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  1. ladyliegh

    Avatar's changing hands.... who are you actually dealing with?

    same Always been the same Cat:yay:
  2. ladyliegh

    Merry Mayhem 2017 Full Details

    anyone sharing the damage type for MM I seem to need help figuring the damage type for MM, My armor must need changing, I haven't killed the boss yet. After 4 3hr. tries. :handgun:
  3. ladyliegh

    Gardening Has Arrived!

    wth How can someone who hasn't started gardening be a level 20?:scratch2: how long has gardening been a skill? I have been doing it for 2 days & I am only lvl 1 ex24
  4. ladyliegh

    Gardening Has Arrived!

    the gardening system OK I am gardening, I have several issues with the system so far... First; What logic is there to Only getting 2 (acorns) planters? not to mention the increase that requires another (snug) building. Now why would I need 2 buildings on my plot? to have 4 planters...
  5. ladyliegh

    message center bug

    message center still bugged This isn't lag... it is a bug in the system. When I logged on today, the message center system alerts showed 3 pages. When I checked my messages & went back to check the system alerts (where it shows what has been sold) it no longer showed 3 pages, just 1. So I am...
  6. ladyliegh

    where are my diamonds?

    Thank You...You sound like the perfect guy, buying diamonds for his ladies. :)
  7. ladyliegh

    where are my diamonds?

    "sigh" 7 Days since purchase of DIAMONDS....still waiting to receive them.:scratch2:
  8. ladyliegh

    FYI: Compet has its own forum now. Please register there.

    Embarrassed to say I spelled my name wrong when I registered, lol So on ComPet I am known as Cataina instead of Catiana, oh well... (I wanted to use my EU name on compet)
  9. ladyliegh

    FYI: arena battles at the top of every hour

    compet bump to battle in the arena at the top of the hour...:smash::boxer::trout::nutkick::ninja::nutkick:
  10. ladyliegh

    where are my diamonds?

    Thank you for your suggestion, I did download the pro version on my pc & still no peds. However I have heard from support, they are investigating my claim...:cheer: It is a bit frustrating to play the waiting game. I bought the diamonds to get the extra training for my pets. So, now we wait...
  11. ladyliegh

    FYI: arena battles at the top of every hour

    Since arena battles are rare, how about we meet at the top of the hour? We are bound to have a few battles.:yay: I think I have only had 3 or 4... The most popular battle pack is the 100. But I prefer the 5000:)
  12. ladyliegh

    Question: How to make money?

    an idea I sell make up in several shops. I have 1 supplier on Rocktropia, I would be happy to have another supplier who collects make up from people on other planets. I buy @ 110% mu, so if you buy for less, you can make a profit. There are a few items of higher mu value I pay more for. But...
  13. ladyliegh

    where are my diamonds?

    Still nothing from support & about my 1300 diaminds. I would like a refund or my diamonds please.
  14. ladyliegh

    message center bug

    Lately when I check the message center to see what has been sold the 2nd page doesn't show. This has happened repeatedly...I usually relog & it fixes it, but today it kicked me off the game. Not a huge issue, but I need to see what has been sold to restock shops.
  15. ladyliegh

    FYI: Compet has its own forum now. Please register there.

    Registered there & cannot login.
  16. ladyliegh

    where are my diamonds?

    I purchased a purse of diamonds this morning & haven't received them.... I still have not received my 100 peds. This is not adding to my fun playing compet!:mad:
  17. ladyliegh

    Info: Before give + - reputation read this

    I second that.:eyecrazy:
  18. ladyliegh

    Info: Eleni's Face Daubing

    Very Nice! Another talented Artist!
  19. ladyliegh

    Take care of your privacy

    DoA Yes, everyone should be cautious what private information they post online & everything posted online is forever. A moderator should be moderating, not getting personal. But sweetie you are making a mountain out of a mole hill, I understand that you have hurt feelings, but there are times...
  20. ladyliegh

    Info: PEDs for Testers!

    0 peds No peds received here.. My compet deeds are in my carried inventory... maybe that is the problem?:scratch2: Never got any compet emails either...(yes, I used the same email I have for EU) I will hope they appear like magic.:tapfinger
  21. ladyliegh

    FYI: 1st to build on Southern Ithica Commons

    Snug I have a corner plot next to the lake, so I positioned my windows that direction. There is a reason they called it a snug, it is cozy, like a fishing cabin. Here are some pic's; I was lucky, I had a certain amount of supplies needed to build already.
  22. ladyliegh

    FYI: 1st to build on Southern Ithica Commons

    I took a look around today & I seem to be the only plot to have built an Omegaton colonist Snug.:holyshit: Surprised me...I thought maybe there were a few others, but I couldn't find any. Worries me, everyone else is holding out for something better, soon to be released in the next...
  23. ladyliegh

    Raid bug

    Since the arena is always empty, I thought I would try to raid. The message says; you won, when no one is there. & when someone is there it is an error message.
  24. ladyliegh

    CAT'S Wishing Well Shop On Arkadia

    Cat's Wishing Well is Open for Business! Arkadia Celeste North #20 Selling, Make-up, Furniture & Holiday items. Please stop in for a visit on your next trip to Arkadia! They did a wonderful job customizing, here are some pic's.. Side mural, near service machines. Front of shop. Interactive...
  25. ladyliegh


    ? I spent hours today hunting these 3 critters, not 1 stinktree board...:banghead: Why choose something rare & hard to find as ingredient to build houses? Unfortunately, there will be those who will give up, this could be bad for the value of land plots. Why didn't they pick a harvestable...