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Jul 10, 2006
Stockholm, Sweden
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Have seen threads where ppl have shown as the content of the logs and replies where ppl aks where why the other arent online but all are in different places so i thought id collect transcripts of all in here will update as new logs appear online.

Log part 1 - Uploaded by Rick-Chi
Log 10328:
This is a godforsaken place. We arrived at the site during the night and set up camp behind some wood covered ridges to the east. Though we cannot see the object from here, we can all sense its presence. The area is so silent with hardly any wind. It is as if even
the majestic sky has bowed in silent worship. The camp was easily built, not like in the old days when all you had was an undersized tent and a few handheld data units for logging. Now it's more like a small village, complete with teams of technicians, researchers, drivers, doctors and chefs. I even have my own private tent; complete with a lab almost as good as the one i have back at the
office. I can understand those who say that field work has lost that exciting sense of adventure it once had. The old knee is at it again, hurting quite a bit to be honest. I can still walk on it, but not much more. I am fully aware that this may be my last real excursion as these old legs of mine might not be able to carry me into the field
for many more years. I had the usual 'pep talk' with Greg before I left and he almost said it out loud this time. Not that he had to really, I already know. Even if he's right - even if this is my field trip - I am more than willing to make it a grand finale. The subject is
more than promising, harbouring all the intriguing mystery of this new and alien world. Tomorrow we will travel to the site to begin our studies. Ivan. Catherine and I will be the ones to approach the object. At least she convinced me to let Reilly take us there in the truck this time. I don't think I will get much sleep tonight. God knows what we will find.

Log 10329:

The short journey was just as bumpy and uncomfortable as Reily promised, but in hindsight it was worth every second of it.
My god, it is absolutely beautiful. I realize now that the reports from the Minopolis scouts don't come anywhere close to describing just what it is I am looking at now. The strange object is maybe 10 meters in diameter, it's hard to tell from a distance. Shaped like a perfect orb... jet black surface with only a hint of reflection. It hovers a few meters above the ground, and just as the scouts reported it seems to be... pulsating slowly, almost as if.. breathing.
We are still on hundred meters from it as we do not want to risk exposure to any unforeseen radiation. Our sensors only detect a faint distortion in the magnetic A40 to C50 range... but ... We will have to come back tomorrow with all the necessary protective equipment. Right now I just want to stand here and gaze at this wonderful object. What can have caused this? What placed it here and why here? Aliens? Nature? I can't wait to begin my studies.
It was Catherine that pointed out to me what i should have noticed as soon as we arrived; there don't seem to be any birds in the area. I can only guess as to why. I honestly don't know what i could do without her. I am not a youth anymore and it becomes more and more apparent everyday that I need her alert senses and her unwavering intuition. Maybe one day I will be able to tell her just how much.

Log part 2 - Uploaded by me.
Log 10330:
Today we managed to get closer to the orb. Dressed in protective gear from head to toe like ridiculous astronauts we made our way up the hill until we stood right next to it. I'm not actually certain we need the suits, but I don't want to take any chances. I can not properly describe the feeling of standing here... I, an educated man, who has never been at a loss for words, found myself to totally speechless, unable to open my mouth for several minutes. Ivan felt the same, I know, and probably Catherine as well. It took us almost two hours just to set up the equipment, do some initial visual observations, arrange the sensors and begin data collecting. The surface seems impenetrable and if I should touch it I know it would be cold. I don't know why.. I just know. After performing some initial scans of the surface I found to my great surprise that our data base found a match almost immediately. There were no specifics, but still a match of some sort. To begin with I was almost a bit disappointed as i had expected something as utterly fantastic as this to be totally alien, but then i started thinking. Somewhere deep in the database there must be a similar record, perhaps someone, long ago, found something like this before. I must get on the uplink and check the colony data base as soon as i get back to the camp.
The day just flew by. Suddenly I looked at my clock and it was already late in the afternoon. I fell just like an hopeful, impatient child on Christmas... It was a long time since i felt that way.

