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  1. humanwoman

    Questions & Answers with David Dobson!

    Arkadia is older than 8 months, so we can safely assume numbers had been falling before that?
  2. humanwoman

    Playing Entropia Universe with the Oculus Rift

    But it's not in 3D, is it? 3D would require interaction with the game engine to simultaneously generate two slightly different images from two ingame cameras.
  3. humanwoman

    Why Mindark going bankrupt would be great for EU ...

    MA doesn't need to go bankrupt, MA needs a (less greedy) competitor that will keep them on their toes... and hopefully the day will come...
  4. humanwoman

    Question: Am I stupid for not cheating?

    Name me one lvl 100+ player who got there without cheating. On anything. Ever. Playing fair is not FTW, it's for sitting behind those who took the risk and didn't get caught and for being milked by them.
  5. humanwoman

    Pirate Exploit Exposed (video)

    There is one proven to work in the past method to make MA to fix a bug / exploit: Explain to everyone on this forum how to do that exactly, so anyone can do it. It quickly gets annoying and boom! you have a patch. Also helps those poor fellas MA use to program stuff to understand how to fix...
  6. humanwoman

    State of the Universe Address 2013

    Ya think? :)
  7. humanwoman

    State of the Universe Address 2013

    Mining in Space already exists and has been there since the beginning on Space. You can mine only Lyst and Oil but still... do you MA even know what's going on inside your game?
  8. humanwoman

    Bugs and design flaws in space or impacting gaming in space

    What a boring thread... How about these: 1. Walking in Space (between planets or whatever) 2. Using TP chips in Space 3. Mining in Space 4. Naked Opalo (or whatever) hunts on Space mobs with zero damage 5. Leaving objects in Space 6. Building roads in Space and running on them (much...
  9. humanwoman

    To the moon and beyond

    Hm, name me one successful thriving planet partner... Calypso is still the profit king and always will be if you ask me. Not sure what you have on your list but I'm pretty sure what you haven't: your economy including resources and items' stats will be 100% controlled by MA and playing on the...
  10. humanwoman

    Feeling strange

    so true, lolled at that one, +rep
  11. humanwoman

    The Hub

    Can you actually make profit ped-wise at that hub arena? Or your rewards are tokens that can only buy you more pvp equipment that can not be sold to tt/auction?
  12. humanwoman

    oceanic 2.0 : mapping software for mining & hunting

    Cyrene and Space update (02.05.2012): Cyrene update: - New planet Cyrene has been added to Oceanic, including the map with all available TPs, Revivals and revival zones. Space update: - Space map has been updated to include Cyrene. Locations for new FOMA/CP/Caly space stations haven't been...
  13. humanwoman

    What ever happened to the planet "partner" vision?

    Well, if you ask me, I'd say only economy matters on that list. Ofc there will be people (especially forum frequenters) saying that great friends they made in game keep them logging in, but the truth is (my version of it ofc, the right one :)) - if there will be no way to withdraw money from...
  14. humanwoman

    Server Downtime for Release

    Yeah, and it's gonna be 2am in Sydney... hi Cyrene, bye Cyrene
  15. humanwoman

    What ever happened to the planet "partner" vision?

    Isn't that a catch 22? On one side you want planets to compete with each other, on the other side you are making sure they all offer the same reward for the same effort. In what area are PPs going to compete then? The way they paint and name 3D models? Apart from having different eye-candies...
  16. humanwoman

    oceanic 2.0 : mapping software for mining & hunting

    General update (30.04.2012): Calypso update: - New contributions were added to the main package: teleporters across Amethera and Eudoria have been revised, also added preview images for various TPs. All TP and LA info for Amethera has been merged into one file.
  17. humanwoman

    Why Space is PVP (IMHO)

    All this argument is about protectionism being good or bad for the universe ecomony. MA apparently thinks it's good, I think we will see in a short while if the planets are able to attract a substantial number of their own depositors. I'd say they failed so far...
  18. humanwoman

    FYI: Warp to Cyrene once in a lifetime offer

    Not that I have something against the idea, but: - with the opening of Cyrene the space will be redesigned, you don't even know how long/difficult it will be to travel from Caly to Cyr, and you have no idea what the new space will be. - why do you think there will be a lot of people wanting...
  19. humanwoman

    oceanic 2.0 : mapping software for mining & hunting

    Normally all mobs and resources are auto-sorted alphabetically, I need to see your file to tell you why it's not working. If you contact us via email listed at the bottom of the main web site page and attach the file, I'll take a look at what might be causing this problem.
  20. humanwoman

    Become an Emissary for Entropia Universe

    2.5 you sponsored this campaign thru CLDs (..and since you were "smart" enough to do it, why not to go a bit further and do 3...)
  21. humanwoman

    oceanic 2.0 : mapping software for mining & hunting

    ---- deleted as outdated ----
  22. humanwoman

    oceanic 2.0 : mapping software for mining & hunting

    Yes, as I remember Caly ores have "stone" in their name and Arkadia ones have "stones", so there might be a confusion because of that. Oceanic follows this official naming though, Arkadia mineral distribution data should have been fixed by now, so all ores are listed below Ores and enmatters...
  23. humanwoman

    No revive in Space... again

    It doesn't happen to everyone everytime, otherwise this bug would be probably considered as important and fixed, it might randomly happen any time you land - you just lose 2 ped and stay in space or dc. If it happens, file a support case, I don't know how many cases is enough for MA to start...
  24. humanwoman

    No revive in Space... again

    Landing on Calypso from space still doesn't work, taking fee is working perfectly though, just lost 2 ped trying to land.
  25. humanwoman

    Help: Stuck on Privateer

    It's been more than 48 hours, nothing has been fixed so far, at least for those who stuck in Space, not in a privateer, no one has even tried to fix anything... all staff is enjoying the weekend. Who said you must have 24/7 support if you are running an online game? Nuh, it's not how we work...