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  1. Chrome

    Anyone else hit the wall ?

    Well spoken, and very true. I took a couple long breaks (6 months each), came back, and enjoyed the game again for a short period of time. As Menace stated, the money runs out again. Then it becomes time to quit. :wise: Good luck with your withdrawals and break, Jenn. ;) Boo-hoo, who are...
  2. Chrome

    FYI: Taming: the waiting...

    Thank you! :)
  3. Chrome

    FYI: Taming: the waiting...

    Page not found... Let me guess... MindArk asked that it be deleted to remove any evidence of their piss-poor game development. Lame. Fucking... lame.
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    FYI: Taming: the waiting...

    Was there some sort of statement about taming from Kim recently that I missed? Link, please?
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    Project : Million PED Hunt - Can I Survive ?

  6. Chrome

    EBN: Egg-citing news out of Treasure Island - and that’s no yolk!

    :wise: Exactly my thoughts. New Entropian phrase... "Ahhhh, the Omelet". :cool:
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    aaah, a new egg?

    Ouch... ROFL!!!
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    Help: Give me a reason to go UL

    Because I still have one available for sale, and the last time we discussed you purchasing it, we weren't all that far apart in making an agreement on price. :yup:
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    15 K ped loss... any ideas ?

    Well, you're just going to have to pay for your goals... enough said. :wise:
  10. Chrome

    15 K ped loss... any ideas ?

    Ummmm... stop playing? :scratch2:
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    FYI: Taming: the waiting...

    Ahhh, no worries... taming will be back soon. After all, MindArk has told us so!
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    To all the creative peeps out there, i need a name for a character in a book i am writing

    I've always liked that, too.. :) How about XONXA ? Traslation of the color "red" in the Wolof language in Africa, I used it recently for an evil fire mage in Skyrim... Maybe have a look around on the translation page? Link here: Good luck!
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    Investment opportunity of a life time

    Are you... buying the egg? :scratch2:
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    FYI: MA info about the voting system

    <ahem> I'll quote myself...
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    Question: Why no boats in auction?

    Really? Maybe I'll actually log onto the game and throw mine on auction for a rediculous price... Check in about an hour. :)
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    Question: Does Sweat Gatherer Skill affect sweat pull per try

    Everyone is saying "no" to this question because that is the answer. :) The folks answering are experienced players, while you're a noob that started playing a week ago... soon enough you'll realize that you'll NEVER get "better" at sweating, and that the "skill" is nothing more than a number...
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    This is just taking the piss

    Not true... I think there will always be enough stupid people to support the game. ;)
  18. Chrome

    Mistake!!! :(

    Enough said. Really? They should idiot-proof auction? :duh: :laugh:
  19. Chrome

    FYI: MA info about the voting system

    Same difference... MA runs Calypso. :rolleyes:
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    Contaminated Erdorium

    For some reason, when I saw the title of this thread I thought of this:
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    A New Form of 'sweating' that earns MA money!~

    I'm just curious... why do you care? :scratch2:
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    Evil amp misstake :((

    No one gives a shit about who the most "famous" entropians are... besides, everyone already knows I am the most famous . :tongue2: The drama in this thread is far more entertaining. :wise:
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    Evil amp misstake :((

    What's funnier is that you agree that all trades are indeed final. Regardless of the reasons you or any of us "nit-wits" think, it's a reality... what MA says is indeed true. If I plagarized anyone, it was the EULA. :laugh: Also, I don't need the little smoking emote to be "fucking cool"...
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    Evil amp misstake :((

    So, basically... because there is no legal recourse in this virtual world, the trade actually IS final. :smoke:
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    Merry Mayhem Results Delayed

    MA may have brainwashed you with what they "say", but I know better. :wise: MindArk runs Entropia Universe for one reason, and one reason only... to make money. Without player deposits, MindArk would go out of business. Period. They provide the product/service of a virtual universe, the...