Amped or not : my vision

Leeloo Miner

Jan 5, 2020
Because many people ask me this, I want to give my independent view here

Research with your finder(s) first

First and foremost, you need to know what is in the ground and preferably at different depths.
If you think let's try some amps and get a tower... you'll be disappointed.
Also the myth that you have to lose first to get it back again and again... keep on dreaming.

This is why I currently use 25 different maxed finders, however this is real fine tuning, I know miners who do the same but use between 5-10 finders.
Different finders, at different depths, with different decay (TT decay) will give you different results.
This applies to ores and, outside of dianthus, NOT to enmatters.
All enmatters can be found at all depths, so I certainly do not use deep finders nor amps here and that is why I will never do dual/triple drops.

Example :
In a zone with 8 different ores, there are 2 that have 110% / 140% MU BUT if I go deep enough I get an average of 0.64% in the return from the first and 0.80% from the other.
I then decide for myself that it is not worthwhile to use a deeper finder (L with MU) and because the 6 other resources do not have a high MU, I will not use an amp here.

Once you know this, you have to look at availability (not telling you how to do this, be creative lol) because if the resource is not available or is less available, you will also find it less. This is the economics or in other words why MA makes adjustments. CHECK THIS !!!
Knowing availablility is the reason why I'm getting high returns.

There are of course areas where it is worthwhile to use an amp.
Once you have determined all the above, and there are resources that are, for example, above 150-200-400% (can also be lower or higher, you have to determine this yourself), you can try using an amp and compare results . Start with amp 1, check results, then decide if you want to use a higher amp for example.
Most resources with a higher MU also have a higher TT value, so they are easier to find in the return.
By using amps your HR will decrease and you will get much more cheaper resources (fillers) so keep this in mind.
Again, test, test, test.

And then the most boring side (for most)
Calculate your sales price

If you mine without an amp, you get smaller quantities that you can sell at a higher % in smaller stacks.
With amp, you get larger quantities that you usually end up selling cheaper or even selling in the TT!!!
If you want to sell cheaply or even in the TT, this is because you will be mining above your pedcard level and you will therefore lose a lot of peds.

Just my vision, don't shoot the messenger :p