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Jul 21, 2009
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Xavier Jr Riquelme

The chance (in spanish “azar”) linked to gambling (in spanish “juegos de azar”) is defined as that unpredictable outcome, because there is no cause to produce it. If something has no cause, or variables that generate it, then you can never predict it.

However, the existence of gambling (azar), whose name in spanish comes from an Arabic word linked to the roll of the dice, and thus its inability to predict outcome, is questionable. Since there are skilled players who can learn ways of how they should roll the dice to refine certain results :)laugh:). Or like the spaniard that could learn how to beat roulettes in Europe or Las Vegas. Because, he had understood that roulettes are not perfect machines.

Thus, the best thing is that chance (azar), as a concept linked to the absence of causes, does not exist. It is simply a fact that has many variables behind it, that humans are usually unable to understand and controling.

Thus the main rule of the Casinos is: Not allow to play for professional players, or using schemes, or using systems, or any kind of help. Since, to exists real gambling, in these places, there should be total ignorance of the variables involved with the results.

For the owners of Casinos, the perfect players are the most ignorant, or the most careless, or even, more fool players. Because only inside a total and complete ignorance of the causes, it may results an absolute ignorance of their effects.(On this way, they can produce a gambling game)

When we are able to refine some results of something that should be generated by chance; then, we are no longer present facing to chance.

In Entropia Universe, including the less skilled player is able to do that. If in doubt, ask a newbie, if he hopes to get a hunting ATH from Chirpys or Snablesnots. His answer would be something like this: "Maybe I'm stupid, but I'm sure I'm not crazy".

There are players in Entropia Universe, not many, but there are, with the ability to profit from the game, playing steadily. In a true gambling of chance, thats is not possible. Unless The Jewish God, or Zeus, or Jupiter makes you one of the his most privileged sons. (But we're already very old to believe that. Is right?)

So gentlemen, chance (gambling) does not exist, and it can only be simulated with absolute ignorance from the people (like is promoted by Casinos). But in Entropia Universe, even the best tools are sponsored by the company (Mindark); such as this forum, Entropia Tracker and others that are also available to us. (Entropia Tools, Entropedia, Zap´s Loot, etc.)

If you know spanish language, you might read this monography. However, I have not time to translate for you. I am sorry.


Apr 29, 2005
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Oracle Kev FountofWisdom
I think EU can be different things to different people at different times.

You can decide to play the big mobs in the hope of hitting an uber or a nice item: this does feel like gambling, I think, and has spawned many discussions regarding the role of chance or some unknown avatar based variable(s).

But you can also just hunt (as a hunter I'm talking from this profession's perspective) for fun and/or for progression in skills, tiering etc.

Then there are all the other activities within EU that exclude chance and gambling such as socialising, exploring, trading etc.

At the end of the day, though, I think that most players know that even if EU isn't a casino there has still got to be that losing 'zero' in the system for MindArk to make their cut as well as other more skilled and better equipped players having an edge over you.

Despite this, though, you can't help feeling some days that Lady Luck has smiled on you: whether this is enough to make up for all those bad days though is another matter! ;)

Hope WolfGang

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Jun 9, 2010
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Hope WolfGang Mono
Skim read it but, if your defending that this is not gambling then your wrong

as we do not have a clue what our outcome will be, so that is gambling

yes mindark know how it works so for them its not gambling but for us.. it is because we do not know,

and you can profit from gambling constanly if your good at it ;P