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  1. Usurper

    RAM getting eaten up with new flashy UI Chat?

    I have tried Win 10 but we just never became good friends so i gave my ex, win7 a call and he kinda took me back. Oh, and i realize now how bad i just necroed this old thread :laugh: Sorry! :ahh:
  2. Usurper

    RAM getting eaten up with new flashy UI Chat?

    2 minutes The out of memory-error has been plauging me for very long. But after the last VU i only last about 2 minutes before getting the error and being sent crashing back to desktop. Since i can play a multitude of other similar big and hardware taxing games i conclude that something is...
  3. Usurper

    Question: MA latest Financial Report

    Maybe here?
  4. Usurper

    Selling: Boar Armor Set Full F UL tier 1-2

    You have a PM.
  5. Usurper

    CDF Mutant Alert

    I bet they can smell that i made cookies yesterday. :yup:
  6. Usurper

    In your wildest dreams...what would you like MA to do to space in June??

    Rollback to VU 8.12 :yup:
  7. Usurper

    Servers Are Down

  8. Usurper

    Maybe i should join a Soc.

    Thankyou for your kind and gracious offers. :ahh: I'm pondering a few right now, so we'll see what happens. :girl:
  9. Usurper

    Hunting on Claypso vs. Arkadia

    Calypso, because i'm too lazy to bother with spaceflight.
  10. Usurper

    Maybe i should join a Soc.

    Maybe it's about time? :scratch:
  11. Usurper

    So..what's new?

    Oh dear! I HAVE been away for a long time! Not only don't i recognise much anything, mama needs a new computer too. That was a slooow walk around PA i just had. I need to get on that hotline to Santa and tell the S-man what's up.
  12. Usurper

    So..what's new?

    Yes, thanks. Bet it will take some time to find my way around again since i left when Arcadia was just out of the box. Is that hunk of rock still around? Oh well, exciting times ahead, glad to be back. Hope to see you "out there".:yay:
  13. Usurper

    So..what's new?

    About time i got back in business again. Doubt anyone remembers this lone robotslayer anymore though. :xsmile:
  14. Usurper

    I hope you're doing well my friend.

    I hope you're doing well my friend.
  15. Usurper

    Remember Those Promises MA?

    Exactly! Clearly they should be called "Usurper9000 PocketRockets" :yay:
  16. Usurper

    Ban the Above User!

    Banned for being a prude.
  17. Usurper

    EBN: Egg-citing news out of Treasure Island - and that’s no yolk!

    Just git r done! I suspect it'll contain some kind of supperior creature that when killed will loot some über DNA and the owner will be filthy rich and then we get another crazy "worlds biggest $$$$ ingame-something" in the gamer world. ...or an omelett :laugh:
  18. Usurper

    memory leak

    I did. it's extremly annoying since no other game i play has this issue. :mad:
  19. Usurper

    Thankies! :)

    Thankies! :)
  20. Usurper

    New Avatar Pics!

    Fresh new look. This jaded robot killer got a brand new look for 2013 too. I'm actually quite satisfied with the new me. :yay:
  21. New Usurper

    New Usurper

    The new 2013 me! :)
  22. Usurper

    lvl 355

    That...will take some time to achieve. Better start skilling right away.
  23. Usurper

    Ban the Above User!

    Banned for starting a line with ^^ Like..realy?? Sheezzz.... :cool:
  24. Usurper

    Where/How did you hear about entropia?

    I saw a segment on a TV show about EU. They were showing CND and explaind about what RCE was. It was in -05 or something and i just had to check it out and the rest is as they say, historu. Been here ever since. Still a noob in this big world :)