24 000 PED prize pool on Hardcore training program! HSL event on Takuta, Vermillion & Southshade

Output is 240% atm and all 3 LAs are dropping it. Just saying :D
I can be wrong here but i think falxangius is top3 best mob for outputs.
[Globals]: pierre Venom miami killed a creature (Araneatrox Young) with a value of 7129 PED at Takuta Plateau! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame!
Not sure if it's big enough, but just had a small HoF in Takuta
Current top 10:

9615 - Arnold Terminator Swarzzy - Takuta​

7129 - pierre Venom miami - Takuta​

5596 - Nanashana Nana Itsanai - Takuta
3 060 - Maya Askary Stark - Takuta
1503 - AI Opeyum Tr - Takuta
1445 - Lyubomir Gangy Nikolov - Takuta
1263 - Era Popi Popika - Takuta
1100 - Stefan Gadolini Chervenkov - Takuta
814 - Aiden Winterking White - Kingfisher Stalker
712 - Robot Bunker Three - Takuta
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I double-checked the top and added a missing 3060 HOF. Somehow the EL.com API does nto show it but it is present in the EL.com. Thank for pointing it out and please screenshot your HOFs on the event, just in case.
Thank you!

PS. Hidden avatars will not show up in the API so if you HOF and you know your avatar is hidden, do let us know on any channel you prefer, ideally HOF posted here.
Today the Hardcore society organized joint tactical exercise on Southshade and to celebrate a successful operation, we decided all taxes for the event LAs will been lowered as follows:

Southshade Valley - 1.99% - ( /wp [Calypso, 34276, 43246, 167, Southshade] ) - Kingfisher - closest TP: Zonnestraaltje /wp [Calypso, 36239, 44088, 163, Waypoint] - ID: 162
Vermillion Fields - 2.49% - ( /wp [Calypso, 35715, 46689, 101, Vermillion] ) - Falxangius - closest TP: Zonnestraaltje /wp [Calypso, 36239, 44088, 163, Waypoint]- ID: 159
Takuta Plateau -
2.99% - ( /wp [Calypso, 38737, 31715, 101, Takuta] ) - Araneatrox - closest TP: Sakura City: /wp [Calypso, 39672, 30222, 103, Waypoint]- ID: 158

@Bunk3r just got kicked out the TOP 10 - sorry man, you need to do better :D

[Globals]: Krystal Jan Oaki killed a creature (Araneatrox Young) with a value of 920 PED at Takuta Plateau! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame!
Sounds like a great event Evey!! :wtg:

Good Luck !

( Is only place I want to get that close to spiders ) :laugh:

Good news! After today's LG,Hardcore is still controlling Takuta, no surprise there :cool: so the event will not be interrupted on the best LA in game.
Keep fighting ;)
Current standings:

9615 PED - Arnold Terminator Swarzzy - Araneatrox - Takuta Plateau
7129 PED - pierre Venom miami - Araneatrox - Takuta Plateau
5596 PED - Nanashana Nana Itsanai - Araneatrox - Takuta Plateau
3060 PED - Maya Askary Stark - Araneatrox - Takuta Plateau
2085 PED - George Ace Skywalker - Araneatrox - Takuta Plateau
1 532 PED - Princess Nika Paun- Araneatrox - Takuta Plateau
1503 PED - AI Opeyum Tr - Araneatrox - Takuta Plateau
1445 PED - Lyubomir Gangy Nikolov - Araneatrox - Takuta Plateau
1263 PED - Era Popi Popika - Araneatrox - Takuta Plateau
1100 PED - Stefan Gadolini Chervenkov - Araneatrox - Takuta Plateau

Reminder, if you get a HOF and your avatar is hidden in EntropiaLife, it will not show in the API call (but will show if we check manually) so please make sure you make a screenshot too. We will check manually at the end of the event to make sure we have everyone's HOF registered.
Thank you!

Good luck!
Only 1101 ped hof to get a placement! dont miss out :D
You need to send a cleaning crew to vermillion to get rid of all the little pesky critters such as bristlehogs.
You need to send a cleaning crew to vermillion to get rid of all the little pesky critters such as bristlehogs.
The little critters are harmless and they are good friends with the Falxangius and we don't wanna get those mad :D :D
Actually, as good a place as any to rank up Trilomite codex :)
Output is 240%+ and can be looted on all 3 LAs.
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Is this the calm before the storm? No changes to the standings ;)
Good way to make some cash for bankroll for the upcoming Mayhem ;)
Placement positions still very much obtainable!