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About MindStar Radio

On Wednesday, July 8, 2009 MindStar Radio (MSR) was created. Entropia and its expanding universe gained its second radio station with a mission to provide music, entertainment, and news to the citizens of Calypso. MSR officially went live on Friday, July 10th with the launch of MindStar9's "MidNite Moods" radio show on the Pier at Corinth Beach between midnight and 03:00 in-world time.

MindStar Radio is hosted by 711 on the Entropia Radio server at www.entropiaradio.com

The MSR Jukebox operates 24/7 during times when live shows are not programmed. The music library is frequently updated with more current and popular tracks in certain genres, along with oldies that have been a staple over the years. Tune in anytime of day for commercial-free music.

MindStar Radio URL

The URL for MSR is ... www.mindstarradio.com ...

You can also place the following link in your media player ...


Or ... insert this URL in your browser, which should
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Radio Station Schedule

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This schedule will be updated as needed.

Moving Forward

The MSR philosophy and mission is to get the community more involved with each other. Our goal is to be a conduit that showcases what the community has to offer, as well as give Calypso citizens a means to partner with MSR in ways that benefit the community as a whole.

Event promoters and the community now have an opportunity to sponsor a unique playlist of music either during their events and activities, which can also include advertisements of services and/or upcoming events and activities. This is all free of charge to the community.


MindStar Radio is managed and operated by MindStar9, but future staff members will be listed as they become a part of this operation.

Message to the Community

My deepest appreciation goes out to all of you who have continuously supported my efforts within the community for over 5-1/2 years. The growth of that support has been nothing short of incredible, and for that I am immensely grateful. My involvement in our universe has always been a dedication to you, the colonists of Calypso, and my mission is to continue in that vein in order to provide entertainment in interesting and fun ways.

I thank you for joining me on this continuing adventure, along with the rest of those who will (eventually) grace the virtual halls of the MindStar Radio studio in an effort to vibrate your lives, and bring you musical experiences that stimulate your senses. It's all about making your time in our Entropia Universe a little more interesting, exciting, and just plain fun.

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