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Jan 20, 2009
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Hello everyone!

Since MM wasn't working a few days ago I decided at the time to get off Calypso and get myself every pet there is :)
I had already made 1 of each pets that were made available on Calypso (Bristlehog, Combibo, Cornundacauda) so I decided to start with the most desired one: the Panther.

- site:http://rocktropia.com/

The site for this planet is slightly confusing to me and I wasn't really able to get much info from it (the official site link for the forum leads to nowhere, the old address rocktropiaforum.com redirects to the facebook page which is nice but not a great way to search for info)

The answers to where to find the tamable mobs came ingame (thank you 1of7) : [136186, 82255,240][135307, 82369, 108]. The spawn itself is great, a red sea of panthers, all tamable maturity.

Being a puny maturity mob, they are easy to tame though it felt getting one of them to level 5 was harder then for a bristlehog.

Small bonus: one of the successful attempts on a panther looted me a Grunt Face Mask (M).


The pet moves pretty good and gives the impression of being agile. A slight adjustment to the whiskers would be in order I guess though :))

Toulan - forum - http://www.toulanforum.com/forum/

Forum is well organised, all info regarding the location of the pets can be found in wangxiang's thread :)

The mobs themselves though are a bit harder to find. The fact that 95% of the planet is a no vehicle zone really made my lazy ass use a tp chip :)) The tabtab puny, which is the tamable version, seems to be spread out among the normal population of tabtabs which is itself pretty sparse and mixed with other mobs as far as I could find.

The mob itself is cute and that's about it. Being small is a plus cause it won't ever get in your line of fire or a teammate's line of fire.

Bonus: mixed spawn yielded surprises:

: forum - http://arkadiaforum.com/

Arkadia has 2 tamable mobs: the Nusul and the Pandi.
Tamable Nusuls can be found mixed in with normal spawns of the mob (Celeste Quarry Outpost tp easiest to get to). Easy to tame, small, cute.

Tamable Pandis can also be found mixed in with the normal spawns. They are found near the Windy Isles tp, which is a taxed area. The pet is basically a white seal pup. Flops around walking slowly. Small bug with it, inventory icon is the same as for the nusul.

- forum http://cyreneforum.com/

Cyrene has been going through a lot of changes recently, was a completely new map for me. I started out again with only 2 tps, luckily the Arrets can be found one Lesser TP jump south (Tp chip I) from one of those teleporters (0x101 Supply Depot) :)

It's a little island filled with these creepy little horses that just look at you. Pure spawn, easy to tame, great for scarring little children.


Taming on Calypso is different from taming on any of the other planets. It's a much bigger map. You have land areas that have tamable spawns for some mobs (TI-cornundacauda), multiple spawns for others and plenty of info on the forums. However, the pets themselves are pretty dull. Maybe it's because we've known these mobs for years but haven't heard many people say they really, really want a combibo.

Overall (out of max 10)
Rocktropia: 9 - Great spawns, great pet, bad forum.
Toulan: 7 - Good pet, bad spawn, no vehicle zones not that good for taming if you don't want to kill other mobs
Arkadia: 8 - One good pet, one slightly pathetic pet, pure spawns would be nice
Cyrene: 9 - Good, pure spawn, creepy pet (might be a good thing, depends)
Calypso: good, bad, same old story.

I have to recommend www.entropiapets.com as good place to get all the basic info you need (of course i got around to checking it out once I had finished with all the pets...)

The above is my own, personal, subjective opinion. Feel free to share your own opionions below while taking into account the holiday spirit :)

Happy Holidays all!
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