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Apr 20, 2006
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Donald "Don" Cleveland
Part I: We Arrive In Port Atlantis

I am writing today, so that you might read these words, and take warning. The Entropia Universe is a wonderful place, full of beauty and excitement. But there is also a very real danger there, and this is what I want to discuss.

I first discovered Entropia whilst doing a bit of 'surfing' on the Web. Someone had posted a description of Project Entropia, as it was then called, which was just ghastly. They said something to the effect of, " if you have $50 you feel like tossing in the bin, check out this nightmare! It's such a waste of time and money!"

That certainly caught my eye. I am always eager to seek out new and different games. In as short a time as possible, I downloaded the game. Then I set about, applying for an account- not just one account, mind you, but two. "Why two?", you might ask. Why, one for myself, and one for the Mrs., of course. After having done a bit of reading, on the official Entropia website, I knew I would want to get my wife involved.

"My dear, it is the perfect game for us! Listen, according to the website, it's NOT a game! It is a virtual universe and the possibilities for making money there are unlimited..." This was in April of 2006, by the Old Earth calendar.

"You need to take life more seriously." was her primary response, although she said many other things as well. I was having trouble getting her to feel and absorb my enthusiasm.

"You wanted me to have a side-line, something in addition to my work at the hospital. This could be it!"

I won't bore you with all the details that went into our discussions about this wonderful new, "virtual Universe", that I was so keen on exploring. To be honest, I would have promised her anything to get her to join me there. And finally my persistant pleading paid off- she agreed!

Her terms were, "We play only for profit. This is business; not a fun thing." These terms I readily accepted, and soon we were there!

Like many others before us, we arrived in Port Atlantis amidst the chaos and tumult that typifies the place.

"I can't move", she said. "How do I go around?"

"Hold on... I will help you!", I replied, in the cheeriest voice I could muster. Apart from not being able to walk, she could not access any of the more important parts of the UI. For example, she did not know how to sweat, or run, or chat or anything. Until now, she was not really what you might call, "Computer Literate".

With the patience of Job, I taught her. Little by little, day by day, hour by hour, I sat by her side and [wrap=right][/wrap]showed her how things were done within the EU. It was painfully slow going. Even her mousing skills were rather lacking- and there is an art to using a mouse, make no mistake about it. But progress was all the while being made. She was learning. True, I had to repeat various lessons, time and again, but it was a labour of love. I loved my wife, and I was starting to feel a strong attachment to the EU, as well. So, I was doing what I loved, with the one I loved. It seemed that the best of both worlds had finally come together. It was not to last.

We began our life in the EU the same as most, sweating. Just to the North and Northwest of Port Atlantis are many low level mobs. This is where most new-comers start out, and us among them. Sweating, once you get the hang of it, is very easy to do. So there we were, running among the other orange-clad newbies, and sweating the beasties for all we were worth. After my wife had gotten a handle on how things worked, she was really quite good. Infact she was outpacing me, when it came to sweating. In our first two full days of sweating she cleared over 1000 bottles, while I had only two-thirds that much. She was taking a liking to it, especially since she was doing better than I was!

In the meantime, whenever she was out of the house, whether at work or elsewhere, I would log in and try to teach myself as much as possible, in order both to learn and to be able to assist her, and answer her questions, when we were in-universe together. During these solo-sessions, I did a bit of experimenting...

One day, the Mrs. and I were a good way from PA, toward the NE, and sweating as usual. And as usual, the exarosaurus turned and came straight for us. Ordinarily we would follow a routine of distraction. This means that we would take turns catching the fellow's attention whilst the other continued sweating. We worked this out early on and it works quite well. Ultimately one of us would have to die and revive. We also learned early on, that death had no particular consequences, so it was not a matter of concern, this dying.

On this occasion, I quickly assessed our distance to PA, and the revival terminal, and decided a different approach was called for. I pulled out an Opalo and let him have it! The maturity level was Young, and I managed to stay alive, and bring him to his knees. In other words, I did him in.

"Where did you get that!", she cried.

"It's an Opalo Solomate."

"I know what it is. I asked where you get it?", her voice had risen an octive or so, and increased in volume, as well.

"I bought it. It's just for protection, you see.."

"I do not 'see'. Throw it away!" She really is quite a passionate woman.

"I thought you would like some protection..."

"You know how already I feel about it! Throw it away!"

