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    Some of you may remember a moderator on here, JimmyB. Today I received sad news that he has passed away after a battling with a heart condition. JimmyB was always a gentleman in game and on this forum, a great person to know.
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    I just logged in...

    It had been a while. I took a look around. Entropia looks dead. This forum looks dead. There is no where near as much activity as there used to be. It looks like MA have failed. Is there any hope? Eps
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    Pricecheck: Foeripper, Shadow M and Mod fap

    Hello, Just wondering what the current market value for a Foeripper T3, Full Shadow M T0, and Mod fap T0 is? Thanks!
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    Selling: DOA Foeripper

    Considering selling a DOA Foeripper, tier 3.9. If you have an offer, please PM me. Regards. P.S. No I'm not selling out. Just reorganising.
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    Selling: Full Shadow Armour (M)

    Considering selling a full set of Shadow Armour (M), all parts Tier 0.9. If you have an offer, please PM me. Regards. P.S. No I'm not selling out. Just reorganising.
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    FYI: Spider LA issue - Takuta Plateau

    I thought I'd post here as I'm getting a lot of enquiries ingame. I cannot get the Spiders to spawn on the LA since the VU. I have tried the usual method of moving the sliders on the terminal, to various levels. Other BlackAngels HQ Land Areas are unaffected. I have filed a support case with...
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    AWESOME LandAreas... ZERO tax

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    LA16 - Falx Farm, what would you like the spawn to be?

    BlackAngels HQ presents LA16, Falx Farm! We want to know what YOU want! Entropedia mob information is here: Small Falx - Lowest HP, easy for teams and medium level hunters! Medium Falx - Medium HP, excellent team mob, most...
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    PC: Jaguar Feet (M) Unlimited

    Curious as to the current market price on these, as there haven't been many sold recently. Any opinions? If anyone is interested I'm selling a set here
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    Selling: Jaguar Feet (M) Unlimited

    Message me if you're interested.
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    Selling: Infiltrator Parts (M)

    Reworked Infiltrator Harness (M,L) 205.92 PED - 1400% offer Infiltrator Foot Guards (M,L) 123.92 PED Infiltrator Gloves (M,L) 141.02 PED - SOLD Infiltrator Helmet (M,L) 72.30 PED - SOLD Infiltrator Shin Guards (M,L) 147.07 PED - SOLD Infiltrator Thigh Guards (M,L) 112.14 PED - SOLD...
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    Buying: Infiltrator Arms M

    Buying Infiltrator Arms M, PM me with your price please.
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    PC: Infiltrator M Set

    Wondering what the current market price is on an Infiltrator M Set. Would be interested to hear your opinions.
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    Selling: Mayhem Harness (M)

    Considering selling Mayhem Harness M. I appreciate that there may be others for sale, send me your offer, if I like it, it's yours, if not, then I will let you know :). gl, Eps
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    Buying: Lr66 (l)

    Drop me a PM with your price please.
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    Buying: Infiltrator M set with or without feet

    Looking for an Infiltrator M set with or without feet. PM me.
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    Buying: Land Areas

    Considering to make purchase of an OLA or two. If you are interested in selling, please send me a PM detailing the Area, the price, and average tax figures. Regards, Eps
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    Selling: Ml-45

    Selling ML-45, not looking to drag out the sale, PM me with your offer, if it's reasonable, its yours. ;)
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    Buying: Imp Fap

    Paying PEDs, PM me.
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    Buying: Mod Fap

    Buying Mod Fap, paying PEDs.
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    Happy Birthday Muksy!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a good one bro ;)
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    Selling: Ml-45

    Selling ML-45
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    PriceCheck: ML45

    What's the going rate these days? I may sell mine if the price is right...
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    Selling: Adj Fap

    Selling Adj Fap, looking for quick sale, need to buy something IRL :D
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    Selling: Swine Dlx

    Selling Swine Dlx, PM me with your offer.