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  1. Bolivar

    Buying: King Kong Map Fragment: Legend

    Still looking...
  2. Bolivar

    Question: Which mob drops Piron PBR-47 (L) ?

    I was wondering if entropiawiki was accurate. Can Piron PBR-47 (L) only be looted from Oweko Prowler, or are the other mobs (maybe on Calypso)?
  3. Bolivar

    Question: How much Nutrio Bar for a new pet to level 7

    Any know (or can guess) how much Nutrio Bar is needed to get a new pet from level 0 to level 7?
  4. Bolivar

    Buying: Dhampyre Pet

    Looking to buy a Dhampyre Pet...
  5. Bolivar

    Buying: King Kong Map Fragment: Legend

    Anyone? :)
  6. Bolivar

    Buying: King Kong Map Fragment: Legend

    Anyone got a King Kong Map Fragment: Legend they want to sell?
  7. Bolivar

    Buying: Apartment on Calypso

    Looking to buy an apartment on Calypso, the cheaper the better :)
  8. Bolivar

    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Dante

  9. Bolivar

    Question: How far in until you give up a hunt?

    When out of ammo ;)
  10. Bolivar

    Question: How long does a deposit bank-transfer take?

    How long does a deposit thru bank transfer take? (Within Europe, IBAN to IBAN).
  11. Bolivar

    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Dante

    Want to buy Fi/Ra/Co Dante for a nice price ;-) PM offer
  12. Bolivar

    Question: Is Gremlin Blue or Purple?

    Definitely Blurple
  13. Bolivar

    20 Years of Entropia Universe!

    Time flies :)
  14. Bolivar

    FYI: Victory Society Recruiting

    Can I join?
  15. Bolivar

    Buying: Gremlin Gloves (M)

  16. Bolivar

    Buying: Gremlin Gloves (M)

    Looking to buy Gremlin Gloves (M)
  17. Bolivar

    Skill Scanner

    I got it to work also, restarted Windows, and then followed the instructions. I do need to press print-screen a couple of times sometimes for it to work though. But max 4 tries, so just fine :)
  18. Bolivar

    The Ambuliped New Edition @ OLA 17 The Salty Flats

    Thanks! I already had 3 globals after registering. Do they count? ;)
  19. Bolivar

    The Ambuliped New Edition @ OLA 17 The Salty Flats

    Add Could you please add: TrisBruce Bolivar diGriz Thanks
  20. Bolivar

    Space ... the final bugs...

    Who is this Gorden? Something definitely dangerous around his Belt area :laugh:
  21. Bolivar

    How many missions did you complete?

    Holy cow, I thought my 309 was alot :laugh:
  22. Bolivar

    Marcimex Location(s)?

    Where can I find Marcimex?