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  1. Dorsai

    The efficiency of scopes/lasers, Feb 2010

    I predict that after an update there will be an official reply. It will state what lasers/scopes do, if not give exact figures. People will carry out tests, and find that they do what is stated. I also predict that these tests will have been done in the past and in the past the test results...
  2. Dorsai

    FYI: Land owners buying a TP...

    The most obvious name to give a TP on a LA would be "LA-X TP" then anyone now, or in the future, trying to get to that LA will be able to with no problems. I would suspect that future purchasers of LA's might possibly pay a slight premium if the name of the TP is actually going to help bring...
  3. Dorsai

    Make up your mind!

    It does seem a bit odd/off that a 5 year old account with a name that is at most "childishly suggestive" gets banned, when at the same time they have a mob with a willy that would make an Elephant proud! I could understand if the name had been in some rare dialect, and no one else who spoke it...
  4. Dorsai

    Question: The "Random" Noob

    Damage stack share is generally the fairest. The only thing is that when you are the noob (with a TT knife) and the Guards all have MM's it looks unfair when a spider gives a 10K hoff and you the noob get 10pec and the guards get 5k each.... It's a matter of perspective. You, the guards...
  5. Dorsai

    Old Bugs/Exploits

    AUCTION There was a bug in the auctions that meant that only 100 bids could be placed on item(s) for sale, once the bid counter reached 100 it was impossible to open the item to place further bids. So all you had to do was bid 100 times, at 1 ped increments, and you could buy the item for...
  6. Dorsai

    Should NEVERDIE be banned?

    Access to loot algorithms, inside knowledge, and all these type questions are really beside the point. As someone "directly involved in it" it would always look like an "inside job" if he did "win big". This is why when Supermarkets (or any other company) run a competition there is always a...
  7. Dorsai

    At how big a loot would you stop bitching about how bad the loot is?+

    I think the problem with loot is because everyone is trying to be as "economic" as possible, and get the most dmg for the least pec. The best way to do this seems to use (L) weapons. L Weapons on average seem to have slightly higher decay and slightly lower ammo burn. SO instead of using 11...
  8. Dorsai

    Universal storage is essential to the survival of new planets. Discuss

    I can see why it's asked for, but also... There is nothing stopping you picking absolutely everything essential up from storage, walking to the relevant TP, TPing to another planet, and dumping it all back into storage. OK, so you will walk slowly weighting 35 tonnes, but if you plan an...
  9. Dorsai

    How fast are you downloading?

    450 kB/s, estimate to take 29 mins.
  10. Dorsai

    WTH ? entropia tracker ?

    "Stored for commercial purposes." There is a lot of "private" data stored about you in RL for commercial purposes. on such is called a "credit report.". Every time you or I make (or miss) a payment on such things as a credit card the information is stored, and SOLD by the credit card company to...
  11. Dorsai

    Help: Bring back the good old Teleporting!

    I remember the first time I saw someone TP. I thought "what is that, it looks Cool!"
  12. Dorsai

    Do you think there will be a different set of TT items in the new planets?

    Alternatively your Opalo in Calypso will be A Gladious in Ancient Rome. When you use the teleporter to move about it also re-constitutes your equipment to match the time period you are in. A rocket launcher becomes a bow and arrow. A Matter finder becomes a pair of divining rods, and so on. IF...
  13. Dorsai

    Shop Doors

    Or like the banks, where there is a Barrier across the entrance to the shops that are not active.
  14. Dorsai

    News: The End of "Entropia"?

    Apart from One being an album, and the other being a computer game, so there is little cause to "confuse" one with the other, the date also has to be taken into consideration....
  15. Dorsai

    New Virus On EF?

    It seems OK now, but when I posted the OP it was far from fine. PS, I do use Firefox. I got fed up with IE about 6 weeks after I got on the net. Not used it since.
  16. Dorsai

    New Virus On EF?

    Very slow page load times. I am currently getting very very slow page loading times here. I am not talking of it taking 3-4 seconds, I am talking about 5 minutes plus, or even pages that never actually finish loading. In all cases the part of the page that is taking literally forever to load...
  17. Dorsai

    Wish: EF Theme with full screen width.

    There is only so far you can move your eyes when reading before you lose sight of where the line you are reading started. Exceed this, and when you look back to the left to read the next line you do not actually know what line to go back to, as you have lost sight of your starting point. In...
  18. Dorsai

    Perspective of a month old noob

    Having watched a few TV programs about "homes from hell" (I think that is what the program was called) in RL in some countries that is a real danger. There was this couple who bought a house in Spain. They went back to the UK to visit relatives, and when they got back to their house in Spain...
  19. Dorsai

    WTH ? entropia tracker ?

    I wonder why some people get "upset" (If that is the right word?) when they see that public data about is being kept, and made public. it's a but like me moaning that every time I make a post someone can see I made it. Why does it matter that anyone who wishes can see I got 3 glows yesterday...
  20. Dorsai

    Question: Very strange :O

    This "losing skills" bug sounds like the (urban legend?) person who worked in a nation-wide stores charge card department. Every time someone brought an item back for a refund they siphoned off the "odd" cents on the refund to their own account. If the refund was $14.99 they rounded it down to...
  21. Dorsai

    Currently getting Hack Attacked

    I got a warning. I did not believe it. Al it takes is a bit of "DOS" type work, and a safe site will get flagged "unsafe". A bit like the way paediatrics gets confused with paedophilia. Both start the seam, Pead...
  22. Dorsai

    Do you believe all loot is determined by the "system" ?

    Unless someone from FPC comes out and and says one way or the other, there is no way of knowing. Anyone care to discuss how may angles can dance on the head of a pin...;)
  23. Dorsai

    Entropia Universe 10.9.1 Release Notes

    With an 8% miss rate missing 100 shots in a row is not impossible. Highly unlikely, yes, but not impossible. If I miss 3 shots in a row I move. (strafe left/right or step forward or back). Do not think I ever missed a 4th time. 7? Seems a case of "I an standing here missing, so I will...
  24. Dorsai

    Guess the next fragment name!

    Stella. Too short.
  25. Dorsai

    Things you believed as a n00b

    When I was a Noob I believed I would be able to be a regularly participating member and also be actively involved with a partner. By the time I realised it was one or the other the "Significant other" had already made her choice, and become "actively involved" elsewhere. Nothing Wrong with...