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  1. Robotek

    wave to single persons!

    wrong forum completly...lololololol nah, digital void... thats what it is:)
  2. Robotek

    wave to single persons!

    sniff sniff:)) or too little letters:):shots::smoke::beerchug: be good & free! Robo
  3. Robotek

    To punish or not to punish exploiters

    Exactly! :mad: Sick and tired of the cheaters, botters and what not... And the response from MA for not going to punish them is sickening also. Im thinking to slowly extract myself from this universe. Its beyond repair Im affraid. I dont play It much anyways. Cheers! Robo
  4. Robotek

    Are my old mining maps relevant?

    Lyst was 110%+ not long ago and this is compared to my times 7-9% Maybe mining aint so bad afterall..? Will change. Its Cheers, Robo
  5. Robotek

    More latency and "failed" since last VU ?

    Conviniently they blame the pandemic and the broader use of internet for the lag... just like politicians that make up all sorts of regulations and "new" ways of calming/frightening/controlling the public. But we all know that these spikes were here since last year. And yeah, Its getting...
  6. Robotek

    Auction fraud, entrapment, manipulation attempts

    No It was some other fella, he was quite rude here on forums, laughing in our faces, cant remember his name thou, and I am sure he was using multiple avatars just for auction manipulation etc. And yeah, so did I, with CLD profit (when sold) I was able to repay a loan to my dear friend Cozzmo...
  7. Robotek

    Cutting tree, over Weight !!

    Incalculate the transport fees or equipment investments into markup when you are selling this rotten Good luck and TT is our friend, he don`t want to drink with you and you can get electrocuted if u spill beer on Good job cutting them trees thou... Got a tool myself and...
  8. Robotek

    Auction fraud, entrapment, manipulation attempts

    LOL, lemme guess, was he from Holland? Anyways, I would also like these traps abolished somehow... never was a vitcim of this. :smoke::beerchug::smoke:;) And exactly bc youre a victim If you fall for this "visual" traps, MA must do something about It, they dont want everyone to be a potential...
  9. Robotek

    MindArk's Statement Regarding Unauthorized Use of Official Items

    Hi again, this and btw Mega, can I someday borrow this for my forum signature...?! Cheers, :smoke::beerchug:
  10. Robotek

    MindArk's Statement Regarding Unauthorized Use of Official Items

    Hi, because there were many more support cases than now or before the in-game support system. Cheers, Robo:beerchug: ps: that is my guess...;)
  11. Robotek


    And not a word from MA regarding lag, or did I miss It? Its practically unplayable, and If you take into consideration that It costs "the participants" additional money Its fu***ng unacceptable.:mad: And this is going on for how long.. month(s) Maybe not enough support tickets were sent? I for...
  12. Robotek

    cant upload .jpg to gallery

    thanks, will try, or maybe the buzz will fade by then...:beerchug:
  13. Robotek

    cant upload .jpg to gallery

    Why? Is It me? might its a 4Mb big frikkin .jpg...
  14. Robotek

    Info: Highest known Intelligence in Entropia

    lol... cheers! Looks dedicated. Robo
  15. Robotek

    Question: What’s happenned to Deathifier?

    Hi! This news was still going on in 2005... now I see It started in 2002. And that`s why I created an account in On the subject of Deathifier, I think he is a decent fella, exchanged some emails with him back in the days. I was a regular visitor on his lands. I wish this shit didn`t...
  16. Robotek

    FYI: Planet Calypso forum Data Breach
  17. Robotek

    Achievement: Commando

    After 14 yrs+ a nice milestone for me:) Cheers! Robo:headbang:
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  19. Robotek

    Help: Not getting Green Launch Button to login

    Hi, I think there are some server issues at MA lately. Had a major freezes yesterday, could not log off, shooting stopped but mobs kept on hitting me etc. Had to use alt+F4 to quit. Cheers, Robo
  20. Robotek

    Server Error in '/' Application.

    Hmm, have you tried a different browser, I use firefox and I can log in webpage... but the client is not working for me. For a second I thought there may be some compatibilty issues with new radeon 2020 drivers, since that is the only thing that changed on my computer since the error began...
  21. Robotek

    Server Error in '/' Application.

    Hi Slupor! You gotta log in and you got on upper right corner the settings button.. then on left there is "help center". Cheers, Robo
  22. Robotek

    Server Error in '/' Application.

    Hi, got the same thing... username or password not correct blabla. Made a new api key and made several attempts to login, succeded once but then later the error repeated. I guess there are somekind of troubles on server side. Cheers, Robo
  23. Robotek

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :) Cheers Robo!
  24. Robotek

    Suggestion: Enable proper spawns for Iron missions

    Well, I agree that It could damage income on some LA`s. The owners will survive thou, MA should enable better/easier spawns for the "grace" period only. The markup is long time gone on most stackables, so dunno what u cryin about. Its about the mission counter that will get reset and the...
  25. Robotek

    Suggestion: Enable proper spawns for Iron missions

    What does It take to search for mobs? Time and some fuel. And a big brain challenge for some apparently.:D