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  1. Mayday

    Info: Space Mob Locations

    Any info on cost to kill?
  2. Mayday

    Happy Birthday Taco!!!!

    Happy B-day Taco0000:yay:
  3. Mayday

    Help: Just run repair,and all files are missing

    Mega was right,i already had some software,and got the pics back,now,reinstall everything...luckely,main drive is a ssd
  4. Mayday

    Help: Just run repair,and all files are missing

    What a BS,hundreds of GB data lost because i tryed to see entropia again....u cant imagine how i feel right now
  5. Mayday

    Help: Just run repair,and all files are missing

    Hello there, After a long break i wanted to see whats new in here, so i downloaded the game and run repair in the control panel so it deletes unnessesary files, but it deleted my whole hdd-with all the pictures and everything,only few folders left and some scrap,not a single picture from 50 GB...
  6. Mayday

    Do you like Mining System changes ??

    I am curently on a break,but this is definetly good news for me...i just might come back again:)
  7. Mayday

    Where the ¤#% is my HOF mining LOG!!!

    Wish u all the best m8:yay:
  8. Mayday

    Smilgs hunting log

    I would love to see u stream your hunts:)
  9. Mayday

    I am an idiot...

    shoot happens:dunce:
  10. Mayday


  11. Mayday

    Any ETA?

    The went all home,they will continue work tomorrow.
  12. Mayday

    Uber: Brand new Angel Arms

  13. Mayday

    Anyone have any info on the new weapons

    This is the best thing that happened ingame since the modfap.I always hated it to throw 30 usd to something that has to be tted later.So,now ill see ammo spend,and its easier to calculate return... AND MA, PLS MAKE A DECENT DROPRATE;IF IT STILL COSTS 30 USD,THEN f... IT!!!
  14. Mayday

    Modified Isis LR32 Unlimited

    2 hunts,you gotta be kidding me:laugh:
  15. Mayday


    :eyecrazy::eyecrazy::eyecrazy::eyecrazy::eyecrazy: That are all unheard things-who would have known that untill they posted it:scratch2: Have u ever played your game at that "efficient" level?:dunce:
  16. Mayday

    Great Master.

  17. Mayday

    Help: Looking for Mercenaries! (Free Skills & Travel Provided)

    I changed my mind and im already on my way to rocktropia,where do this hunts happen?
  18. Mayday

    Help: Looking for Mercenaries! (Free Skills & Travel Provided)

    I would come,but the time doesnt fit me that much...ill add u from fl anyway...
  19. Mayday


    TT return or TT+MU?
  20. Mayday

    Correct weapon for Quad hunting space mobs?

    There goes Rick shooting 1k ped ammo into the ground,hehhehehe
  21. Mayday


    Efficiency is the new word for Dynamic:laugh:
  22. Mayday


  23. Mayday

    Selling: m2875 tier 5.2

    its sold:beerchug: i logged as soon as i saw the thread,and still missed it...
  24. Mayday

    Why an useless "lootable object" hof and no rare item hof?

    I dont need names,ill be happy with itam list,without the looter...