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  1. Sharyn

    Are you a happy EU participant?

    nope, am not happy and haven't been for some time now ... it has gotten more and more expensive to play, with a lot less "fresh blood" n00bs that by joining actually makes it an alive virtual universe ..
  2. Sharyn

    Do you believe all loot is determined by the "system" ?

    Well, if we learned something from Arnold's Terminator series is that no machine can wholely substitute a person :cool:
  3. Sharyn

    Selling: E-mine UL (M)

    Print-screen or it didn't happen! ;) j/k ..and a free bump
  4. Sharyn

    New tracker available ...

    Updating EU CL ... me thinks gonna try the tracker this weekend ;)
  5. Sharyn

    Way to improve mining

    Most of us are :D
  6. Sharyn

    Does anyone know the telephone number for Mind Ark?

    0-800-LYSTERIUM ?!! :rolleyes:
  7. Sharyn

    I almost TT'd this, thinking it was (L)

    Congratz! :yay: Cool item in loot.
  8. Sharyn

    Rate the siggie above you

    10/10 .. direct chat link to MA? :D
  9. Sharyn

    My oldest Suport case :)

    Here's mine, filed under Missing&Lost: Item showed up after relog :)
  10. Sharyn

    How many player use MY items ?

    Ya're trying to make us admit we do so we can pay for the decay? :D Nice one Eto! ;)
  11. Sharyn

    How is the Mining?

    Too much Lyst, fewer claims, less tt back ... awesome! :rolleyes:
  12. Sharyn

    Has the lack of loot affected your participation?

    Aham, kinda ... /whining mode off
  13. Sharyn

    Happy Birthday MindBuster

    A day late ... happy b-day! :yay: Hope ya had a great one MB!
  14. Sharyn

    Which location do you all think has the best layout and setup

    Camp Caravan :) ... the tp got relocated to the south (compared to VU 9.xx). Convenient as to closeness to some of my mining spots and also ok for some big Cornudacauda/yount Atrax target practice.
  15. Sharyn

    Question: Why can I not upload BMP files?

    bmp is higher quality but then again higher file size, so much more storing capacity needed for EF servers ... IMO jpg is enough if one wants to upload a screenie on EF.
  16. Sharyn

    Happy B-day Viagrafalls ...

    Happy B-day sir! :) In Romania, when it rains a lot we say that it is time for counting money or ..umm.. 'making' a child ;)
  17. Sharyn

    Uber: With lvl 28 Prospektor thew time was come

    Congratz! :yay:
  18. Sharyn

    EU is dynamic

    ... n00b in shogun + CND = Very poor Oil :D
  19. Sharyn

    Pricecheck: FAP 69 SGA EDITION

    Arround tt+500ish?
  20. Sharyn

    value for your money?

    Yes, but there's always room for more value ;)
  21. Sharyn

    Help: Minor Details - Things that need to be fixed

    ... sorry for the off-topic, but do we need that fixed also?! :laugh:
  22. Sharyn

    Help: Minor Details - Things that need to be fixed

    General Game Play Issues Desktop Icons - Though I chose option to hide desktop icons, after each log off/log on they appear back at their default position (up-right corner) Click to enlarge Position of Hall Of Fame window - It's set default a bit to the left of the screen - not the best...
  23. Hof


  24. Icon Bug

    Icon Bug