"...but Sweetheart. It's only a game."

"You said it was not a game. I dont care. If you will kill in a game, you will kill in real life. Throw it away!"

This was our first major dust-up over the EU. I was so sad. I mean, it isn't real; who's being hurt? But I didn't want to press the point.

"Right. I will do it. I'll just sell it when we get back to town."

"No, then someone else use it. Throw it away!"

"Quite right, I see what you mean... Oh, lookie there! A big fat Combibo! Let's get him!"

She said no more on the matter, just then. However, later on when we were ready to log off for the night, she asked me,"Did you throw the gun?"

I said, "Yes".

[End of Part I]

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Part II: Our First Deposit

Mrs. Cleveland, for her part, seemed quite content. Each day we would get home from our respective jobs, and teleport straight to Entropia. Then we would head out [wrap=right][/wrap]to the field and put on our sweating caps. In other words, it is all we would do. I hadn't let on about still having the Opalo. But we did hit upon an agreement regarding one thing: I would do all the dying. This was just better, in the long run, because she was still having trouble finding coordinates on the map, and I would always end up coming to get her in the end. So, I just let myself be killed time after time, no matter how far out we were. And each time I got back to where I left her, she'd great me with a smile and show me how many bottles of sweat she had gathered while I was away.

I know I ought to have been happy. Our bottom-line was flourishing on sweat alone, not to mention the little bit we made from selling dung, and the occasional odd piece of fruit. To keep things simple, I did all the selling in town, in Port Atlantis. Yes, we hadn't ventured any farther than there in the time since we'd arrived. It was a case of moving her gently, or losing her altogether. But I just kept thinking her interest in other aspects of Entropia would build slowly over time. How wrong I was...

One day while sweating yet another Combibo Young, she turned to me and said, "Do you want to deposit?"

I swallowed hard.

"Would you like that?"

I blinked back a tear.

"Do you want to do it?"

Now, fellows, please imagine how you feel whenever your wife offers to do that special something for you. You know what I mean... That is just how I felt at that moment. I tried to respond in an even, controlled voice.

"I don't know. Do you think we should?"

She wrinkled her nose at me. "Maybe we shouldn't", she replied.

I came a bit unhinged. "You always do that to me!," I cried, "So, which is it? Do you want to deposit or don't you?"

"Maybe just a little...", and she smiled sweetly again, as she spoke the words. I, for my part, nearly hurt myself as I scrambled for my wallet. "Let's just put one hundred in, to start. That should do us..."

To my surprise, she agreed with the one hundred dollar figure. Then she announced, "I will make clothes, and you should colour." To say she had been doing her homework was to make an understatement. Unknown to me, she had been logging on, and looking at things. Apparently she had even gone to the Entropia Forum and nosed around a bit. I have never under-estimated her in the past, and I should have been more careful in the present case. She knew what she wanted us to do, and how to do it. The best that I could do was try to keep up. My only prayer was that she had not found out about the scanners yet. If she were to scan me and see my enhanced Rifle skills, it would be the worst for me. Thankfully, she hadn't figured that out yet.

Needless to say, I agreed to all her demands. Once the money was in, we went together to the service center in PA and made some purchases. It was rather nice, out shopping the town as a couple. We picked up a Goot Refiner, a colourizer and a bleacher. She knew what was needed... Next, on our agenda, was a technician, to buy some patterns, or one, namely the Mannel shoe pattern.

"Now, to the auction!", she said in a little sing-song voice.

"Do you know what you are doing?", I asked her.

"Yes, it's for the business. I will be a tailor and you colourer."

"As you wish...", was all I could think to say. I had a bad feeling that she might be in for a disappointment, but for now she was very happy and I wanted to leave it at that.

[End of Part II]

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Part III: The Truth Comes Out

I had to admit, after all, things were going very well for us. We practiced our crafts as the ped allowed and sweated for more when the ped became scanty. As a team, we were aces. And still, whenever she was not about, I would go out and do a little hunting. Unknown to the wife, I had been supplimenting our inventory with hides and wool from the mobs that I hunted. It made sense, really. After all, there was no difference in buying these items from other hunters, and acquiring them on my own. I felt sure that she would see the logic of it, sooner or later.

Then one day a sudden change came. I returned from the office to find the Mrs. dressed and ready to go out. A valise sat on the floor, and several pairs of shoes, as well.

