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  1. Meculus

    Entropia Life Updates 2019

    Hello Everyone! We've gone through a period of dormancy here on development and we aim to correct a lot of issues this year. We thoroughly appreciate the community workarounds, and are looking to improve EntropiaLife's ease of use and accessibility. In an effort to keep this hyper specific to...
  2. Meculus

    Buying: Land Areas

    I'm curious as to what lands may be up for sale at any given time. If you own a land area, and are interested in selling, please shoot me a PM with which LA you own and what your asking price is. I'm only interested in speaking with the owners directly. Cheers
  3. Meculus

    Achievement: 30,000 Promoter Rating

    BIG thanks to my team and everyone whose ever joined one of my events for helping me to achieve my 30K Promoter!!!!
  4. Meculus

    Buying: Hanger

    I'm interested in buying a hanger for BIG events, anyone with a deed laying around that would be interested in offloading please let me know. Cheers
  5. Meculus

    Selling: Foeripper/Shadow/Calytrek10

    Post or PM serious offers if interested Foeripper Tier 4.9 Full Male Shadow UL Harness, arms and thigh 1.9 feet 1.8 shins and gloves 1.5 helmet 1.4 calytrek cr spirit mkII TEN Tier 5
  6. Meculus

    50K PED Summer Showdown - BIG Industries

    Concept: Hunt Solo or in a Team for your share of 50,000 PED through June and July! Over 20 Land areas on two planets to travel and decimate local wildlife populations, oh joy! Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 solo hunters and the top 10 teams, you can compete in both categories separately...
  7. Meculus

    BIG Video Competiton 2016

    So... something BIG is coming again, and BIG Industries would like to see some of you who are talented in video development have the opportunity to shine :D BIG Industries will be offering a 2,000 PED contract to create a promotional video for our next BIG event. So here's the deal: Create a...
  8. Meculus

    LA Global Viewer Update

    In order to better service everyone that uses we have hired some extra help! Given the fact that EntropiaLife is designed to be completely free for the typical user, we need to make a few adjustments with regard to how those that use to profit contribute...
  9. Meculus

    Selling: calytrek cr spirit mkII TEN Tier 5

    40K SB/BO Post or PM if interested
  10. Meculus

    BIG Events & Programs

    With the ever growing events, support programs, lands and partnerships of BIG Industries, its about time we offer the community a single thread to keep you informed in a simple manner. See the appropriately labeled subgroups for all things BIG. Land Areas BIG Rewards Program Monthly Showdown...
  11. Meculus

    Selling: UL Angel Harness & Foot T2 (M)

    Post or PM offers
  12. Meculus

    BIG Rewards WoF Bonus!

    Concept: In an effort to compliment prizes from Planet Calypso for WoF primary and support teams, BIG Industries and some of our Partnered Land Areas would like to offer extra incentives for every single global that happens on our lands, should any MoBs on our lands be selected in future rounds...
  13. Meculus

    FYI: Rextelum Uber Party

    Okay, I'm convinced... I'll max maturity on Rextelum for the month of October, will bring em up and let em run down to a more manageable level as they're at now by halloween. Get your teams, hide your kids, hide your wife, because Rextelum Queens will be doing something to everyone out here....
  14. Meculus

    Buying: Hanger

    I was curious what hangers are going for these days, was thinking of making one into a party pad hehe, anyone selling shoot me a pm. Cheers
  15. Meculus

    FYI: Scaboreas Time

    We've just added two Scaboreas DNA to BIG OLA#7, time for the atrax to take a nap. I have set both DNA to max density and max maturity, I will allow maturity to dwindle down to old/provider most likely however I wanted to give people the chance to hunt a mob at a maturity level that very few...
  16. Meculus

    Global Meetup

    So a friend just posted a pic of quite a few players (including myself) meeting up in Las Vegas a few years back, and I'm getting nostalgic lol. So, lets do this again, on a large scale with a lot of planning and preparation... I'd like to arrange the most massive EU meetup in the decade+ that...
  17. Meculus

    Buying: Ambulimax DNA and Parts

    I've acquired the 2nd bone I was looking for, thanks everyone that went out and hunted to find me the parts I needed, Cheers!
  18. Meculus

    Selling: Ranked Scorpion T1

  19. Meculus

    Selling: eMine Male Tier 2/3

    SOLD Post or PM offers, includes cognac coat that matches perfectly. BO: 6K PED for armor + Coat
  20. Meculus

    Summer Jam 2014 | BIG Industries

    Time for our Annual Summer Party for all levels of players! Come on out to BIG Industries OLA42 (TP @ 290,587) on August 23rd starting at 19:00 MA time for games, races, treasure hunts and trivia. Win skill implants, weapons, tools and all sorts of prizes!!! Everyone is welcome, no entry...
  21. Meculus

    Selling: Lion Harness Male T2

    Tier 2 Lion Harness <--Click for stats tt+2200
  22. Meculus

    BIG Monthly Progressive

    Progressive prizepool builds every month based on ALL hunting and mining globals on 16 Lands over 2 planets!! Concept: Every global that occurs on any BIG Industries Land or BIG PLA will add .5 PED to the progressive prizepool. The current prize amount will be shown and growing in real time on...
  23. Meculus

    BIG Industries PLA Expansion

    You may have heard of the BIG Rewards program where you earn reward points redeemable for in game and real life prizes for all of your globals on BIG Industries lands. Maybe you've seen or participated in our regularly scheduled Overcharged weekly grinder events? Well... with the 9 land areas...
  24. Meculus

    EU Support at its Finest

    So I submitted a support case: Its very important that "the bernie" is added to the emote dance options, please put this at your highest of priorities thank you for understanding how thoroughly important this evolution to the entropia universe is...
  25. Meculus

    Mob Classification

    Hey folks, Since over the past few years planet partners have been throwing us curve balls with the name classes and maturity of different mobs. We have had to revise our methods in how mobs are classified. I will keep this thread updated in the 2nd post with mobs I'm currently unclear on. As...