Selling: A&P Series Mayhem BC-80 Augmented


Oct 24, 2013
Medusa Bazaar floor2, shop3
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Gaina "Messi91" Cristi
Can be bought from Mayhem Token Trader for 98000 x M Token + 2 x PM Token + 145 PED.
There are only 2 out of 5 available in vendor

Items can be seen in twin peaks Mayhem Token Vendor for better accuracy.Do your due diligence for stats.
I did not purchase any item right now.I will have all my tokens ready when Easter Mayhem event is over.

How we trade?
I will not purchase the item before you pay at least 30% of the value in peds without collateral on my side.
Once I will collect the peds I will buy the item you specify and upon the trade is completed you pay the rest of the peds on spot.
If you change your mind once I purchased the item ( you lose your 30% and I will sell the gun to another party)
Make your own judgement.I only provide this service and I am not responsible for anything else once the deal is completed.Trades are final.

Price for Month of May - 90k
Price for Month of June (If I don't sell it for full duration of May) - 80k

If I don't sell it in June I will collect more tokens for superior guns.

Currently I don't have any plans to sell any other items other than this one.

Please refrain on posting any comments in this thread.

Best of luck and Happy grinding !
I received an offer.
The price still stands for Month of May !
Might be sold this week !