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  1. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Buying: Tier 5 Components

    Need 2-3k of these. PM how many you have and % looking for. Will pay very good, better than auction and pay extra for large amounts.
  2. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Hypercharged A204

    Selling an H204 Bo +15k or PM good offers
  3. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Full TT esi

    Selling a full tt esi, 930% BO
  4. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Adjusted FAP FEN Edition

    Selling adjusted fap FEN edition BO tt+5k (what last one sold for in auction*
  5. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Buying: Female Armors: Merry Mayhem, POE, Supremacy, Shadow (F)

    Buying high end female armor. PM me with price and armor tiers
  6. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Electric Attack Chip XIII FEN Edition

    Posting on behalf of Andie of this awesome chip. Searching for offers, SB 35k BO 75k Efficency 79.1
  7. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Buying: Hypercharged A204

    Looking to snag one of these. Pm me with price.
  8. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Supremacy F, Mod Ares Ring, Hyper A105, Apartment

    Selling Supremacy Female Full set: Harness, Thighs, Arms, Helmet are tier 2 Boots, Shins, Gloves are tier 1 BO 40K SB 35K Ares Ring Modified BO 5k SOLD A105 Hyper BO 2.3k SOLD Genesis Tower estate apartment Genesis Star Tower D, 15D (The biggest apartment) BO 1k
  9. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Full Supremacy (F)

    Selling a full set of Supremacy Female Harness, Thighs, Arms, Helmet are tier 2 Boots, Shins, Gloves are tier 1 Send offers, BO @ 50k SB @ 40k
  10. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Mod Merc Tier 9.9

    Selling Tier 9.9 MM ready to tier up to 10! Send da offers Mod Merc Buyout set at 90k
  11. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Mod Merc Tier 9.9 and A204 Hypercharged

    Selling Tier 9.9 MM ready to tier up to 10! Also selling A204 Hypercharged! SOLD Will offer discounts if both are bought together. Send da offers :yay: Update: A204 Sold, Mod Merc Buyout set at 90k
  12. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Hypercharged A204

    Selling a Hyper A204 - Looking for 30-32k~ Peds only please
  13. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Improved FAP!

    Selling an Improved FAP Tier 1.9 Looking for offers.
  14. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Improved First Aid Kit

    Selling Improved FAP! Tier 1.6 heals for 126! Looking for PED offers only please. Current Offer 65k Buy out 70k
  15. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Tier 10 Mod Merc

    Listing my Tier 10 MM for sale, see what the interest is. Start winning those events! Ped offers only please. Buyout is 135k
  16. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Arson Chip Tier 6.4

    Arson Chip! Tier 6.4 Buyout 10k Ped offers only please, I might consider CLD's. Thanks!
  17. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Mod Hedoc T 2.3

    Mod Hedoc Mayhem T 2.3 Selling Mod Hedoc Mayhem Tier 2.3 Remaining tiers: 72 92 156 71 96 154 154 132 Buyout 55k Shoot me an offer! Looking for ped offers only
  18. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Improved FAP

    Selling Improved Fap Tier 1.6 Looking for offers! Trying for around 80-85k. 126 heal for 2 pec :D Will end the thread a few days after SB Is met. Ped offers only please....
  19. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Full Supremacy (M)

    Everything is tier 2.9 except gloves which are tier 1.7. T/O TT+55k Ends in 4 days Buyout : 65k.
  20. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Mayhem Armor (M) Full Set

    Full Mayhem armor set All pieces tier 2.x except for gloves which are tier 1.x. BO = 24k Current Bid +20k Ends in 4 days!
  21. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: 2% Ranger Crit Scope and 20% Sight

    Not able to play as much as I thought to take full advantage of these beautiful money making machines, so I'm just going back down to my vanilla MM. If you play a lot these are a must have :). SOLD Both of them together can be purchased for 70k After SB is met, the auction will end in 5 days.
  22. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Full Set Mayhem Female (High Tiers)

    SOLD Tiers: Helm 4.3 Harness 4.0 Arms 5.0 Thighs 3.1 Shins 3.3 Foot 2.8 Gloves 1.1 Current Offer 13.5k Buyout 15k SOLD FOR BUYOUT End date at 20:00 MA time Sunday 3-21-15.
  23. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Full Shadow Set Female

    Selling Full Shadow Set Female. Tiers Helmet 2.4 Harness 3.0 Arms 2.4 Thighs 2.7 Shins 2.6 Feet 2.7 Gloves 2.4 SOLD
  24. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Selling: Sentinel Foot Guards (M) UL

    Selling these freshly looted boots :D! :yay: Good tiers: 175, 154, 110, 61, 66, 149, 140, 136, 76, 93 Top offer 3k Buy out 5k Ends in 12 hours
  25. Ogulak'Da'Dragon

    Uber: Old School Loot window + Sentinel Footies M

    I normally don't post loot SS's but I know a lot of you haven't seen what an old loot school loot window looks like before ped/oil change xD and its super fun to see window fill up like that. Here is what it was sort of like in the old days: Heres some Sentinel footies for fun as well. For...