Log 10331:
I was right!
The sky opened up this morning and the rain was so severe that we reluctantly decided to postpone our studies until tomorrow. Instead I sat all day in my lab digging trough tons of data from the colony database. Initially it seemed like an hopeless project, I didn't even know where to start looking. I could feel myself getting that frustrated feeling again, even though Catherine always tells me I have to stop being so impatient. The slow data link did nothing to help. But then i found it. Finally! Several years ago a professor Jensen went deeply into the western Eudoria wastelands and sent back strange, confused, disconnected reports of a huge black object. Jensen himself disappeared, but all of his reports are here, a sadly forgotten treasure chest of data and observations Most of it is hopelessly corrupted though. I can try to have the computers clean up, but it will take some time to make any real sense out of it.
But still. There must be a connection... There must be.

Log part 3 - Gorgeus
Log 10332:
Today we found something else. I do not know where to begin really as I have never seen anything quite like it in my whole life. During a break in our studies Ivan ventured out into the woods on the other side of the orb. When he came back, the poor man's face was as pale as a ghost. I have known him both personally and professionally for many years, but have never seen him so shocked. It took him several minutes to just regain enough self control to stop trembling. Since he refused, or rather was unable to tell us what he had seen I decided that we should explore for ourselves. We didn't have to go far before a horrible, revolting stench hit us. So strong we had to wear our masks. In a small clearing in the woods we found them - argonauts. I wasn't even sure they were actually argonauts before I dared to go closer and have a better look. There were hundreds of them - all dead. Some of the horrific mutilated carcasses were skinned like pigs. Most showed signs of being having been eaten upon, their dismembered bodies and limbs forming sickening patterns laid on the ground, hung in the trees in almost ritual manner.
I didn't tell the others, but I know. I have no idea how but I know it was them. They ate each other.

Log 10333:
I have begun making some sense of the first snippets of data from Jensen's distorted reports. Apparently he was one of those adventurous researchers, traveling the length and breath of the continent, exploring every inhospitable, hostile corner of it.
Years ago he took a team to the western regions of Eudoria. The terrain was horrible and they were getting desperately low on resources when they discovered the object on a desolate, cracked plain. Jensen immediately began collecting data from it. He describes it as a 'perfect sphere. So dark it seems to reflect nothing but the darkest night'. He was excited. I can tell. Just like me.

Log part 4 - Uploaded by diver3797
Log 10334:
I don't feel very well. I couldn't keep anything down at breakfast, not even my usual cup of coffee. Those Horrible Mental images of the argonauts and what was left of the poos beasts keep coming back. I wish i could get rid of them, but i can't. I saw them in my dreams last night and every time i close my eyes.
Catherine came over at breakfast. She knows me only too well. She only had to take a quick look at me to tell me i had to stay at the camp today. 'You look horrible', she said in that way only she can. Of course i refused. Staying back just isn't an option at this stage. It just isn't.

Log 10335:
Damn! I can't believe it! How could he be stupid!
Ivan touched the orb with his bare hand! How could he? Haven't i been clear enough about the risks we are taking? The importance of wearing protective gear at all times? However i can't help but i feel it was my fault i was right next yo him the whole time performing tests and scanning the surface. I saw him put his gear down carefully, remove his gloves and, like it was the most natural thing in the world, place his hand on the orb. In the end it was Catherine who pulled him away, but then it was too late f course. His han was stained with a large dark purple wound, almost like gangrene, the skin all but burned away on his entire palm. We tried to use the Faps on it but it didn't help. Instead the wound seems to be growing darker by the minute, already almost completely black. Almost jet black. As Reilly took us back to the camp i tried to ask Ivan why he did it? But all he said was that he suddenly felt an urge. One he just could not resist... After the waiting emergency medical team could take over, Catherine took me aside to my tent. In a calm voice she looked me straight in the eye and asked me why i didn't stop him? Why i just looked on? Why it took so long for me to act? For the first time in my life i lied to her and told her something aboutfreezing up, zoning out, whatever. I didn't tell her the truth, because i couldn't. I had felt the same urge.

