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  1. milena jingles

    FYI: Lars Official to interview with Normandie Radio:

    A BIG Thanks again to Lars for a great evening :) recorded Interview is up and running​
  2. milena jingles

    Can connect to EU @ 16:00 MA time Today. (Timeout)

    According to Arkadia Staff ...again problems with all servers ..MA is contacted ...
  3. milena jingles

    Questions & Answers with David Dobson!

    Recording is up and running.......
  4. milena jingles

    Buzz & Summer had a baby ♥♥♥

    BIG BIG GZ to both of you , wish you a long and happy life ...Welcome to EU Baby Boy :D
  5. milena jingles

    FYI: Arkadia underground....

    There it is .....
  6. milena jingles

    Info: David Dobson? - Have You Heard Some?

    For all who missed it last night can listen to the Interview on is splitted in two parts so you can grab a beer in between
  7. milena jingles

    Sentinel Arm Guards M, UL

    For a friend w/o a PCF account i just want to check the worth of this arms MU history on them.....
  8. print screen 2013-04-25 19-10-38

    print screen 2013-04-25 19-10-38

  9. print screen 2013-04-25 19-10-29

    print screen 2013-04-25 19-10-29

  10. milena jingles

    Selling: IMP RIP M6600 (L) - Full TT 2579/2579

    Since Apollo isnt a heavy forum user he still cant post pics i help out ;)
  11. 536952 10151526915989291 740999153 n

    536952 10151526915989291 740999153 n

  12. 529585 10151526916114291 1399408855 n

    529585 10151526916114291 1399408855 n

  13. 319957 10151526915904291 858465661 n

    319957 10151526915904291 858465661 n

  14. milena jingles

    Selling: Lacerating Attack Nano Chip X UL

    SOLD Thread can be closed ...ty all
  15. milena jingles

    Selling: Lacerating Attack Nano Chip X UL

    morning bump ---OP updated
  16. milena jingles

    Selling: Lacerating Attack Nano Chip X UL few PM´s already ... highest bid so far .. tt + 3 k.... keep it running guys :)
  17. milena jingles

    Selling: Lacerating Attack Nano Chip X UL

    Hi there, SOLD for a friend and Socmate i am selling a freshly discovered Lacerating Attack Nano Chip X ..UL with some nice stats .. since it is the first one there will be no SB / BO ....i just sell when i feel the price is right ... leave your offers here or drop me a pm ...also you...
  18. chipiii


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  21. milena jingles

    Banging with the Borg.....

    Normandie Radio Presents: DJ Cyborg Bill ~ 21 MA ~ Banging with the Borg ~ ~ or ~
  22. yoda of borg

    yoda of borg

  23. milena jingles

    Nostalgia thread: Once upon a time in Entropia......

    Once upon a time....there was actually a game ..and not only business...