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    Suggestion: Allow for duplicate name changes

    I have the same name 3 times because I didn't know why why why either. ^^ But I didn't care very quickly. Names are sound and smoke
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    How do you think Entropia will end?

    when it's over, it's over. whether it's quick, foreseeable or whatever doesn't matter. then i'll just do something else. i've already experienced the end of some games.
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    Question: Should botting/ automated hunting be allowed?

    Everyone should play an acc by themselves, no botting, no siting or whatever else there is. i just hate that. but unfortunately in every online game there are people like that who don't get enough or don't have a life outside their pc room. actually they are extremely to be pitied.
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    Tell your story and have the chance to win a thermos!

    Shit, I don't have any social media channels. :tiphat:
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    Actual update Virus-Warning

    I did not receive any message and the installation went without a hitch. I only use Defender.
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    Question: What should MA do about loot waves?

    After almost 6 years of playing, I know nothing about loot waves. :D I don't know how, where and why and I'm not really interested.:naughty:
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    Is no loot back ?

    I got that message, too. I wrote to support and got a few ped as compensation.
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    Is no loot back ?

    I recently had the same problem, wrote to support, told them my mob and position, date and time and got a few ped compensation.
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    Social Comparison and Defining Success.

    I know what I can do, I know what I can't do, I don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore. I leave the comparing of tails to others and sit back and relax. everything I do and how I do it, I do it because I want to and not because I have to. when i reached this point years ago, my life...
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    Question: How's TWEN going for you?

    I play as I always do with a small purse for small mobs. I expect nothing and get nothing^^. 1 Unreal Token so far. But that doesn't matter, who invests a lot should also get a lot.
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    Suggestion: Loot windows

    How about for a prey window for a prey window, embedded in a prey window?
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    Question: What was your biggest hunting global you got when you were a noob or relatively new.

    416 ped Kerberos 2016. Haven't had anything major since.
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    Entropia Universe 17.19.0 Release Notes

    The loot animation has received a graphic update. That's super important. I was at the Jason Centre earlier. Mobs are stuck in trees or can't walk across imaginary borders. They are constantly reset. I couldn't fly in one direction, kept landing at the TB. And thanks that there are now also the...
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    Question: How much do you need to grind to get an Unreal token?

    I got one from Faucervix today. I make them as a break filler and have shot about 3700 since November. What can I do with it? I haven't looked into it yet, as I didn't think I'd get anything like it. :)
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    Suggestion: The NR1 thing that makes ppl not deposit, or deposit less...

    I've set myself a limit per month on how much money i'll put into the game. i don't go over that. it's a small amount that doesn't hurt me. what i've spent in about 6 years of playing, others invest in a single run in the game. :)
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    how does it work?

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    how does it work?

    i don't want to do that. i was just surprised and wanted to know how it works. when i look at a certain mob in entropia life, there is always a certain user with several global. seems to be worthwhile for him.
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    how does it work?

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    how does it work?

    Are there any items that increase the chance of getting a global? i saw a user who got 10 globals in 10 minutes. only very small ones, but it doesn't matter. another user probably gets 10 or more per day when he plays. also small ones, but it doesn't matter. i know the more you hunt, the higher...
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    Is direct trading dead?

    As recently as November and December 2022, Muscl Oil and Eye Oil could be sold for 104% and 102% respectively in direct trading. Since January it has only been 100.6 - 100.1%. Direct trading is dead for me.
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    Is direct trading dead?

    Before my 3.5 year break, direct trading of low lvl resources was also good. Now trade is almost dead. There are only very few resellers left with whom I trade. But they are not always there. I ignore dealers who offer 100,1 or 100%. Then I prefer to throw the stuff into the tt. I already don't...
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    swap Nemesis Helmet (F) for Nemesis Helmet (M)

    Thanks again Legends for the fair exchange
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    swap Nemesis Helmet (F) for Nemesis Helmet (M)

    That's where I sleep. It would be the middle of the night for us ^^ I'm usually online between 12 and 1 pm and then again between 8 and 10 pm Central European Time. Maybe that fits somehow.
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    swap Nemesis Helmet (F) for Nemesis Helmet (M)

    Hi Legends. I would be happy if it would be possible to exchange it.
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    swap Nemesis Helmet (F) for Nemesis Helmet (M)

    I was pleased to be able to loot the Nemesis helmet today. Then I see that it's an F. I'm looking for an M. Would love to swap.