Log 10336:
Ivan's wound hasn't gotten any better. Instead it's gotten a lot worse. His Entire arm and most of the right half of his chest is now completely black as if someone dipped him in oily, black tar. The medical team hardly dares to touch him now, instead they have isolated him in one of the iso chambers of the med unit for observation. They've shot him as full of painkillers as they dare. They should be helping, but he just keeps screaming

Log part 5 - Uploaded by diver3797
log 10337:
I managed to speak to him today.. Catherine tried to talk me out of
it, but i just had to. Just for a few minutes while he was at least
resonably calm. I could see he was in incredible pain, but at least he
was quiet. I asked him questions and he looked at me, or perhaps
through me, and whispered. He whispered to me in a voice that didnt sound the least bit familiar. he Said he wanted to go home, home to the sea, to drink from the dark sea. We have to send him back; there is nothing we can do for him here. Reilly has told me he can evacuate him back to Minopolis in a few days. I wish it could be sooner. I wonder what i will tell his father?

Log 10338:
Our sensors tell us it has grown. I have no idea how, and neither do
the computers. instead they have told us what i have suspected for
several days now. The orb somehow affects the area around it so
strongly, that is affects the thin layer of space time. I have never
seen anything like it. It speeds up time around itself, sending out
pulses that ripple across the very fabric of subspace.
I'm beginning to think that this is an artifact. It is beginning to
scare me.

Log 10339:
I have managed to retrieve more scrambled information from Jensen's reports. From the short pieces of data it seems apparent that he came to the same conclusions that we did...initially. The surface is made from an unknown alloy but beneath it, the inferior solid mass is rushing around at an immense speed. On the outside it is calmness itself, but inside it there is a contant raging storm. The friction alone should make the orb hot as the sun, but of course it is freezing cold on the surface. Damn it! I know there is something more to this. There must be some way to tackle this in a scientific way! But the orb just hovers there like a taunting riddle from the other side f the universe. i don't know why but since I've gotten here i never leave my tent without the crucifix i wear around my neck.

Log part 6 - Uploaded by farid_s1
Log 10340:
ivan is gone.
Catherine woke me up around 4 o'clock and told me they had found him dead in the iso chamber this morning. She was pale, her voice trembling as she told me. There had been a lot of blood. Apparently he had some sort of extreme attack during the night and that he had done things to himself, bad things. She didn't have to say it but i know she was thinking the same thing as i was. She was thinking about the argonauts. things are getting out of hand now. I can feel it all slipping through my fingers. I Should never have come here. But now it's too late.

Log 10341:
Reluctantly we have returned to our research this morning. We have returned to the orb. It really is against my better judgement at this point, but i am compelled to continue. I just have to be more careful. I have to make sure i do not lose control for one second. I must unlock the secret. Catherine insisted that i rest this afternoon, God bless her. after the usual argument i finally agreed, but my dreams didn't give me much rest at all. In the dream i am back at the site standing right next to the orb without my protective gear, but somehow i know it's not a problem. Somehow i know it is a dream. Catherine is there as well. Standing there frozen like she's waiting for something. Her suit is stained, in red, not white like it should be. Then i look at the orb and i see it; blood, floods of dark red blood dripping in thick streams from the mirrored surface. I walk forward, unable to help myself. hands outstretched towards it like it is calling out to me. I feel so thirsty, wanting to drink from it, but something else is there. Then i woke up. I must have bit myself in my sleep because i had the taste of blood in my mouth.

Log part 7
Log 10342:

Catherine is missing!

I dont know what happened. We said goodnight last night after our usual game of chess, but this morning she didnt show up for breakfast. To beging with i assumed she was just feeling ill and went over to her tent, but she was nowhere to be found. By then i started getting anxious and alerted Reilly immediately. He tried locating her link but with no result. Finally we had to send out team to scan the entire area. by the time we returned to the camp it was dark and we had found nothing.

How can she just dissapear? How? This can't be happening!

I Dont know what to do. I feel lost without Catherine.

Log 10343:

We have spent two days looking for Catherine. We scanned the entire area but it's like she was never here at all.

