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  1. Vi Bitfury

    Sub Warp Drive 2 (L)

    Gratz & Ava-Warp just leveled up, hehe
  2. Vi Bitfury

    Mining Service 2.0

    KingS09, Suggest on preventing - [when a 'player' has you wait over 3+ hours], to 'implement', when somebody / party contacts you - a "timer reserve countdown" of some sort such as X amount of time - if the timer runs out - you go onto the next customer and/or party of interest. This, way...
  3. Vi Bitfury

    The FINDER that could !!!! Stream ME !!!

    In addition on the limited pre-amped finders from boxes too. GL on your probing journey OP.
  4. Vi Bitfury

    Lootius Mayhem: Episode One

    AH, the Entropia Universe spirit force is Epic as shown for this event! Too the "platinum moon" and back and oh yeah, please register/sign me up, thank you. Bang, Bang, Vi V3r0nyka BitFury
  5. Vi Bitfury

    Uber: 12K Leviathan Guardian

    Gratz on the fish catch - 'fish tacos' sounds tasty, hehe
  6. Vi Bitfury

    Snug and Garden +Plus more - Info Guide

    Snuggle bump
  7. Vi Bitfury

    Achievement: Highest HP avatar ingame and the story

    You must fail in order to succeed Interesting long post and thanks for sharing as there are a ton of 'Key-take-Aways' that anybody can use daily in-game & in real life: (motivation is not enough, doing is a start) - curiosity (includes asking questions - mimic those who've achieved) -...
  8. Vi Bitfury

    FYI: How To Loot Rings - Code Has Been CRACKED!

    I take it Mondays are for all the (L) rings and other boxy non-ring shenanigans, :dunce:
  9. Vi Bitfury

    Uber: Tempting Fate...

    Gratz Cap JD, glad your old found BP bounties paid off :)
  10. Vi Bitfury

    Info: F-106 Tier 10 FINALLY :)

    Congratz on the long time goal and enjoy the extra coverage :)
  11. Vi Bitfury

    How did you get to your current game level?

    Absolutely agree with all that Xavier, LeeLoo, and Messi has commented on within this OP :wise:. Also, did find Xavier's post very intriguing on the "evolution of a player", and with that being said, I'm enjoying Stage Vi you could say, hehe :cool:
  12. Vi Bitfury

    F.O.M.A. Notes

    You mean this from ten years ago: How time flies by.
  13. Vi Bitfury

    F.O.M.A. Notes

    Dome #11: L7 Longu (scattered w/ very small amounts of low lvl molisk) Hybrid desert moon scenery with odd mushroom-shaped to small tree-like foliage.
  14. Vi Bitfury

    HoF: Shadow Foot Guards! Rare Item Loot :D

    Definitely Buzz worthy, congratz!
  15. Vi Bitfury

    Question: Mining depth matters?

    Agree with this statement from Dennis as for mining depths do help miners to mine for MU in areas that require atleast 999-1100m range. But miner levels of 40-60 and beyond are definitely in need of more of 'reason(s)' to further skill up. So the 'million dollar' question is wondering when MA...
  16. Vi Bitfury

    Thank You MindArk Team for the AMA!

    Agree, keep up the great ongoing communication MA (improvements), and thank you!
  17. Vi Bitfury

    Vi's Mining Pics

    Hi Cpt. Jack, This year overall so far (even though it's only the beginning of 2019) I'm well over >100%TT returns from hitting a 4.7k blaus tower last month (got a 8.5 multiplier using M1+Dclass) and anohter melchi 1.4k. From the absence of taking or turning only 573TT of boring peds all...
  18. Vi Bitfury

    Vi's Mining Pics

    Just wanted to bump this up after 3+ years of mining reflection and observations. IMO, the acronym STELR is very vital for anyone who does the mining profession in EU. STELR = skills, timing, equipment, location, and Research. GL all, have fun, and mine on! Vi Bitfury
  19. Vi Bitfury

    ZPF Mining Log

    Hi ZPF and wb! Seems a few other miners are returning or giving mining 2.0 a sample run/trials again for this year after a long break or many few breaks from the past few years (@ Sean Rocket and Stevie Vai to name a few fellow miners). Your comments I can totally resonate with in terms of TT...
  20. Vi Bitfury

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread (2018 +)

    !Register: Vi V3r0nyka BitFury Thanks and GL all
  21. Vi Bitfury

    Info: Ricks 2019 FEN hunting Thread.

    Great points here :) Agree, perhaps an "Xavier EU school for the gifted" in MA, hehe
  22. Vi Bitfury

    New Pet features - Which ones do you like?

    Hi, just too many to choose from as one option is not enough and my answer is to try and implement some how all of them for EU's new future Pet system 2.5/3.0.
  23. Vi Bitfury

    Resource Targeting - Which resources are best to "go for" for each mining tool ?

    Hi, I find it interesting that you ask on your topic question. In my own opinion, EU mining is like finding, researching, practicing, and learning magic tricks IRL (yes, it is a side hobby of mine btw). Both similar in ways, because they both involve (STELr - skills, timing, equipment, location...
  24. Vi Bitfury

    Info: Ricks 2019 FEN hunting Thread.

    Gotta give Rick credit for atleast depoing and trying, but perhaps more guidance, patience, and learn from those who are surviving and able to sustain in the positives (good points from others in this thread btw). Yes, bank roll management is key; MU from loot is golden; patience/research/and...
  25. Vi Bitfury

    Risk of Ruin - Bankroll Management

    Yes, it has been.