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    Who's responsible for my losses?

    You're above 90% so you should be happy :)
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    Another happy hour - bugs or intentional?

    You know those rare loots that people have been hunting for months or years for? Let them drop all at once to one player within minutes! This is screwed up. But do you know the bigger problem? This has been a problem for years! I guess that's why I just got this email. Entropia Universe...
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    News: UPDATE: CDF Robot Invasion

    What is the event? When is the next round? I've been playing a long time and this event seems like a mystery
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    News: Halloween Mayhem is Extended Until Thursday, November 10th

    Did anyone get rare tokens from hunting loots?
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    Finished Redulite ! Without a single HOF !

    How many hours did it take to finish redulite? just curious...GL
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    Arkadia developer discussion tonight!

    That's interesting!
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    New Egg!!

    I bid 3 Stanley nickels.
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    News: Mini Mayhem - Crystal Palace

    fyi it's not that crowded for me in dome 1. Just shooting away without issues. A few accidental shots to other people's mobs but that's it. It's also shared loot.
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    I became a little less noobie today

    Nice work!!! Keep it up!
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    Suggestion: Sick of bots

    MA doesn't care.
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    Suggestion: Sick of bots

    Phasm is shared loot. South of Segna tp. It's obvious who's botting. When you kill the nearby phasm you can watch them run hundreds of meters to shoot a tiny Caudatergus with their unl high efficiency weapon. They will also shoot every mob you are shooting at even if you ask them to stop. They...
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    Info: Gift List

    Cyrene has gifts fyi a few treat bags and Holiday campfire.
  13. cyrene.jpg


    Christmas gifts
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    P20 Uber

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    Avaversary! 19years!

    gz dude!
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    Buying: Omegaton A106

    Hello Bump!
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    Buying: Omegaton A106

    bump it up
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    Buying: Omegaton A106

    PM me your price. Thanks!
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    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem, Adjusted

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    Market manipulation, how ?

    I think MA wants the price of enhancers to go up, while at the same time not allowing a few miners target high mu mats and withdraw on a regular basis.
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    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem, Adjusted

    bump it up
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    FYI: Hego's hunting tracker with noob skills and 2.0 gun

    LR-40 FEN T7 is not a noob gun right? GL with the hunts!
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    Entropia Universe 17.11.0 Release Notes

    Yes i want to disable loot in chat but then i lose waypoints when I die or hit P
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    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem, Adjusted

    bump bump :)
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    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem, Adjusted

    good morning