Something else happened today, something even odder. It happened during the search. I saw an argonaut in the distance, almost up by the ridge to the west. Nothing unusual about that except that it just kept looking at me. It didn't attack. Instead it just followed me for several minutes, running along the tree line like it was studying me before running off into the woods.

Log 10344:

Something is going on in the camp. I can sense it. The crew is whispering when they think i don't hear. Rumors are spreading like wildfire. I can see it in their eyes like frightened sheep.

Eventually Reilly took me aside and told me in a low voice that they want to evacuate the camp and go back. They were not afraid, but concerned. He thinks i have lost it. that i am at the end of my rope. He didn't tell me straight to my face, but used other more diplomatic terms, trying to make it sound like it was for my own good.

I refused of course. There is no way i can leave the site when we are so close to a breakthrough, not to mention when a member is missing.

Something came over me. Maybe it was fatique but everything that has happened these few days. Maybe it was my hurting knee, i don't know. Anyway, i hit him. I hit him right across the face! it was stupid of course. The man is almost twice my size.

I don't know what is going on - this not about science any more.

Log part 8 - Thanks to Ledeye
Log: 10345

I am alone now.

Reilly left this afternoon together with the rest of the camp. Packed everything on the trucks and drove off. Damn him! Surely he must know that I cant possibly – not in any way – leave with a member missing? What is he thinking?Of course he isn’t thinking... He’s just afraid, and I suppose he is right about that. But I just cant leave without Catherine. I just cant. I owe her too much. How would I ever forgive myself? At least they left me my tent and an uplink. A small comfort.

Log: 10346

I searched all day today, or at least as long as I could before my aching knee forced me back to camp. There was no sign of her . I’ve tried to put it of but I know I will have to look in the are closer to the orb soon.

Jensen’s notes are beginning to make less and less sense; the fragments of information about whispers in the wilderness, the discovery of some sort of animal, or demon, eternal darkness, people disappearing. Days of logs are missing. He is scared now. He’s probably all alone at this point… speaking of final journey, like he knows what is going to happen. I can almost see him in front of me, his eyes full of fear, staring out in to nothing. Like an animal led to slaughter.

Log: 103547

Something astounding happened to day. For the last day or two I am being observed by roaming Argonauts. Sometimes there are only one or two, sometimes small groups. They seem to be drawn to this area. Their numbers have clearly increased during the last two days, I am sure. They have kept their distance so far, but this evening when I came back to the camp, I saw a few of them just as they scurried off like scared animals in to the shelter of the forest. Everything was in shambles of course. They had turned absolutely everything upside down. But the pure facts that they dared to venture this close makes me a bit worried I must say.

But what was even stranger was what they left behind them; an old dirty piece of paper with strange, erratic drawings on it, like the smeared, frantic scribble of a deranged child.

It was hard to make out but I think I could see a twisted, nightmarish landscape with dark, straggling shapes with anonymous faces frozen in silent, terrified screams. Looming above this bleak scene, hovering like silent gods, as if waiting was a sky filled with dark, jet black orbs…

Log part 9 - Jejje and Jeffe :D

Log 10348:

I found her today. I found Catherine, or what was left of her. I feel compleytley paralyzed now. The possibility was there of course, but god why? I've known her, worked with her for twenty years. To see her like this, it's like something I can't describe. I suddenly feel very tired, drained of every ounce of energy. I can't even remember the
last time I cried.

I tried carrying her back to the tent. I had to. I simply respect, no love her to much to leave her out here in the dirt, in the filth, like an animal! She's too beautiful for that. But my knee couldn't carry us both. I tried, but it just cannot take the strain. I know it's against all logic an rationality but I have decided to stay out here tonight with her. Nothing will happen to her shile I'm here! I have
made a fire to keep us warm. She is so beautiful. Sleeping like a princess. It's getting dark now. I've made a fire to keep us warm, both of us. The orb looms over us like a dark, silent full moon.

I can see you. Whatever you are, I know your secret, I am watching you, watching me... watching you.

