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    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Cassius and the julia siegel?? No, no, nooooooooo
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    Ah the good old days!

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    Is Evade really effective ?

    Awesome wissy! Good to hear.. im kinda stuck on the countryside taking care of my mom. Your in EP now? Have you heard of Dino? - back to topic/ I would assume there are several factors that contribute to the accuracy of attacks. Very probably hp/maturity and threat lvl as well.
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    How CODEX META Human Are You? Highest Known!

    impressive, my man. *huggggggggs
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    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    tangerine dream.. who would have thought :cool:
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    Generic Fuse Prices

    isnt this easily avoidable with giving a discount to hunters to some runs in space?
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    Is Evade really effective ?

    there is also a agression lvl if you scan a mob saba is medium and hogglo high. maybe try sweating mobs with lower agression lvl next time. and yes sweat lvl is just the ammount your avatar did 'sweat' no real benefit.
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    hey y'all

    yeah - i was absent a little bit :) though my avatar is from '03. i used to be on the EP forum. then there was EF which turned into this ^_°
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    hey y'all

    i hope everyone is staying safe and is well :)
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    You park like a TURP! (Show us your parking skills)

    nice one :)
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    ATH: #2 ATH ever. Shared loot!

    gratz ^_°°°
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    Life skills that I have learned from playing Entropia Universe

    add 'how do keep excel sheets tidy' ^_°
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    You park like a TURP! (Show us your parking skills)

    +rep keep it up :)
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    Buzz & Summer had a baby ♥♥♥

    SUPERGRATZ! :yay::yay::yay:
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    Achievement: 10 years in EU

    well done! i remeber you hanging out in caravan in the old days :)
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    Merry christmas !

    Happy holidays and Xmas(if you celebrate it)!!
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    Entropia Universe 14.4.1 Release Notes

    gallards are visible again and SI combat knife thumb is fixed i receiveived 2 map pieces.. with no item description.. dunno what use they have PS: Sexy Candy Girl is the first colonist to discover Loughlin HyperEdge M-Amp I (L)! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame.
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    Entropia Universe 14.4 Release Notes

    bring the voting booths back :)
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    Info: The bug fix wish list

    gallards on arkadia invisible for me :P
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    Entropia Universe 14.4 Release Notes

    actually it used to be that mobs stay on they ground after loot before VU 9 or something .. there some nice pix of longus being molested after death :P
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    Why space is working and how it could work better...

    dunno why MS are so fixated on 'courier' type missions space mining has been on the roadmap years ago and you can certainly expect to come the next 2-5 years... in that case maybe suddenly you will see the other side if MS owner gets ganked by 30 newbies in sleipniers for 20k rare space ore ^_°
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    Uber: 1892ped HOF on Aurli

    OMG.. how can you hunt with that music playing :P ohh and gz :P
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    Question: Arsonistic III Chip TEN Edition UL

    ars L chips dropping above lvl III .. so who thinks those wont drop in UNL?
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    All missions point based on maturity

    solution would be that all mission brokers are actually on the map/give you a waypoint if you finish the missions..
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    List of mobs that are impossible/frustrating to hunt with new hit box

    i feel that on some mobtypes all is good if your in line of vison or the mob facing you auto aim then works if you strafe lets say 20° or more and suddenly i can tag the mob