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  1. Nexuiz

    ATH: After many close calls.... 43k ATH!

    Well this is a long time coming, I've gotten close but this is my first ATH. I normally dont post but this is worthy I think. All pancreas oil. Thanks for looking.
  2. Nexuiz

    Uber: "Mandy & Nex" Uber Fresc

    Don't post much but this deserves it. My good friend and hunting partner Amanda Mandy Boo and I hit a nice fresc tonight, only this one has a twist. Without going into details, she was having some financial difficulties IRL and we were talking about it as she hunted with her last peds. After...
  3. Nexuiz

    Selling: Rutuba armor parts

    Male groin 157.00 tt @ 415% = 651.00 Ped On ingame auction Male groin 141.18 tt @ 415% = 585.00 Ped SOLD @ 421% Pm me here to arrange the sale, I can usually be found at Akmuul Island, thanks.
  4. Nexuiz

    Selling: UL Isis LR48

    Taking offers on my LR48. Stats here: Thanks for looking. :cool:
  5. Nexuiz

    Selling: Jaguar arm guards M

    Selling male Jaguar arm guards. +3500 or best offer. If you need these arms PM me and we'll make a deal. Thanks for looking.
  6. Nexuiz

    Selling: Isis LR 48 (UL)

    As the title says I'm selling my LR 48. Current tt is 6823.15. SB tt+8k BO tt+10k Auction will run for 7 days and will end on 10/27/09 @ 1:30 MA time or when buyout is met. Thanks for looking :) Stats here Start bid placed by Hijacker
  7. Nexuiz

    Uber: Atrox Old Alpha

    This trox found me while I was hunting ambu! :D Only reason I'm posting it is it's my first significant big trox loot.
  8. Nexuiz

    FYI: Look at this bug!

    DYM and myself were doing a TP run when I found this bug. Thing is it was only a bug for me, it all was normal for her.
  9. Nexuiz

    Price check: Isis Lr48

    Here's the gun and it's stats: Whats this thing worth? Thanks
  10. Nexuiz

    Uber: 30766 Hog - LR48 UL

    Man what a shock! WARNING PROFANITY! (sorry about the language, I was excited :D) With the gun's MU it's a silent ATH, as of now it's 1 ped short! lol I don't care! Hogglo FTW!!
  11. Nexuiz

    Help: Stuck on Authorizing (No connection loss)

    I am having some problems and I want to see if anyone knows what the cause may be. I was in game for a couple days and the game was working fairly well. I went to Nymphtown and as soon as I stepped out of the teleporter everything was black except for the teleporter and the service center, I...
  12. Nexuiz

    Achievement: Wounding

    Yay! Wounding! I'm sensing...Combat sense in my future....:laugh: (My very near future)
  13. Nexuiz

    Achievement: 60 to 70

    Well it has been 5 months and 11 days since I made this thread here Today was a good day! :cool: Now for 80.......
  14. Nexuiz

    Achievement: 60 Agility!

    Woot! 60 Agility!! :yay::yay:
  15. Nexuiz

    Uber: XXII Duru!!!

    All I can say is OMG!! lol! Meh likes rocks!! :yay::yay:
  16. Nexuiz

    Achievement: RDA Re-visited

    RDA for the second time! :yay::yay:
  17. Nexuiz

    Achievement: CGA Baby!!

    Yay CGA! lol
  18. Nexuiz

    HoF: XVI Niks!

    Just a little something i found....:cool:
  19. Nexuiz

    Achievement: Vigi Helmet

    Not really an achievement, but an achievement for me none the less. The first decent armor I've looted! From Exa Old Alpha lol
  20. Nexuiz

    HoF: XVI Cumbriz

    Just a little Atrax beach action!! Meh likes rocks! PYRATES RULE!!!! ARGH!
  21. Nexuiz

    HoF: XVIII My First!

    Couldn't sleep so I decided to buy an OA102 and I'm glad I did! Z20 finder + 102 oops not an ATH...I R Forum Nub!
  22. Nexuiz

    An Interesting article. Not sure if anyone has read this yet but an interesting article about Neverdie.
  23. Nexuiz

    8k Iron Ingot

    I have 8k iron for sale for 118%. Interested? Send me a PM. Thanks;)