"Are we going somewhere?", I asked.

"Wisteria is out of the hospital today. I need to stay with her for a while, to help her." She replied. Oh yes, Wisteria! I had forgotten. My step-daughter, my wife's youngest child, had undergone a minor operation on her left shoulder. Apparently, it had had a habit of becoming dislocated, so surgery was performed to keep that situation from recurring.

"You're leaving?", I said, with incredulity. We had only slept apart once since our marriage, and that due to a week-long visit to Chicago, for special training related to my work.

"I need to go now. She's by herself and cannot do anything with her arm. Can you get my computer?" Well, at least she planned to continue with me, in Entropia, if not in real life. Wisteria had as good a broadband connection as we did, so there would be no problem with that. I hastened to our computer room to fetch the device and all it's parts.

I wasn't sure what the ramifications of this new developement would be. Part of me was rejoicing. A few days spent alone, in peace and quiet. I began thinking of things I could do without her being present. I am fully aware, that this is a horrible thing to think about, but never-the-less, think I did. Meanwhile, my face was sad as I asked how long she thought to remain over there.

"Just a week, at most", she replied, in a conciliatory tone. But I knew from experience that her 'at most' always, invariably meant at the bare minimum. Without fail, whatever figure she ever stated as the greatest quantity of a thing, was always only the starting point. It was not to be taken literally.

So I replied, "In other words, the skies the limit. Well, I shall see you, when I see you." With that, I helped her out to her car, and soon she was off. I skipped merrily back to the flat and fired up my machine, knowing I had a great deal of time before she would be settled in. It would be even longer before she got the computer figured out. Wisteria would, no doubt, give directions in that regard. She was a lass in her late twenties, never married (nor ever likely to be), but fairly competent where computers were concerned. She would have her Mom, back online in no time at all.

I logged in and immediately began to hunt. By now I had most of the TPs on Eudoria, although Amethera, not so much. My favorite hunting place, then as now, was East Scylla. So off I went- To the hunt!

I am a bit embarrassed to say, I became rather bored rather quickly. As is often the case when one has too much of a thing, it can get quite old in short order. "Hmmmm.....", I thought, "I wonder what she's been up to." And with that, I made a decision.

Log In: MrsDonald
Password: ********

I felt no shame. In most other areas our lives were an open book toward one another. I have her permission to open her mail, and toss out junkmail addressed to her. Also, our emails were mutually accessible, by permission. So, I didn't think this would be any different. After all, I set up her account and since she had not changed her password, it was tantamount to having her permission. The one area where I did not enjoy this level of openess with her, was with her bank accounts. From the day we were wed, I added her name to all my accounts. On the other hand, she kept her own checking and savings to herself. I never let on that it bothered me.

Imagine my surprise then, in logging in as her, when I saw that her funds were something on the order of 15.214 ped! What on Calypso was going on here? As the screen sorted itself out, and the log on process was fully complete I saw a message in [wrap=left][/wrap] pale pink. Ten friends! What? I checked the list... I did not know any of those people! Who were they? Suddenly I heard the ping of incoming messages, one after another. And the little message icon showed up, in it's place. Panic took hold. Without so much as a thought, I reached down and pressed the power button on my PC. In a couple of seconds the screen went black and I slumped in my chair, shaking.

"Well, that was a bad idea...", I thought. "I hope no one mentions anything to her. I could just deny everything... no, I couldn't." I don't usually lie to my wife. Lying about throwing away the Opalo is about as bad as it ever got, and that was only the once. Although I did continue to hunt after that first incident, she never asked again, and I certainly never mentioned it. After this, I had much to think about... Where did all that money come from? How did she come to have so many friends? I decided to turn to the Entropia forum for help.

I started a new thread, under General Discussion:

Donald said:
Hello! I need some help. I am about to engage in an in-universe business venture with an avatar by the name of M-----------. My problem is, I don't really know this person, so I wondered if anyone here knows her... Is she trust worthy? Any help you can give me would be appreciated.


I clicked the save button and waited. I checked back every few minutes, and still no reponses. A full day passed and my thread held one single post- mine. It slipped over to Page Two, and I felt rather stupid. Not being well-known, and having only a handful of posts to my credit, it was embarrassing to come, hat in hand, asking for help only to be ignored. Finally, on the morning of the second day, my thread was back on Page One, with this response:

Nealix said:
Donald, I believe you are referring to forum member, E------. She goes by that name here. I suggest you do a search for posts in her name. Oh, and by the way, she is very trustworthy.

