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    Internet Security Advice Needed :)

    I'm using Avast and it doesn't seem to slow things down, it has a gaming mode so when your full screen it doesn't update and kick you out.
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    Returning to Project Entropia/Entropia Universe

    Welcome back Goose :yay: i think you'll find things look a lot nicer...i keep logging in just because i like how it looks but i'm not seriously back in yet...:rolleyes:
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    Info: Server up again? Stuck at authorizing!

    yep same here :( wonder if it's the volcanic dust :scratch2:
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    Tax man reloaded

    Gratz from me too mate...the hard work paid off :yay: Also well done to zal for a very strong effort keeping tekkie working to the very end :cool:
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    Did you get your free BAGMAN pistol or rifle?

    Nice one Bagman and Bullet, it's good to see a thread like this rather than about scammers, cheats and name callers. Hope you have a santa outfit for xmas
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    Selling: Master Coat

    Bump for my mates coat....even though i think it's too good to sell :confused: My God that was TERRIBLE :laugh: ....even worse than my humour :rolleyes:
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    ATH: cK Shadows welcomes Syri, Doc & John

    :yay:HUGE GRATZ guys and welcome to the society :yay::yay::yay:
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    Selling: 6 Peice Tiger M

    Wish i had the money for this excellent armour...Society Bump:)
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    It seems most if not all game developers go over expected completion date, as Immortal pointed out just look at Half Life 2, they found it so difficult to keep up they now make the follow up episodes shorter (not so good in my opinion). We have to be patient and have the job done propperly than...
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    Fixing the refiners look

    A YES from me but i'd really like them back as they were or one does all as someone already said Make the colours real bold so you can tell what they are at a glance
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    Do aliens exist ?

    With all the hi-tech hi-resolution cameras etc it's amazing how all we get is shakey fuzzy pictures or obvious fakes :confused: The reason is aliens are very inteligent and like to take the piss....they always pick the person with the crapest camera, most dirty lense and held by someone with...
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    don't know if you've seen this...

    don't know if you've seen this
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    cK Shadows Looking for members

    Welcome back Bonez:D
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    How many globals before I hof???

    No...really....erm....163 there you go and i worked it out scientifically (i spun my calculator pressed a number without looking 3 times)
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    How many globals before I hof???

    It's about time i added my guess, so as you're a mate and i have confidence that you'll soon be there how does 1254 sound :D
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    Free Gold Card Offer

    Well done and about time I bought a gold card about 2 years ago and it gave me peace of mind and i thought it was well worth it. I think this free offer makes perfect sense and i say well done to MA. may have a very close friend you have known for a long time maybe even in real...
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    PhysX Card - The affects

    Nice work, i've been wondering what difference a physics card made but never got round to buying one...don't think i'll be bothering seeing they're being phased out (something i didn't know).
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    Who will win land grab?

    Well said mate This is the way it should be viewed ENTERTAINMENT!! How much cost do you put on having a laugh with your mates? Not everything is about peds (i was on from 17.00 to 02.30 and lost about 350ped ...not counting the skills i gained...i can loose more in a 2 hour hunt sometimes) and...
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    The Battle for Power [February] - Become Landowner by playing!

    Gratz SuperKanjo, knights and council members :yay: Thanks to Qetesh and Oleg I hope to be at the claim tonight
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    Land Grab 2008 Winners - First Event

    Big Gratz to cK and other new land owners :yay: I really enjoyed taking part...even though half the time i didn't know who was the enemy :ahh: (think i need more practice)
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    The Battle for Power [February] - Become Landowner by playing!

    5. 118ped 6. 106ped
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