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  1. Minken

    See you on the flip side.

    Say Goodnight, not Goodbye. Goodnight, Minken
  2. Minken

    Question: Sleipnir Mk3?

    Yes they exist, but as already stated they are pretty rare. I own one, it has 20.20 PED TT out of 31.00 at the time of writing. Since I am quitting this game, selling out completely, my Sleipnir Mk3 is for sale as well. According to in-game markup, last one sold on auction for ~5350 % on late...
  3. Game Over

    Game Over

    Game Over
  4. Minken

    Selling: Mod fap, tier 1.3

    Sold. Close thread.
  5. Minken

    Selling: DOA Rockjacker, tier 6.5

    Fuck this shit. I've just placed it on in-game auction, startbid 1 PED for a week. Gz in advance to the winner, hope you have fun with it. Close this thread.
  6. Minken

    Selling: Mod fap, tier 1.3

    Yes, for sure :) BUMP this one up!
  7. Minken

    Selling: DOA Rockjacker, tier 6.5

    Selling DOA Rockjacker, tier 6.5 Remaining Tier Numbers is as follows: t7: 162 t8: 105 t9: 103 10: 122 Looking for offers. Free bumps are welcome :) - Minken
  8. Minken

    HoF: Atrox young 22k

    And it will remain that as well. Played since late 2006, this is and will be the highest loot I ever got in this game. It arrived at 1st of April 2009. I have spent countless of $, PED and SEK in this game. My avatar has achieved everything as he can, and could do. Noting mentioned, nothing...
  9. Minken

    Question: Account locked!!!

    Selling out! Look on the bugged auction for 30 of my expired stuff that you can't bid on or receive in your inventory if you won the auction. Still selling Mod fap! But I do not value a Dome on FOMA at 350k when ND just created HELL of out nothing. Selling Modified Mk.II tier 6! Give me an...
  10. Minken

    A new Entropia Baby is born!

    So it was THAT you and Freja was doing behind the Oil Rig on Friday the 13th of August, 2010! Not that discreet if you ask me, but hey, I don't judge you. At least I had a good watch during those intense 24.7 seconds :o) Congratulations! (No offense. I just have a bad sense of humor).
  11. Minken

    Server Downtime for Release

    It requires 410 megabyte to get Improved Client Stabili... CONNECTION LOST
  12. Minken

    Question: Account locked!!!

    Have anyone received a serious reason why you got banned? I feel like being treat as I would be an al-Qaida terrorist. I own gear worth "a bit" more than one of the PCF Support year salary, and still get threaten as shit. If it comes from a stupid frog at oil rig, I don't mind, since they don't...
  13. Minken

    Selling: Mod fap, tier 1.3

    Bingo! It worked just as planned. I have updated the first post with new info.
  14. Minken

    Selling: ChopChop - a Stingury UL tier 1

    Sold. The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters.The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters.The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10...
  15. Minken

    Selling: Mod fap, tier 1.3

    Sold sold sold
  16. Minken

    Question: Account locked!!!

    Just got unlocked:!!!&p=2735795&viewfull=1#post2735795
  17. Minken

    Question: Account locked!!!

    Minken is blocked as well. First time ever, played since 2006. EDIT: Just got the following e-mail: "Hello, we have now unlocked your account and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Have a nice week end."
  18. Minken

    Info: Hell in all it's glory!

    A gazillion of thanks to Tzepu for this thread! +rep How do I donate any useless EFD/PCFD to you?
  19. Minken

    Selling: Phantom (M) Tier 1

    See if you can find ddsuper in game. He asked me for a Phantom seller.
  20. Minken

    Buying: Buying Hangar for 1ped!

    Thanks for making this forum even more useless.
  21. Minken

    A message to Fort Event promoters

    Thanks for an excellent post, Nebu! You read my mind and printed it in your thread - thanks! (Now, get out of my head plz :D) Imo the promoter should have an option to Force Participant To The Other Team, instead of just asking them to move. There could also be an "Inactive participant" tab...
  22. Minken

    Fort Event Balancing Issues

    Get rid of the mobs in the event area, i.e. Araneatrox's. When no armor is activated, they hit very hard and they aren't lootable anyway. It's just valuable time that is wasted to kill them. Btw, I really like the new pvp fort events! It's the best MA introduced in a looong time :yay:
  23. Minken

    Selling: UL Items: POE Armor, Emik X5, ML-35, R150, Dante, Skills, Blueprints & more...

    oopsy EDIT: arf, was supposed to send a PM lol oh well. free bump then.
  24. Minken

    The bug of bugs

    You have my permission to make the video available to the public. When (not if) it happens again, Mr. Minken will act just the same way again since it' MA's servers fault, not mine. I can't reproduce it by myself, thus it's not an exploit. /Minken, with 5 respawnable PVP lives (0 left tho)
  25. Minken

    Where's the LOVE??? Society Proteron Wars!!! 7k

    LA54-Familjen Flinta På Systemet (Former ┌Y┐( ._. )┌Y┐)