Log 10349:

What is happening to me??! I couldn't help myself. When I woke I was so hungry. It was still dark. It was like I was still asleep, like it was a cursed dream. I thought it was a dream. I had an urge, a hunger like I hadn't eaten for days. I had to eat something. Oh my god! Oh god forgive me! Please!

Log part 10 - Thanks to Jeffe

Log 10350:
This is my final log. I know this now. Maybe I've always known it. The orb has changed like it too is aware. we sit here watching each other, dreaming each others dreams. I realize now that i was meant to here. I could never leave. Catherine was just an excuse, but i never had any real choice. I know what he was talking about now Jensen. I know what he did. I know it's the only thing i can do. I have to [unreadable data]

My knees hurt like hell. I can hardly move the damn things at all now but i just need them for one last stretch. Even if i have to scream all the way up there, i just need to make it up the hill. If anyone, someone in the future finds me, please do not bring me home. I wish to stay here on this hill, in this dirt. I leave nothing behind in this world but this final wish... and these three words:

They are coming...

Log Part 11 - Thanks to Oleg for sharing this

Log 10351

I woke with a jolt. I panicked – thought I had lost my sight. I gradually realized I was imprisoned, but at least still alive. Imprisoned ‘cause I couldn’t find a way out and alive because I was still breathing. My knee was hurting as usual and I had an odd headache. I was hungry, thirsty and afraid.

I can’t quite grasp why I’m still alive. I’ve seen what they have done to other captives; what they did to Catherine.

Although I felt feverish and my body heavy like lead I needed to clear my mind. I needed the scientist to take control. My nerves confirmed the existence of my old body with all its infirmities of old age, even though it was pitch dark. I still had my PDA in the breast pocket of my coat. Why hadn’t they searched my coat? I wonder if they knew what I could do with this equipment, or were they so sure it wouldn’t make a difference?

I turned it on. It still had power, but no signal reception. I played with the antenna direction for a while but still nothing. I wondered if they had managed to block the signal or were the antenna circuits broken during my capture?

Same thing with the positioning system. Just a bunch of really strange readings. First a strong signal but then nothing. Then the position jumped from continent to continent. I foraged in my darkened prison to find any material for an antenna, but only found small twigs, a blanket and a bowl of some liquid that I knocked over.

Curled up in the corner I drew the blanket close to my body and faded into a slumber. I prayed to all known and unknown gods to take me away from this godforsaken place. What could I do? Why was I being kept alive here? The scientist in me began trying to think; the human was terrified.

Log 12 - Uploaded by Ozie - Transcripted by dataspice

Log 10352
When I woke up today I could see one of them in my room. He left a bowl with some fruit and another with some foul smelling slime. It was still pitch black. The only light came from my PDA. After several attempts I finally initiated the analyser tool and ran some tests on the slime to keep myself occupied.
After passing some time testing, I started to feel my fingers hurting. Soon after my skeleton began to ache as if I was experiencing delayed pubescent growing pains, which gradually spread throughout my whole body. Something was terribly wrong.
The pain was inside me. I began to push myself against the floor and walls, my jaws clenched shut in agony. And so it continued for hours and hours before the vicious pangs finally abated. Something wasn't right. Am I the object of a cruel experiment. Why do they keep me here?

Log 13 - Uploaded by Naifas Anaconda - Transcripted by dataspice

Log 10353
When I woke up today I found some instruments lying by my PDA. I found
an energy refiner, the old model from Omegaton.
It was almost worn out by the look of it but it was still functional. Its low humming was oddly comforting once I had turned it on.
I still can't put the pieces together. What is this type of technology doing here? Not that I even know where I am. Why wasn't I a skinned corpse like the rest of them? I know it's the Umbranoids that are keeping me prisoner.
They are keeping me here for a reason, and the instruments left in my cell are also for a reason. Beside the instruments I found some powder and strange figurines. The figurines look blue and pink from what in can make out in the dim light. On top of each of the figurines were some symbols. I recognized them as Mars and Venus. When I touched the figurines I felt them crumble in my hand. they seem to be made of very porous material. What ever these materials could do, I needed to be very careful with them if I wanted to find out.

