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  1. dj.

    Ex Cons - New Members

    So I send the Soc Master a polite request to join his magnificent Soc.. and he turns me down!! :( ... But that was some years ago now :laugh: I sent him another polite request to join his magnificent Soc on Sunday and now I'm a proud member :wtg: Takes ages to get into this soc, better be...
  2. dj.

    Help: Unlucky hunter or just plain bad?

    Some really good advice already posted. Hunt just below your level, I still use a noob fap and Ive played for ten years! As far as I'm concerned if I need a better fap/armour/weapon then I probably shouldn't be hunting that particular mob. It's the nature of players to keep getting/wanting...
  3. dj.

    Mars One Project - Who's going?

    I'm thinking now we should send unhinged scientists. They have to be scientists, I mean really. Also, to avoid any almost certain mental breakdown, they need to be unhinged ever so slightly in the 1st place. Probably the best place for them anyway.
  4. dj.

    Mars One Project - Who's going?

    Shh, It's just the men :laugh: They cant train for this, not mentally. Even if astronauts get sent to remote locations for months on end, they know that one day soon, they get to eat salmon and cream cheese again. Everything we have ever smelt, heard, or seen since the day we were born...
  5. dj.

    Mars One Project - Who's going?

    Climate change and a polluted atmosphere, caused by man. Wars, man again. There will be asteroids whatever planet you stand on. I've no idea what zombies you mean. We have well and truly messed this planet up, perhaps we should learn how to undo the damage before moving on to the next one.
  6. dj.

    Fort Argus Bank is open for business!

    :wtg: Wishing you every success Tzepu :wtg:
  7. dj.

    Tax at LG

    For the love of Lootius.. Please fix it. For my sake, so the boys can get back to normal soc conversation that does not involve tax and non-active members. They have not discussed big boobs, beer, big boobs, sex, casino's, big boobs or women, for months now. It's shocking :girl: This woman...
  8. dj.

    News: A Day at the Beach

    First news story I have read in ages, you write really well. I hope you have recovered from your injuries now :D
  9. dj.

    Is Crystal Palace dieing?

    Well 3k peds didn't last me more than a couple of days, then I was forced back down to sell. I would have quite happily stayed, my loot was good. Admittedly I did not go prepared, I had just bought my ship and was flying around space for a look, and decided to pop to CP :ahh: and when I say...
  10. dj.

    Unacceptable modification from MA

    You only save time and hassle in not dragging hp could just right click. Auto-fire, stop, rmb
  11. dj.

    Unacceptable modification from MA

    No menu in this case, just right click to loot. I had to drag hp bars on my last hunt, was a pain in the arse. tbh, I actually considered my mouse to be busted lol :laugh:
  12. dj.

    Beauty Bug

    I've been wondering about my hair recently, it used to be white, it's grey now (stressful hunting lol) But seriously, I don't want it grey, most of my clothes/gear is white and I want my hair white to match. Can it be fixed, or is this area of beauty bugged/messed up also? :)
  13. dj.

    FYI: Tips for hunters after removal of Gazz/Iron

    Yeah you are!! :laugh: +rep to OP anyway, I'm none too sure those % are realistic, not by the time I get to auction anyway, the next stop being the tt because it's just not worth the time and effort :broke: But you took the time to offer to advise, however idealistic it may be :dunno:
  14. dj.

    A day at MA office

    LOL pics were fab!!! :laugh: You seriously left that crap there!!?? :laugh:
  15. dj.

    Undo the ores dropped by monsters

    What are you talking about, how can you say that statement with no evidence apart from a few people saying ores were not droppping? I just logged off and my hunting was no different, and the argo's I was hunting were dropping iron. Ok admittedly Ive no idea what drones are dropping atm :D...
  16. dj.

    FYI: Iron droprate on Argos seems broken / buggy / altered

    This is odd, I've been hunting argo since yesterday, and I have just finished a hunt tonight, and there was plenty of iron dropping, dunno why other's were not getting it in loot :scratch2:
  17. dj.

    Proposal: BAHQ vs PK CK event

    No. I'm quite disappointed with the way this thread has gone, I don't really get involved with PvP, but people must take part because they enjoy it. I also know most of these guys are mostly sensible men on the other side of the screen. I also (perhaps naively) thought it was all taken in good...
  18. dj.

    interesting convo

    Bit sad really, isnt it, sitting on your lonely drunk arse and logging into a game just to pick an argument:scratch2: More so when the same guy wouldnt go down the pub to do it, cos he'd get his arse kicked in about 3 seconds flat :laugh: (press the ignore button next time)
  19. dj.

    Aaah, The egg! (No but seriously...)

    Was thinking the same thing :laugh: The guy that looted it is happy, The guy that bought it then sold it is happy, now Deathifier is happy, he's added it to his collection, and he loves collecting stuff. Everyones happy. The egg is even happy :cool:
  20. dj.

    Help: Friends List bug

    Well, all I can ask then, and if enough people see this is; If you have not spoken to me in the last six months, if I am not in your soc, if you don't even view me as a friend...Please delete me. It would just take a minute to check f.l, thanks. :)
  21. dj.

    Help: Friends List bug

    Bumping this also because this is also giving me a headache. This may seem like such a small inconvenience if you have no reason to access the f.l much, or indeed need to add people. If you join a new soc and need to add people you soon find out what should be a simple procedure turns into a...
  22. dj.


    Yes, who needs diamonds and chocolate...I just need to kill stuff :evilking: :laugh:
  23. dj.

    Space travel means no travel at all

    lol great 'saying' (?) Here's mine.. "Dont talk bollox" :silly2: Would be adapt to survive anyway, in this case its 'adapt to die' :laugh:
  24. dj.


    Right thanx Mega, my game is fixed! :thumbup: Cheers! Im a happy bunny now :beerchug:
  25. dj.


    Ok thanks, that probably answeres my question to Mega :) On Calypso, lym/allo