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    I got 3 Globals doing the daily kill 50 challenge 65ped + payouts hitting the large group on the hill in 2023 last one 85ped payout
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    81100 74700 N Osere Low spawn of Young l9 to Dominant L15
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    65100 83200 Atrax Young to Old L11 high spawn confirmed
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    70519 72421 Atrax Old Alphas L23 medium spawn mixed with Trox Dominant L33 N of Jurra Plateau
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    76200 72200 E East Scylla Mountains Provider L12 to Old Aplha L23 good spawn for daily no higher maturities
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    36500 34700 (The Land of Oz) N Nate Valley has very few Atrax all Young L9 mixed with Fungoid & Neconu no high level Atrax
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    As of Febuary 2023 Ahh...The Atrax OLA #28 Atrax are good spawn but mostly Young L9 and a few L10 no stalkers
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    Mining strongboxes

    Hi all can you still get mining loot boxes from mining been mining a lot no boxes --- james
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    Good spawn there January 2022 From Level 7 mature to lv13 dominant Large spawn 100+ SW of The Megavolt Teleporter Also at 58219, 82284 is a good spawnof Mourner another hard to find daily mission creature From lv5 young to lv14 Dominant Good sized spawn South of The Megavolt Transporter
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    stuck on Space station Erbo

    hi all i was flying to next planet when computer booted over when i re booted i found myself tuck on station Erbos my craft i now zero structural integrity it wont let me fix it so stuck her any help offers please
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    I need help on zeus space station please

    stuck on station Erbos hi i m stuck on space station Erbos i got dumped out of my craft and found myself here cannot fly craft as it suddenly has zero structural integrity