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  1. Boris N

    Compiled help for issues or errors installing VU10.0 client

    it really helps! it really helps!
  2. Boris N

    FYI: Dunkel found on LA13

    Thats gonna be me! :smoke:
  3. Boris N

    FYI: Tridenite found on LA12

    Im working on tridenite global atm :tower:
  4. Boris N


    Cancelling reservation. :(
  5. Boris N


    RESERVATION FORM NAME: Boris Boris N Nesudanetrapisi ITEM: Bicak Blix PICK UP DATE: 10.10.2008 (11:00 MA time) DROP OFF DATE: 13.10.2008 (11:00 MA time) COLLATERAL: ML-45; A106 Canceled
  6. Boris N


    How much collateral needed for Bicak Blix ?
  7. Boris N

    ATH: UNL HL 15 + UNL Assassin R150

  8. Boris N

    Uber: Yay I Needed A Table

    Awesome loots form esto nowdays :eek:
  9. Boris N

    a 30000$ mistake

    MA should invent "Item Lock" option, an icon in item options, means once you activate item lock option, you cant TT , trade or drop on ground it! and option to deactivate "Item Lock" Its not so hard to make, so plz MA! You can even collect tax for this action, lets say 10 PED each activating...
  10. Boris N

    Crytek moves to consoles

    Crysis was more like engine advertising project. Cheap storyline and real crap multiplayer (i was confused testing MP, how the hell MA will set EU on that engine :confused: ) Crytek was complaining about low sales? Good game can be sold good anytime, cheap B category story - no ... Arcade...
  11. Boris N

    Selling: Vivo125 - MA104 amps - and other

  12. Boris N

    Selling: Hermess foot guard M

    buying out!
  13. Boris N

    Selling: Swine Dlx

    What is open bid for your swine?
  14. Boris N


    RESERVATION FORM: NAME: Boris Boris N Nesudanetrapisi ITEM: Thunderbird set M + 6B (Collateral ML-45) PICK UP DATE: 11/4/08 DROP OFF DATE: 17/4/08
  15. Boris N

    B: Treatment skill

    B: Treatment skill. As fast as possible plz
  16. Boris N

    30k+ Kreltine with X5 unlimited

    Проста ахуйенна! [U-gratz!] :birthday:
  17. Boris N

    S: Jungle stalker and Ghoul set (m)

    Bringing up the post.
  18. Boris N

    Bot Caught in the Act!

    If she will answer to all beggars nearby, there will be no time for crafting :rofl: Cmon pal, do something more useful than disturbing crafters :handjob: :loco:
  19. Boris N

    1231 PED Trox Old Mud N Scorp Can't be stopped!!!

    After MA pissed everything up with JackPot system to noobs ( 10 000 PED drones 1 , etc ) 1k PED loots are fcking rare.
  20. Boris N

    1231 PED Trox Old Mud N Scorp Can't be stopped!!!

    It was intresting to dig out corpse with 3! good items in 1 loot. MINDARK! WTF does people leave this casino, or you think were happy with animal oils? Wheres good old loot? :cussing:
  21. Boris N

    1231 PED Trox Old Mud N Scorp Can't be stopped!!!

    this is nice :)
  22. Boris N

    ~~-- 1st EU Poker event --~~

    Ok, lets get some cards :smoke:
  23. Boris N

    Kill 20 Guards and get bonus!!!

    Easy money, im in :sniper:
  24. Boris N

    S: Jungle stalker and Ghoul set (m)

    Free bump for Moser
  25. Boris N

    S: Jungle stalker and Ghoul set (m)

    Place Your bid before hummer says - SOLD! :smash: