Question: Сyrilic(Azbuka) language suport in Entropia Unvierse


Mar 25, 2008
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Yuri "Brighteye" Orlov
This might be bit hard to explain..., not sure if someone will be able help me either.

When i see some russian speaking players writing in open chanel it shows just bunch of total nonsence symbols instead of azbuka. I installed russian keyboard also have cyrilic langugaes suport installed to windows... can write russian in notepad, browser etc, can read it there. But not in Entropia Universe.

It just shows bunch of "éíš(čřáĺŕ( " this like symbols when someones write. When i tried switch to russian keyboard and type some russian letters it just shows "?????????" instead of text.

As i do understand russian...(or atleast partialy), so i would apreciate if i could atleast read what russian speaking players write. My Ava has russian name i never know if they are talking to me. Sometimes they are nice enough that they switch to latin and writing (english pronounced) russian that way.
Worse it is on soc. terminal(e.g. was searching for Berkut Squad description) where again bunch nonsence symbols appears.

Any ideas ? Perhaps im still missing something.
Somehow i dont feel to bother Entropia Universe support all the time.:)


p.s. my system is Windows XP proffesional, SP2. (czech user enviroment)
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I have also been trying to figure this out for a long time.

So ill tag along and see what wise words might pop up :)

Oh my, there's a solution.. ;-)

Assuming u have Windows XP Pro/Home, there's
a shortcut to a How-To (it works perfectly for me): :yay:

Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Advanced tab,
there select Russian language from drop-down list, and then
check, if appropriate encodings is already selected in other
list below (the same window), u may need insert a Windows CD.
Also check box on "Default user account settings", may help. :wtg:

P.S.: Languages tab let's u add Russian keyboard as well..
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@ Alcante Residus:
Indeed it worked for Entropia Universe. Things there were displayed properly.

Problem is..., it does create also a quite lot of mess for my system. Programs, program installers etc. are in partial czech, partial russian language. Sometimes one word its spelled in my language but has some azbuka in etc. messed menus and more. Or other aplications like FireFox and so keep crashing when trying run them. So i was forced revert back.

Anyway thanks for the hint, it is one of ways how solve problem for EU.

note: russian keyboard i have installed all the time. (but doesnt work in EU without that switch you mentioned above).