Log 10354
I'm awake again but I can't tell if it is day or night; I just don't know anymore. If only I could get out of here.
Even though its almost pitch-dark in here I can see them outside. I can hear them chanting, howling and conducting rituals.
This cell is really just a crude little hut with a door made of thick wood and firmly bolted shut.
With help of the little dwindling light from the PDA I searched for where the floor meets the wall. if I could just find a little crack; a faint crack of hope. But no. The situation seemed hopeless. I turned back to the equipment they left; in pure desperation I ran tests on all the material I could find in the cell.
I had to find a way out!

Log 14 - Uploaded by Malice

Log 10355

After days of testing and innumerable
compound experiments I finally made a breaktrough.
By combining the strange powder I had gotten
from the figurines, I have made some really astonishing
discoveries. The fine powder works on the body's cell
structure allowing a human to morph into any type of
strange shape. When I woke up this morning I found out
that they had been again snooping trough my stuff.
The morphing small experiments I had performed with the
powder and refiner were all gone.
But yet the PDA was left in my possesion.
I even found more samples they had left for me to
experiment on. I know I'm being set up.

Log 10356

They are not cautious anymore. They enter my cell
while I am awake. They shout at me in a language I can't
understand. They are becoming more threatening also.
They point at me and then at my instruments. They scream and
Today one of them tugged at my skin. It hurt like hell and I thought
my moments was there and then. After I had fought
him off it kept screaming and pointed at my instruments
and then to me. Communication is not working.
They want me to do something. I don't know what.
Everybody is getting frustrated. All I can figure out is that they have
been allowing me to experiment pretty freely with a
refiner, my PDA and compounds wich they are supplying.
The resulting morphin experiment results have been
confiscated by them while they continue to press me
to carry out more. They want this morphing technology.
They want to be able to morph, to change their appearance.
To be camouflaged. To infiltrate the ranks of their enemy
and destroy it. I must get out of here.

Log part 15 - Uploaded by GeorgeSkywalker
Log 10357:
It's not really dark here. The light is just red-shifted so far that it's
beyond the capacity of human eyes. The further light go, the more powerful
the red-shift. The PDA is the only light source that is close enough to not
be red-shifted.
I really can't explain it - it is so pwerful that if the redshift was
caused by gravity, I would be squashed flat and very dead, and since
everything in the cell is stationary relative to me, it has nothing to do
with the Doppler Effect. I'm sure that they can see this red-shifted light.
It's as if every living thing has evolved to this unnatural light here.
I don't know why it didn't hit me at first. The light from my PDA turning
red at the far end of the hut would be a dead giveaway, but i didn't see it
until now. I really can't think straight. They haven't given me anything to
eat for days. I Think it is a punishment for not giving them what they
want. God, i'm so hungry! I could eat anything!
...Oh my god! Catherine! What have i done?
Log part 16 - Uploaded by GeorgeSkywalker
Log 10358:
I can see! My eyes have changed! They have adapted to the strange red-
shift. I helped it along - I tried some of the morphing experiment on
myself. I have to dapt or i will die here.
I haven't eaten for days. The water they give me is spiked with something
that keeps me going.
Something amphetamine-like, i would guess. I really don't care. I have to
give them something. Maybe they will be happy with this eye adaption, if i
only could formalize it.
Log 10359:
They weren't happy. The pain was unbearable. I think they are angry because
i stumpled on something that makes me more like them, not the other way
around. I see clearer now. There's a great light somewhere outside, in the
directio of their chanting.
They don't enter my cell anymore, at least not when i'm awake. Perhaps they
are afraid of me, of what i'm becoming. I can feel the change.
Log part 17 - Uploaded by GeorgeSkywalker
Log 10360:
One of them entred my hut for the first time in days? Weeks? I don't know
anymore. She kissed me, and as she did, she force-fed me something, and it
makes my stomache ache. I don't know if it's poisonous, infected, spoiled
or if i'm just starved, but i'm barely able to write this. I have to stop
from time to time pain.
She came back. She sat by the door and just looked at me. And i looked at
Part of me wants to make love to her. But there wouldn't be any love. There
would just be... instinct. And pain. That's there all the time. Part of me
wants to talk to her. She is the only human-like contact i have, even if
she's my jailor and torturer, even if she won't answer.
ANd then there's the hungry part of me.
I'm losing my humanity. I'm becoming more like them. I don't think i want
to survive anymore.
Log 10361:
She spoke to me. I didn't hear any sound, but she spoke to me. The words
entered my mind directly as she siently looked at me.
The great orb grants them power in exchange for pain. Anyone's pain. It
doesen't have to be theirs but they don't mind it either. They welcome
pain. It is their legacy from their elders and it is the legact to their
children. And it's their gift to us. I am lucky to have been chosen.
Log part 18 - Uploaded by GeorgeSkywalker
Log 10362:
The darkness is lifted. I can see through the walls. The great white orb
hangs outside, the molten metal swirling inside. I see them, bright against
dark background, and they look like angels! And greatest of all are their
king and queen, thei helmets shining in their divine glory! If i only were
a poet! Then i could possibly write a hint of what i see!
The PDA shines bright as phosphorous fire! I see it beaming, the flow of
electrons inside, the beautiful quantum dance of spinning particles. The
quantum dance is too bright! It hurts my eyes! I can't even touch the PDA,
it hurts my skin even touching it! It hurt them too.
My eyes... if i don't have them they can't hurt anymore!
Log part 19 - Uploaded by Mikass
Log 10363:
(voice transcript, unknown origin)
Heavens... I can still see!

