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  1. Cuba Kubanec

    HoF: First Hof!!

    gz for nice hof :)
  2. Cuba Kubanec

    Hof after nice jump :D

  3. Hof afer death :D

    Hof afer death :D

  4. Cuba Kubanec

    Uber: 20K HoF of Lysterium on Arkadia

    very nice gz :)
  5. Cuba Kubanec

    Discovery: The Crossbow! Eron Soul Shredder and SoulGrinder

    gz ! awesome ranges and of envy
  6. Cuba Kubanec

    Achievement: just white ..

    very big gz :)
  7. Cuba Kubanec

    And it happens

    gz....but i think u will have like 3-4 in 7 years with L finders....105 mining like 5years on small amps lvl1-2 mostly and middle end seekers(TK120-vrx2k) and already hited nice 2towers...Im lvl 54 prospect now so im not noob and i know what im talking about...and the decays of L...
  8. Cuba Kubanec

    5k+ azur pearls

    nice big gratz :) :yay:
  9. Cuba Kubanec

    XXIII melchi

    thx for gz´s
  10. Cuba Kubanec

    Tier 1 imp ML-45

    Thomas can skilling up again :)
  11. Cuba Kubanec

    Tier 1 imp ML-45

    Thx :) 4.2k lyst ingot, 2.4k melchi, 890garnets, some k´ of blazars and 1.3k Tier 1 component
  12. Cuba Kubanec

    Tier 1 imp ML-45

    We r lucky bastards :P
  13. Cuba Kubanec

    Achievement: 300k total skills

    GZ mate :)
  14. Cuba Kubanec

    Tier 1 imp ML-45 :)
  15. Cuba Kubanec

    ATH: 127k ATH

    very big gratz :)
  16. Cuba Kubanec

    Uber: 4258 ped Durulium Stone

    nice find :):yay:
  17. Cuba Kubanec

    XXIII melchi

    Hello its some month ago i´ve got this baby...sry for quality
  18. Melchi XXIII

    Melchi XXIII

  19. Cuba Kubanec

    Info: Top 15 ALL TIME HIGH for every resource!

  20. Cuba Kubanec

    Return of the GOLDEN AGE

    !Register Cuba Kubanec Cubanov
  21. Cuba Kubanec

    Imperial Hazen Shin F

    very nice find :) ... i love Lolas response on the first picture :DDD
  22. Cuba Kubanec

    Discovery: Imp ML45

    U did great :), i knew why i called u back from Ark to have fun with me and beacons :yay:
  23. Cuba Kubanec

    Discovery: Imp ML45

    good luck - i hope u will find something worthy :)