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    Selling: 68550 cfd

    Selling: SOLD. Rate: 1000 CFD / 1 PED. Feel free to request in amounts of 1k or more. PM or write in this thread with offers.
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    Selling: Adjusted Guardian Face Guard (M)

    I am selling an Adjusted Guardian Face Guard (M) that I have been holding on to for something like 10 years (I'd have to look at the exact date). This is one of the few pieces of adjusted armor from way back in the day. As far as I can remember, there is only one male face guard. I have...
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    Selling: ESIs

    Selling the following size ESIs either as bulk or individually: SOLD Send offers in this thread or via PM. Thanks.
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    Buying: ESI > 70 PEDs

    I am looking to buy a couple of ESIs with a value greater than 70 PEDs. Send offers via PM or in this thread. Thank you!
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    Selling: Silk Line Temptation set

    Selling the following (ideally as a set, but if i get offers on both seperately, i may consider selling): Silk Line Temptation bra (F) Silk Line Temptation G-String (F) TT + 700
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    Selling: Full Nemesis (F) and Full Rascal (F)

    Taking offers on the following 2 sets of armors: Full Nemesis (F): TT is 234.56 SOLD Full Rascal (F): TT is 58.54 BO: TT+50 Feel free to send a PM or leave a message in this thread.
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    Help: VU 10.0 Issue : No sound

    Hi all, It seems to me like i'm the only one with this issue and can't figure out why. I basically have no sound at all ingame. The Client Loader options for sound are not checked (meaning sound should be enabled) and in the options menu ingame, i cranked up the sound for everything. Yes, my...
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    No more "No Loot" coming soon!

    Marco has posted the following: Isn't that good news!? I've learnt to hate those yellow messages!
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    North Space Base and Corinth Hangars under threat of robot incursion

    From ingame: Heading there now to see if there will be robots :) I'll try and keep adding the messages from ingame for those who can't be there. Edit: At 23:45: At 23:50: At 23:55: At 23:56 At 23:57: At 23:58: At 23:59: At 23:59:45 : The End:
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    FYI: Mindark's Q2 Financial Report available

    Just went on the Mindark website and noticed that the financial report for the second quarter was uploaded on september 10th. For those of you interested, here is the link: Although i'm not good at interpreting all that information, two things that i...
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    Avatar Info not displayed correctly to other players

    Hi everyone, I'm sure most people are aware that with VU 9.3, we are now able to display whichever name (firstname, lastname and/or nickname) to the public. So, a day or two ago, a socmate was wondering why i was still displaying my full entire name. I told him that I wasn't... On my screen...
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    Selling: Coloring and Color Matching Skills

    I have a nice chunk of coloring and color matching skills to sell and they are already on chips. I would like around market value for them. Coloring Skill : 15.16 TT chip SOLD Coloring Skill : 0.81 TT chip Color Matching : 10.42 TT chip SOLD Color Matching : 11.23 TT chip SOLD Color...
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    Tailoring BPs including 2 unique BPs, tailoring skills and coloring skills

    Hi everyone, BLUEPRINTS AND TAILORING SKILLS SOLD. Coloring skills still remain. I will accept anonymous offers, offers via PM, offers posted on this thread, offers ingame and everywhere else you can think of! Coloring skills have been chipped out. Coloring 15.97 TT in chips...
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    One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Avatar Kind: Entropia Universe Makes Stellar Graphics Upgrade

    For those who haven't read this, it is a two day old article on the Entropia Universe Graphics update. Here is a link to the Marketwire article: Enjoy.
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    BPC while tailoring?

    Hi everybody, I was just wondering, is it possible to unlock BPC through tailoring? If so, that means when tailoring, you gain skills in BPC? If not, do you think its worth getting BPC if tailoring is the only type of crafting i do? Thanks.
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    The lack of Thin Wool

    I am sure that i am not the only one who has noticed in the past month or two that Thin Wool has been very difficult to get. I was looking at all my tailoring blueprints last week and noticed that like 80% or 90% of all my tailoring blueprints above level 3 need wool thread... Why would MA make...
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    Team Loot Distribution: Equal Share?

    Hi everyone, I was setting up a team yesterday and i noticed that even after VU 8.8 MA did not put back the option for equal sharing. Can't remember the exact name it use to have, but stackable items were split 50/50. Right now, the current options are as follows: Damage: Item Share Damage...
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    PurePwnage - Do you like owning noobs?

    Hi all, A month ago, my brother showed me an interesting website about a gamer and his life. Well, it became a huge hit here in Canada and his whole PurePwnage team is really famous now. They finished their first season not too long ago, so i thought i would share the website with you guys...
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    Medium Harlequin Valance Blueprint (L)

    Hi all, I looted a Medium Harlequin Valance BP and noticed that it wasn't listed on PE-Wiki. So, i was wondering if someone could go put in this entry? I'm not sure how to edit or add things on PE-Wiki, maybe someone could even tell me how? Well, here is a picture of the BP: Thanks.
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    Hooters' look back in the past

    500,000 Registered Accounts: Back to the past! MindArk PE AB was delighted to announce on October 13th that the Entropia Universe had now passed the amazing milestone of 500,000 registered users. For those of us who have been in Entropia Universe for awhile, we have been able to see the...
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    A sad day in EU history

    Hello everybody, The time has come to inform everybody that the society named Boar Hunters (BH) is just about dead and should be disbanded shortly. I would just like to share with you all a little bit of information about this society and thank some people for the wonderful time I have had...
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    Calypsian Babies are invading!

    Hello everybody, I was running around HadesHeim C. last week because i was bored and found the local bar. Thought, i'd stop by to take a beer when i noticed something strange. Click to enlarge Ok, so maybe it wasn't a bar? Maybe it was the kindergarden cafeteria where all the local Calypsian...
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    Computer Geniuses: Please Help.

    Hi guys, This isn't a really big problem, but it has been getting on my nerves. Recently, i had a few problems with my computer and asked a guy to come check it out... So, at one point, he said everything is good to go, so i was happy. But, their were 2 icons i had never seen before left on my...
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    EBN News: Atrox egg is out there! EBN have just received the following picture from colonist Marcus Moody from somewhere deep in the outback. Just when we were starting to feel safe, our worst fears seem to have been realised as we see a group of delighted Feffoids...
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    Is this part of the new Ad System?

    Hello everybody, I was out searching for a tailoring machine in Hadesheim C and got lost. I walked around a lot until i came across this picture on the wall... Click to enlarge What do you make out of this picture? When i saw it, i thought of condoms... Am i thinking correctly or do you...