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  1. Nightmare069

    please beware, it's scam season again

    If all else fails, ask a veteran. Also, Traders DO buy under MU... this is not a scam, its considered a fee for their service of allowing you to just dump stuff off with them. That being said, as stated above, do your research.
  2. Nightmare069

    Ah the good old days!

    Get 'em!
  3. Nightmare069

    Question: Am I missing something?

    Thx bud :)
  4. Nightmare069

    Question: Am I missing something?

    So I come back from a 2 year break, decide to do a little mining.... and I come accross this phenomenon. Did they change the way items are maxed? Used to be 5 levels to max. Something change? EDIT: Also, I wasn't around that much before leaving again XD
  5. Max Level?

    Max Level?

  6. Nightmare069

    Legal environment for online gambling

  7. Nightmare069

    Question: Big Mom project

    Mask shouldnt be hard, hit me up when you're ready. EDIT: Some of my work:
  8. Nightmare069

    Remove Explosive Projectiles from the Construction Hall of Fame.

    Well if they have their own list... wouldn't it be pretty much the same thing? (assuming 94 of the HOF are EP) EDIT: Call the new list "Recycling" lol
  9. Nightmare069

    WoF 2020... Hunt for your country! TRIBUTE TOURNAMENT

    A 2 year break and i come back to WoF coming back! ... It must be destiny! Let's Go Murica! :boxer::boxer::boxer::boxer: sign me up!
  10. Nightmare069

    FYI: Nightmare's Custom Looks

    Almost a 3 year necro lmao! Good to be back!
  11. Nightmare069

    my client has the "launch" button gray

    lol nice necro.... Server Maintenance bro
  12. Nightmare069

    FYI: Nightmare's Custom Looks

    Now that I got more spare time, I may start doing some masks. Hit me up if interested and ill see if i can pencil you in XD
  13. Nightmare069

    Selling: bulk damage enhancers

    another bump!
  14. Nightmare069

    Selling: Hacked K-1 level 8.5

    bump again
  15. Nightmare069

    Selling: bulk damage enhancers

    I'm Back! (again) Sorry for the long break guys! Computer broke, job got VERY busy, girlfriend had health issues, and other little things. Things are back on track and I'm downloading updates now! I may be upgrading RAM so I might be down a few days but other than that...
  16. Nightmare069

    Selling: Hacked K-1 level 8.5

    :bump: for rare pets with unknown potential :eyecrazy:
  17. Hacked K-1

    Hacked K-1

  18. Nightmare069

    Selling: bulk damage enhancers

    daily :bump:
  19. Nightmare069

    Selling: bulk damage enhancers

    :bump: here i am!
  20. Nightmare069

    Selling: bulk damage enhancers

    :bump: for pyrite
  21. Nightmare069

    Selling: Adjusted Hedoc Sk-20 Tier 3.7

    :bump: for a nice fap with low tt!
  22. Nightmare069

    Selling: bulk damage enhancers

    :bump: for nachos!
  23. Nightmare069

    Selling: Hacked K-1 level 8.5

    :bump: for Tuesdays!
  24. Nightmare069

    Selling: Hacked K-1 level 8.5

    Selling this Hacked K-1 (change title to remove level please) its the rare one and its level 10 PM offers, instant BO: 1k