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  1. kyleen


    Yes. Doesnt take brains to kill shit. What takes brains is learning to take it like a man.
  2. kyleen

    Buying: Buying Melee Skills

    Shortblade, Bravado, Light Melee weapon, martial art. PM if you do.
  3. kyleen

    Selling: Skills

    Looking for melee skills! Shortblade, Lightmelee weapon, bravado
  4. kyleen

    Buying: Aakas Fire Dagger

    Looking to buy 1 to 2 Aakas Fire Dagger.
  5. kyleen

    Are you sick of being called Noobs?

    You pro or you noob, thats life.
  6. kyleen

    Big Brother Quests ???

    Nope,thats what the government wants u to think. To think that u have the upper hand when in fact they have their hands on ur balls ready to pluck them ding dongs like ripe oranges.
  7. kyleen

    Entropia Sound Files

    Since the implementation of the new client, most of the game files are packed into a single one. Is there a way to look through the sound files again like we are able to do so before? I would like to browse through them again. thanks
  8. kyleen

    Question: What would you do?

    Keep 500 peds in a secluded area of the storage and completely forget about it. Spend the other 500ped doing whatever u feel like doing. After 6 months u decide to look in the storage and *poof* U have just got urself another HOF. Rinse and repeat until ur broke. haha
  9. kyleen

    Radeon 5850 3x monitor setup

    Very nice, i just wish there was a big monitor just like that because i really dislike the cut-off in the middle of screen (edge of monitor).
  10. kyleen

    Hey (You know who you are)

    lol... making posts like this wont get his gun back...
  11. kyleen

    How long have you gone without food?

    U know, Cambodia's fried crickets are good.
  12. kyleen

    Question: How many avatars have Level 100 Hit/Damage

    Actually, u are very close. I am 100% sure bait kk bai have 100 now. As for the time frame, i guess 2.9 months including 3months of sweating time.
  13. kyleen

    MY loot theory

    Then you should start thinking about teams, otherwise it just wont work. The theory has to cover all aspects and if one area disagrees with another, then it will be useless.
  14. kyleen

    Personal ATH

    How many girls.. i mean peds did u cycle before getting that? Nah, i kid u. Best wishes to u all.
  15. kyleen

    MY loot theory

    Then does the same theory work in teams? What about the skill of those in teams?
  16. kyleen

    How much will it cost to travel to the other (new) planets?

    ignore what i said, i didnt read the latest buzz. I hope its not much... like 20ped would be alright i guess...
  17. kyleen

    FYI: 512 MB video memory required to play since VU 10.9.1

    I am just curious. May i know what card u are using and what setting u used to run on previously?
  18. kyleen

    Who are the top 10 miners now?

    Cuz everyone loves dicks.
  19. kyleen

    How much do you earn IRL?

    More than u for sure! Infact, i earn more the highest criteria available in that poll in one day. Just step out of ur shoes and admit that ur losing peds. I will gladly assist u in ur bad period. Its nothing to me, i can always spare some pocket change. u dont thank but i must ask one thing...
  20. kyleen

    Can something be done about night time?

    Yea, why u do u just stop calypso from spinning. That might just do the trick.
  21. kyleen

    The new planets, do you think they will be profitable or just another flawed idea from MA?

    I am not going to play some other game that is similar if not the same as entropia...
  22. kyleen

    Will the new "super soc" pass Warants ?

    Depends if that asshole is the hole in ur ass or the hole in ur face.
  23. kyleen

    St Patrick's day!

    lol never celebrated st patrick's day but guess what? had the urge to grab a pack of guiness stout yesterday and now i know the reason why! haha what a coincidence.
  24. kyleen

    Uber: 31057 PED Frescoquda Old

    Now u can stop complaining :p My turn.