Selling: All items NEW prices -20% discount - ONLY PED

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Oct 4, 2021
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Dr. Zana Maselutza
Mod Shadow armor set F T2 (harness, arms), T1(rest of parts) - 140k ped (160k old price)
Aug Hedoc T2.99 - 45k ped (55k old price)
Mod Resto - 60k ped (65k old price)
5b augmented set plates - 25k ped (29k old price)
Incision perfected set plates - 30k ped (37k old price)
Superior Coat, TWEN Edition (F) - 15k ped (25k old price)
Epic Jellyworm pet lvl 8 - 45k (55k old price)
Tezlapod Pet lvl 83 - 10k ped (14k old price)
Sigyn Harness (F) set T4 - 6k ped (9k old price)

Thunderbird Harness (F) set T4 SOLD
TerraMaster 3 Gold Rush T10 SOLD
Mod Hedoc SOLD
Mayhem Arso Chip 15 SOLD
Mod Nano T6.xx SOLD

Christmas ring 2020 SOLD
Summer Ring 2020 SOLD
Pulsar Armour Plate SOLD

Trades ( lower value items + PED ) are possible.
Item of interest: Privateer, Mothership

Avatar in-game: Dr. Zana Maselutza

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Mod nano blade sold
Added on selling list:
Mod Merc SGA edition T10 - 80k ped
Mod Resto - 65k ped
Mod Aug Hedoc T2.99 - 55k ped
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