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  1. Dab

    5k and the unbalanced luck

    Easily solved by making it so any item used in an event instance cannot be used by any other avatar until the event is over. Easily solved.
  2. Dab

    Merry Mayhem Annihilation Bug

    Your still here, giving them money. Who's stupid?
  3. Dab

    Red Ped Bank Not allowed. ? "Therefore, any loan services offered outside the approved bank system will be considered by MindArk as scam attempts and the avatar offering such services risk a...
  4. Dab

    Halloween Mayhem 2019

    You seemed surprised by MA's incompetence yet you've been around forever. That ^^^ wasn't your only previous forum account either.
  5. Dab

    Products in PE

    They fail because of the tiny player population. They realize there is no point in wasting time trying to advertise to so few people and give up.
  6. Dab

    Dev Notes #20 - Mission System

    Hey Guys. Summer intern here. Unfortunately, I wasn't given any directive to implement any transfer of accumulated mission points from the old system to the new system. At any rate, I wasn't given access to the player database anyway. I doubt they have anyone left who can accomplish it. This...
  7. Dab

    Reputation really is everything

    Looks like a forum alt too.
  8. Dab

    What happened to it is the fault of your own?

    Did the crazy representative really reflect the window? The ignorant agreement can't appreciate the opportunity. The null duty can't count the economics. Is the kneel act better than the reward? It was then the dutiful manner met the mighty issue.
  9. Dab

    Can You Name a Country

    You understand they didn't show the adults like me who could name all the countries? They cherry pick to get the results they want. It's called editing. Surely you're not this gullible?
  10. Meme


  11. Dab

    Account lock (march 15th!)

    "I was dum and downloaded attached the client to memory reader/editor out of curiosity ( i program for hobby ) to view some stuff, it crashed almost instantly after this process "a click", and my account seemed to be auto-locked a few minutes later." This is the part that's an obvious lie -...
  12. Dab

    Is the new camera system really like other games?

    Click on the links and read. Last word was late 2017. The only people who were "using" the fantastic app were MA and the developer of it. Also a link on that page to 'Visit the President of Virtual Reality' - another debacle. That idiocy was so pathetic it actually went full circle and made...
  13. Dab

    Is the new camera system really like other games?

    Business VR failed a long time ago. It was the same company as Compet. Next you'll be worried that it has something to do with MA's partenership with NASA. And yes, you pay for everything MA does - they only have one source of income. You've been gone for a while so you missed the "Business...
  14. Dab

    I did not log in today because...

    I didn't log in yesterday because I don't work on Sundays.
  15. Dab

    Who is Zendeck Support ?

    Maybe all you arrogant pricks should direct some of your criticism to the person who started this thread without researching:
  16. Dab


    Gambling addiciton.
  17. Dab

    Info: Crystal Palace 2018

    Spacejanitor would never have come up with the money anyway. MA saved you some angst by not allowing the deal without more info from the buyer. Most likely the "policy" was put in place after the debacle that became FOMA.
  18. Dab

    Help wanted!

    Wouldn't it be better to ask the owner of the land area to provide the many screenshts they've taken of their land over the years?
  19. Dab

    Strongbox announcement

    If it follows the laws passed in the Netherlands, the value the company places on the loot is not important (TT value). The market value is what is considered. MA is even more culpable since you can cash out via the company and not through unaffiliated markets.
  20. Dab

    Support isn't giving me items I lent to now inactive players

    Those players paid you for the items via Paypal. They have screen shots and everything. Why are you trying to get MA ssupport to steal them back for you?
  21. Dab

    Deeptoken Announcement

    FEN is the year-end cash grab this year.
  22. Dab

    Uncle Sam wants you — to play video games for the US Army

    The Jehovah's Witnesses are going to be interested in this. No more knocking on doors when their team can reach gamers directly in chat. Oh, and the Green Party. The NRA too.
  23. Dab

    ComPet Announcement

    What about all the people who spent money on Compets but don't even, play EU?