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    Selling: Selling my gear, armor, fap, plates

    Its with a heavy heart, but ive made the decision to sell my hunting gear M83 Predator T10 (Sold) Angel SGA F T4-6 TT+16k ped (Sold) Harness T6 Thighs T6 Shins T5 Arms T5 Feet T4 Helmet T4 Gloves T4 3 x Improved 5B 4.8k ped (Sold) 4 x Adjusted 5B 2.4k ped Improved Gyro fap T2 TT+36k ped...
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    The Rental Service of Legends! Provided by Xanato Kaso and Co.

    I went from a very satisfied customer, and went on and joined Xanato's rental service to make my gear available for rental too