armor collection

    UL added, when I log on next I will check the ones I have not marked :) Apartments are: - Chikara Ai Condos 18A Chikara Ai Condos 18B Chikara Koufuku Condos 8H Omegaton Epsilon Complex 14H Goblin was there - I just missed it from the list lol
  3. SashaSD

    Show me your armor collection

    Sashy Armour Hello, Bored tonight, thought I would post some of my collection :D Left to right... Pixie (UL), Gnome (UL), Goblin (UL), Kobold (UL), Hunter (UL), Shogun (UL), Knight (UL), Paladin (UL), Vigilante (UL), Gremlin (UL), Nemesis (UL), Viking (UL), Salamander (UL), Some Paradox...
  4. SashaSD

    BUG: Instant Buyout at Auction now INSTANTLY places item in INVENTORY.

    This is s super change, never again will I log on late for a hunt, rush to auction, buy a gun, go to hunt and realise my gun is held by the auctioneer :D
  5. SashaSD

    Auction of Items from Banned Avatar

    I think you will find that everybody in game is honest and this is the only banned account to date :smirk: Great idea though, it should discourage naughty activity for others... I should clarify I mean naughty in game activity, obviously if you want to be naughty IRL like, ummm.... I don't know...
  6. SashaSD

    AoE Ark Key 10 Hoff

    Ome of the best nights, great event :) can we please do it again now?
  7. SashaSD

    Yes a bit :)

    Yes a bit :)
  8. SashaSD

    MindArk Partners with Project Whitecard Studios

    by reduced functionality do you mean something like no taiming? ...sorry, couldn't resist :D This is great news to see development for other platforms, my days at work are sorted!
  9. SashaSD

    mining data 2012

    Hi, There are no such thing as perosnal loot pools... Just to clear that one up :) Sasha
  10. SashaSD

    Question: How do we manually set the coordinates in EU LOCATIONS custom maps?

    I can get rid of that glitch by making it save the locations automaticly after an addition or deletion of a location if you like. :) Sasha
  11. SashaSD

    EU Locations - New NeoMap?

    Update Hi, I thought that this was no longer used however I have had recent contact with a few people so I have updated it with... Space, Arkadia Underground, Hell, Cyrene, Volcanic Islands, Artic, I have upated a few of the mpas as well. I have not had time to add the revival lines for the...
  12. SashaSD

    Question: How do we manually set the coordinates in EU LOCATIONS custom maps?

    Entropia Locations Hello, To create your own map is easy ;) In the install directory you will find a directory called "Places"... 1) Create a new folder in this directory. The name of theis folder will be the name that appears on teh drop down list of places in the application. 2) Place your...
  13. SashaSD

    Why we have normal pvp?

    Is EU turning into a nanny state :( can't they just ban people that moan about being shot in PVP? Unless you are exploiting something to achieve your goal it shoould be fair game for anyone :) Sasha
  14. SashaSD

    Skinkie! Skinkie!

    Skinkie! Skinkie!
  15. SashaSD

    Retiring from the TP run and Map Making business...

    A sad time I am sorry to see you retire, you have contributed so much to the community and I am proud to have been a little bit of help (I should have been more). You had an undisputed driving force in getting things done and your work will be missed. I wish you luck in whatever you pursue in...
  16. SashaSD

    Free Warp flights! Happy Birthday Mandie!

    Happy Birthday Mandie - I hope you got a nice gift :D
  17. SashaSD

    Stop fooling around!

    IMO Apartments and shops are dead because simply apartments have no purpose apart from storage and you can not customise them as you could a real home and the furniture serves no purpose. There is no actual advantage to having one unless you have lots of stuff. Shops are dead in most locations...
  18. SashaSD

    What the Hell!?!?!?

    Mine is refunded too, plus rep to suport who were helpful as always :) *note to self... don't follow Alaina into strange boxes*
  19. SashaSD

    PC: Community Recognition Award Armor (CRA)

    Hello, If these are pictures of the two female sets awarded to the guides then there are three female sets in game. I was awarded a set at the same time but not for being a guide and I am not in this picture. Sash
  20. SashaSD

    Selling: Uber F armor very rare

    Now I am sad, I don't have the peds but want lol gl on sale, if I win the lottery this weekend I will be in touch :D
  21. SashaSD

    What the Hell!?!?!?

    Don't clicky click! From this encounter, which has been expertly written up by my purple partner in crime, I learnt one valuable lesson... Don't click on things to see what will happen. It kinda reminds me whn I stuck my finger in a CPU fan to see what would happen... It hurts your finger and...
  22. SashaSD

    Price check on UL armours

    Hello, I am considering selling my armour collection and wondered what the current prices would be. The collection consist of full sets of (F) UL armours... Gnome, Goblin, Kobold, Hunter, Shogun, Knight, Paladin, Vigilante, Gremlin, Nemesis, Viking, Boar, Bear, Valient, Pioneer, Renegade...
  23. SashaSD

    Happy Birthday Alaina

    Happy Birthday HAPPY BIRTHDY 20 At Last!!! Love your purple partner in crime ;o)
  24. SashaSD

    Kim|Calypso Interview with Normandie Radio

    Great interview, whens the next one?
  25. SashaSD

    Achievement: 200 hp

    gz :o) Sasha