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  1. Zane

    Selling: Silverfang m.01 Starlight

    Still selling.
  2. Zane

    Selling: Silverfang m.01 Starlight

    Bimp :tongue2:
  3. Zane

    Selling: Silverfang m.01 Starlight

    Still selling.
  4. Zane

    Selling: Silverfang m.01 Starlight

    150 meters
  5. Zane

    Selling: Silverfang m.01 Starlight

    Haven't played Entropia for years now and figured it's time to completely move on. The Silverfang is my most prized possession and I want it to go to a good home. I don't even know what the thing is worth anymore but bidding will start at TT+1000.
  6. Zane

    FYI: Be Super Careful With Vehicles...

    I would think that it would, but that's a massive relief that it doesn't. :yay: Doing just fine now, Boo. :D It's good to be back.
  7. Zane

    FYI: Be Super Careful With Vehicles...

    I was taking a spin in my Pitbull tonight and I went down a hill a little fast, hit a bump, and had a very small bit of air. Upon landing, around 30 damage messages went off on my screen and suddenly my Pitbull is at half health. One small jump. Anyone else reckon they need to refine the hit...
  8. Zane

    Tarot Card Readings

    Hey everyone! Long time, no see. :) I'm doing in-game tarot card readings for tips. No payment is necessary, but it's greatly appreciated. Pay me nothing or give me 10,000 PED. The choice is yours. Post here, or message me to schedule a reading. Or find me in Twin Peaks/PA.
  9. Zane

    Many many ppl leaving, I tink sometihng should be done

    FPC is doing the right thing. The problem IS MindArk. No matter who owns Calypso, MindArk is still going to fuck us over.
  10. Zane

    Who keeps clicking their EF bookmark when they want to come here?

    I don't do it because I replaced my EF bookmark with a PCF bookmark. :)
  11. Zane

    Achievement: 1 Year on Calypso

    Thanks everyone! You all are the best. ;)
  12. Zane

    Achievement: 1 Year on Calypso

    Yeah it feels like just yesterday I was fleeing from Atrox Youngs. Now I eat them. :laugh: I guess, to add to the achievement, I got almost 50 agility in a year. I've been told that's pretty decent, but I dunno.
  13. Zane

    Achievement: 1 Year on Calypso

    Today is my avatar's first birthday here on Calypso! I can't believe it's been that long already. :eek: In that time I've met many many wonderful people (even met one IRL) who have been a big part of me learning all about different cultures and belief systems. I love you all (in a platonic...
  14. Zane

    Entropia forum database sold to more than calypso forum...

    Do you have any friends on FB who play EU that have other friends who friended you? Haha, confusing... That is a possibility, though.
  15. Zane

    Michael Jackson Video Game Announced - New York Times (blog)

    Didn't think of that, but that's a good point. I'm sure there are a few people in the world who could live in an MJ theme park for an eternity, but I'm sure that it's a small contingent.
  16. Zane

    Dear Abby? Hell No... Just Ask Raven & Fish

    I have a serious question. Which do you both prefer: cake or pie? Since doing a statistics study in middle school, I've asked many many people this question. Truth is, women usually take the cake, and guys like pie. :D
  17. Zane

    About the new owner.

    I'm sorry I'm so slow... but what exactly is happening? A company is buying Calypso, or the rights to Calypso, or is taking over FPC, or the sky is falling or... What is going on? And why?
  18. Zane

    Why do you like EU so much ?

    My favourite thing here is the community, hands down. I've met all of you fine folks and you've made the past year really great. :) Other than that, I like to skill my avatar. There's some sort of satisfaction in that for me. And I love exploring the world; the landscapes are beautiful...
  19. Zane

    Michael Jackson Video Game Announced - New York Times (blog)

    Indeed, he has quite a following in Japan, so I've heard. Seriously, do we have ANY Asian players here? I don't think I've heard of any... Maybe we need to meet our quota of people from the East, and this is the way to do it. :laugh:
  20. Zane

    Spider Bomber

    These little guys are terrific for getting CB5's. I killed about 30 the other day and had 5 CB5's drop, as well as a J 4. May just have been my strange magnetic presence with the CB's, though. I seem to loot more CB guns than anyone else I know. Soc mates call me the CB magnet. :laugh:
  21. Zane

    FYI: The droprate of UL - Items

    You can see many uberloots in the Ubers section of the forum. But it's a good and interesting idea to have a place where the information is all together.
  22. Zane

    Question: Will you recreate your EF account and stay?

    I'm so uninterested in whatever planets may come out that I'm not bothering with making a new EF account. All I'm ever playing is Calypso. Btw... Planet Michael now? lol...
  23. Zane

    Michael Jackson Video Game Announced - New York Times (blog)

    I'm open minded to things I don't think will be cheesy, I guess. I dunno, maybe it'll be awesome, but I remain skeptical. No offence to fans of MJ or the man himself. Not my style of music, but to each his/her own, right? ;)
  24. Zane

    Michael Jackson Video Game Announced - New York Times (blog)

    Do we want this kind of attention, though? I am proud to say right now, that the only planet I will ever play on is Calypso.
  25. Zane

    Help: Hunter Thigh Guards (M)

    I'll keep my eyes peeled. Don't see too many around. :)