The Piece of paper.

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A very nice collection you got here... until now I did not bother reading or even trying to find out what they all said. Now i know it all... or at least as much as the rest of you know. ;)
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ancient demonic devices. thats all i can say about them after reading these, it sound so D&D ish.:cool:

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So that thing makes people want to eat themselves? :eek:
this is some scary stuff really :p got me all going :p i want 2 know more i want 2 help :p Love it
I went to the Minneapolis orb, not a hour ago. a few Argonauts were there and as I tried to get closer to the orb a few appeared close to me so I ran in a southeast direction. ran trough a grope of trees with a lot of skeletons, :eek:perhaps it is the wood with the skinned Argonauts in the story. :yay:
I went to the Minneapolis orb, not a hour ago. a few Argonauts were there and as I tried to get closer to the orb a few appeared close to me so I ran in a southeast direction. ran trough a grope of trees with a lot of skeletons, :eek:perhaps it is the wood with the skinned Argonauts in the story. :yay:

Heh, i was about to say the same, as i did exactly the same thing :D
The argonauts popped into my mind too, didn't have much time to investigate though, no ammo and few of those argos after me :p

EDIT: Nice compilation, cheers _o/
I think the Orbs Symbolizes the foreign countrys where MA Hides their fortunes in Banks like Switserlan, Cayman Island, Luxembourg etc :eyecrazy::laugh: SO they dont have 2 pay thoose INSANE Swedish taxes.
hm... i looted today the log part nr.4... so its useless anymore?
Dunno if its useless, nobody knows what the looters get if they get anything or if they only are clues for something
Are they still dropping them? Still hasen't looted any, and i've killed quite many argos :\
What is the tt+ value of these logs?
TT value is between 0 and 20 ped...seen few of the same logs at different TT's.
They are still dropping,, got the part 5 the other day,, tt of 20 ped.
+ bump

Nice initiativ. Where thinking of doing the same my self. ;)
Thanks for sharing the content of all the logs.

50 EFD reward from me(if I manage to find out how to give you EFD :p)

ty for the list i loot part 2 and i am wondering what the others said!
well i was thinking that tell us discription for an event!:D
'0' me want log part 5 must read! is it up at oxford? i go check i suppose
The parts uploaded by ? were me ;) I'm Lester Worm Murphy in game. Any clue what we are supposed to do with these logs? I still have mine in storage.
have no idea what to do with em :) some sell some keep for the future nobody knows. Editing first post with you EF name as uploader