Suddenly, I had tunnel-vision! Everything was going black all around me. I felt faint! My wife was E------! I couldn't make myself believe it. Immediately upon regaining my senses, I went to the search option, and began reading all the posts made by E------. She began posting within a day of our joining the EU. In reviewing these posts, many of which I had read in the past, I now recognized the voice of my beloved. How could I have not known? Reading them now, her voice was crystal clear to me. E------ was indeed, Mrs. Cleveland. And she had been a busy, busy girl! In a very short while she had not only become quite famous on the forum- well known and highly esteemed, but also an expert in her field. On the other hand, I had nearly up to 2k in Rifle skills to my credit...

I now feel such a fool. In all this time, I have made scant progress in colouring. And I know that, any day now she will ask for a report- She absolutely will ask; make no mistake about that. She has a knack for getting into my head and ferretting out the truth. Well, I know what I need to do... It's a drastic measure, but must be done. I will change her password first. More than anything, I need time. She will believe it has something to do with her internet connection, or her set-up.

[wrap=right][/wrap] Next, I need to start skilling colouring like mad, as I ought to have done. I will do nothing else but that until she returns. Maybe, just maybe, I will make a good bit of progress. I know this sounds like a dreadful thing to do, but really, I have no choice. She's with her daughter now. They will spend time together, and in short order she will forget all about the EU. Once she returns, I will see to it that her password is put back, and things will be right as rain again! This will work; I am sure of it.

So, my friends, this is where things now stand. My wife is gone, and I am frantically skilling in colouring. It is a job, real work, and I am not too happy. The idyllic days I had anticipated in her absence are just a pipe-dream. Oh, drat! The bleacher has broken yet again... I must be off to the repair terminal. Please stand by, won't you?

[End of Part III]

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Part IV: Dead Man Posting...

Day Two of Being Alone:

I left the office at mid-day today, and hurried home. It was my hope to quickly join the EU, and get back to skilling in Colouring. I booted the Sony Vaio, and impatiently waited for the start-up process to complete. I frantically double-clicked the little blue Entropia icon. I clicked my way past the EULA, and finally the log on screen came up.

Log In: Donald
Password: ********


"Oh dear", I thought, "This won't do at all...." I knew I had to act and act quickly. It now appeared that the Mrs., being unable to enter her own account, and most likely quite bored of Wisteria by now, had logged into my account! If she should take a look at my stats, I would indeed be a dead man. No doubt she must have already spotted the rifle and ammunition in my inventory.

So I immediately placed a telephone call to my step-daughter's house. Mrs. Cleveland answered.

"Sweetheart!" I shouted into the mouth-piece, "Our Entropia accounts have been compromised!"


"It's true! Someone is up to mischief, but have no fear! I've contacted MindArk, and they are on the case. No doubt, they are closing the net on the perpetrators as we speak."

Mean? Oh, absolutely, but I really had no other option at the moment. For a long while she said nothing, but I could hear the sound of frantic movements coming across the line.

"Are you there?", I asked. I knew what she was up to.

"I am here. I was just... helping Wisty. Making her soup."

"Don't worry, my love, I have changed your password for safety sake. I'm sure it will all work out. Best just to stay away from computers completely for a while, until this is all sorted out." I felt meaner by the minute. No, I was really not enjoying my mendacity at all.

"No problem", she said. "I will stay off."

"There's a good Lass... it shouldn't be long, and I will let you know when it is safe. Bye now!"

They say the best defense is a good offense. Well, that certainly was offensive behavior on my part, but at least I did not mention Homeland Security. I feel that would have been going too far. At any rate, the deed was done, and I heaved a huge sigh of relief. Then I attempted to log in once more. And just like that, I was back in Entropia...

"Well, now that that's been sorted I can get back to work!"

With those reassuring words in mind I opened my inventory, only to find a good quantity and variety of paints- paints that weren't there before. It seems the Mrs. was trying to tell me something. Conspicuous also, by it's absence was the Opalo. The ammunition was likewise, gone. I seemed to have been 'busted'. This led me to wonder whether or not she had bought my story about our accounts being hacked. I looked toward the phone...

Ring! ring!

It had only been 10 minutes since our last discussion. Dare I answer?


