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    Give a good and real use of Estates / Homes

    renting out bed / hour
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    Poll: what is the average EU player gpu

    3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 (MSI) and unplayable atm, heat problems shuts the game off after a minute atm . nvm ill survive
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    Guide: How to be a reseller.

    been looking for a UL wep some time , I can say I feel the same .
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    The Hunt Club

    my pc is broken atm , cant play entropia more then a minute before it shuts down : / damned : (
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    Help: Tell me you have been playing Entropia for way too long without telling me you have been playing Entropia for way too long...

    When being a PC gamer was like , couldnt wait to get home from work fast enough to play PC games . Also dreamt about playing while asleep as you had to sleep 6-7 hours to be able to function at work . ps , Still working , playing a lot less
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    Question: Why is AFK hunting bad? Assuming it does not interfere with another player's play.

    If I log in and find a game that is mostly run by bots hunting 24 / 7 , I would withdraw and terminate the whole crap , this was a social game when I started not a hunt for 100,01 mu crap loot . I hunt some hours now and then just for fun , If someone thinks running a bot doing the hunt...
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    Question: How often do you loot rings?

    The Rings is not in the Boxes ? its Personal ?
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    The Hunt Club

    is it possible to open up a tab in chat for the hunt club ? like a soc chat without a soc . I never know when I can be online due to RL stuff so could be fun to do some spontaneus team hunts
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    Some mobs not lootable?

    I have also seen some strange shrap in the storage and thought the same . Sometimes a loot can come when Im standing at a service center . even had globals out of nowhere : ) but those are only a fraction of the global payout ,just the swirls
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    How expensive is this Mayhem for you?

    To hunt 24/7 or compared to passive collect CLds payments for the same amount a decent hunt set up costs ? Wich would be the best payback alternative ?
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    How expensive is this Mayhem for you?

    I was doing ok, until Ma decided this isnt for you anymore , so no globals no payback . I logged off . there is other things in life besides I did mayhem to get some quick codex up till lvl 24 from 0 so cant complain
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    Have you see the slow moving mist ?

    isnt that when there is a robot attack on a fort and you are close to it
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    Anyone having a problem with the game stalling ?

    Now and then it does this for me too and mob kills you in the end , reminds me of the famous fap lagg
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    PvP Globals Screens!! :yay:

    I have jumped into pvp without clearing my loot from the day before some years ago , But I managed to jump straight back when I remembered , so could be an early morning mistake , or drunk : ) Was it a known player or a noob account ?
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    Australia and loot boxes

    Put the rings in the loot window , In Sweden boxes has never been allowed , fair ?
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    What is the purpose of scopes/laser sights?

    slap a scope on your rifle , hide in non radar pvp , look around , aim , shot and loot , simple as that . That is what i did some years ago , also was good to have when its totaly dark as its a night vision sight
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    Suggestion: loot 2.0 was a mistake, make loot 3.0 or undo loot 2.0

    Hmmmmm , but as a high roller , high lvl ava do they depo ? dont they make profit ? and depo less , or did I miss something ? Depo 10K $ us dollar and support Ma by depos ? thought those players made peds and not loose peds ?
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    Suggestion: PVP4 needs attention

    All these ways to avoid being looted means pvp is dead in this game , how do they find all loop holes ? and more important , how many more loopholes exist making some players earn peds all day ?
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    Selling: Wibrant Sweat 300k want to sell

    Guess Im tired but first I read that you had Sweat for 300 K peds : )
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    Disturbance notice regarding Connection issues

    same here , internal error, wrong time stamp
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    Afroman's Hunting Log 2020

    shouldnt the play time be incl,too , is it 1 hour / day or 23 hours/ day ? peds cycled / hour ?
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    Question: Anyone know how to Trigger Fort Medusa Robot Event?

    some sort of timer, but never at the same time on following days , tried to do them a couple of days in a row , but was impossible is there even any A01 dropping ?
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    Robot Spring offensive

    Not much of a invasion if you have to run around like a fool to find any robots
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    Toilet Paper Crisis

    Beers and Bacon and you can survive for weeks . you all going to eat toilet paper ?
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    There is nothing to hinder a player to buy some shares in a planet and become an investor. And have some peds back from his play / spending . so the poor /rich player debate is just stupid Players here are free to do whatever they want BTW support MA , depo dont expect every klick to...