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  1. thewebbie

    Chip Off The Old Block - Fort Medusa Calamusoid Mission Chain

    Follow anyone in the Rangers soc.
  2. thewebbie

    Fix space logout exploit

    I have no words.
  3. thewebbie

    Show us ya face!

    My profile pic is 5 years old. My Avi looks like me kinda. I think I added to this thread years ago. Here is me visiting Ireland in December Since starting EU 15 years ago I have had 3 children and a divorce. Live moves along. EU doesn't. lol.
  4. thewebbie

    Achievement: Shaolin turns 17

    I am proud to be part of Shaolin! Happy Birthday to us.
  5. thewebbie

    Cannot Log in..?

    I can't login either.
  6. thewebbie

    No loot for over 15 minutes

    same here. I tried to relog and can't
  7. thewebbie

    Objectcollisions: This starts to get pathetic!

    This has been happening for 15 years, not a new issue.
  8. thewebbie

    What is the first thing...

    Don't you do that already?
  9. thewebbie

    What is the first thing...

    When we are all allowed to go out again what is the fist thing you want to do? Me: Kick the kids out of the house.
  10. thewebbie

    Anxiety and COVID-19

    You are awesome Evey!
  11. thewebbie

    Anxiety and COVID-19

    For those that already have anxiety issues how are you holding up? My anxiety has been off the charts and all my usual techniques to calm myself are not working as well. It doesn't help that I can not deposit and play more. This game has always been a great source of escape for me.
  12. thewebbie

    Higher Latency

    I am sure that half the planet staying home watching Netflix isn't helping either.
  13. thewebbie

    Premium Benefits - Subscription

    You are absolutely correct and I take back my suggestion of daily tokens. The most fun I have is in the pit getting badges so I can get my 4 tokens everyday
  14. thewebbie

    Premium Benefits - Subscription

    I really think tier subscription levels would work. From $10 to $100 per month Ammo, Daily tokens, ship upgrades, armor upgrades, extra storage, free TP from space etc.
  15. thewebbie

    Premium Benefits - Subscription

    Depending on the benefits I would pay as much as $100 per month.
  16. thewebbie

    Info: Force Merge and Mindforce Harmony - The known Avatars

    Unlocked Force Merge today. No screenshot :( 14 months after MFH . Whooohooo
  17. thewebbie

    Achievement: Force Merge Pyro

    I finally unlocked Force Merge! :yay::yay::yay: Level 65 Pyro DMG Sorry no screenshot. They all come out back for some reason.
  18. thewebbie

    Calamusoid Mission Info And Such

    Nice! Thanks Jam! :wtg::wtg::wtg::wtg:
  19. thewebbie

    Info: Calypso Explorer Map (Continued)

    Can this be recovered Any way this Map can be recovered and maintained by someone else? Does anyone have access to the source file?
  20. thewebbie

    Selling: Adjusted Maddox IV Tier 5 sale or trade

    Bump Bump :lolup::lolup::lolup::lolup::lolup:
  21. thewebbie

    Selling: Adjusted Maddox IV Tier 5 sale or trade

    :yay::yay::yay::yay: Bump
  22. thewebbie

    Deposit Methods Update

    It does not look like you can use paysafe to buy keys. I went to the closest location for paysafe yesterday. The cashier didn't know what I was talking about and told me to come back during the week when the manager was there. From what I gather, this is how it works. Drive to the bank and...
  23. thewebbie

    Selling: Adjusted Maddox IV Tier 5 sale or trade

    Adjusted Maddox IV Tier 5 Will accept PED for trade for equal value UL MF Chips or UL Armor sets, FAPs
  24. thewebbie

    Buying: WTB [Fi/Ra/Co Beast]

    I have a couple I can sell you. Message me in game.
  25. thewebbie

    Deposit Methods Update

    Does MA still accept the Paysafe cards? There is two stores with 30 minute drive near me I can buy them but don't want to get suck with cards I can't use.