"This is Marty Markell, of the Southwest Telephone Survey Co. Do you or does anyone currently living, or who has lived in your home within the last 6 months, listen to AM Talk radio?"

"Oh thank God! I thought you were my wife..."

"We are looking for 'Yes' or 'No' answers, sir."

I said, "No" and prompty hung up. My nerves were shot, and my conscience was aching. So I decided to do the correct thing, the proper thing, and call the Mrs. and make a clean breast of it.

Ring! ring!

I grabbed at the telephone once more.

"I don't want to talk to you!", I shouted.

"Sweetheart, what is my password?" Ah! It was her. Now's the time then...

Inwardly, I thought, "Thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity..."

Then I said, "Listen, Sweetie, I have to tell you something. I have been saving us a great deal of money by obtaining hides and wool directly from their source."

"What...?", which is her standard response to anything I say ...ever.

"I have been procuring your tailoring materials directly from the mobs themselves, rather than going through a middleman. It's much more economical this way." I find that honesty works best; just tell it like it is, I always say.

"You're still hunting?", she said with a slight tone in her voice.

"Well, truthfully, there is not much hunting involved. The animals are usually just standing about. It's more a matter of disassociating them from their hides, really. You know what I mean?"

"You're still hunting... I don't know... I don't know... I will talk to you later." And with that the line went dead. Now, just for your information, whenever she does that double "I don't know" thing, it's very bad. No, really it is. There is no telling exactly what would be required on my part to get back into her good graces. Still the truth was out and I felt better about that. Right. I did not, infact, feel better. I felt simply awful. So I made up my mind to sleep on the couch for a few days. True, she was not presently staying with me in our flat, but I could mention my self-discipline to her later on, and maybe it would soften her position. Then a truly awful thought hit me.

She had not gotten her password from me, having terminated our conversation before I gave it to her... This was a disaster of monumental proportions. For one thing, she could not now, under any circumstances, call back and ask for it. That would be beneath her wounded dignity. If on the other hand, I should call her and offer it, as a sign of good will, she would be forced by pride, to tell me what to do with it- i.e., where to stick it, if you get my meaning. No matter how I considered the matter, it was lose-lose. There was nothing I could do now but wait it out and hope for the best. In the meantime, I thought, perhaps I should get back to skilling...

[End of Part IV]

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Part V: Donald and the Mrs. Reconcile

My head is shaven and I am wearing a long, flowing robe of some sort. An eerie, mournful melody plays on, as I wander aimlessly about the grounds of an ancient ivy-enshrouded castle. Suddenly and without a moments warning, I begin to sing:

"It's been several hours and 3 long days,
Since you logged out of PE.

I'm in-game all night, and I sleep all day,
Since you logged out of PE.

Since you've been gone, I can hunt whatever I want-
I can hunt whenever I choose.

I can shoot my Opalo when the Evil Atrox taunt,
But who will make me some Mannell shoes!

I need you here- I need you here, in EU!

It's been so laggy lately, Dear,
And Ms. Pinky, now wears a thong...

Nothing can stop the rubberbanding!
Tell me, Honey, do you like this song?

I can offer to mentor every newb I see,
but all they want is free loot...

I went to New Oxford and guess what they told me!
Guess what they told me!

They said, "Sir, you can fire your gun whenever, it's up to you!
Well, they're the fools!

I need you here- I need you here, in EU!

All those dishes that you washed, Mama,
In the drain-board,
All dried since you went away.

I know that sweating with me, Lady,
Was sometimes hard,
But now I only wish to dye! Dye! DYE!

I need you here- I need you here, in EU!
I need you here- I need you here, in EU!
I need you here- I need you here, in EU!"

I awoke with a start. A continuous loud beeping sound interrupted the haunting melody and quickly brought me back to consciousness! My forehead hurt, and had a red dimple in it, caused by resting too long on the keyboard of the Infernal Machine- or Sony Vaio, as it is commonly known. Also, a sticky pool of saliva had formed on the desk. If I hadn't moved just so, there is no telling how long I would have slept. Fortunately the keyboard got involved at just the right moment. That song was going nowhere fast.

"This cannot go on", I thought. "I know what I'll do. I will send her- An Email Message!" And so, at last, the answer was clear. An email to my beloved, clearly outlining the depth of my transgression, and begging her forgiveness. I would include her Entropia Universe password (which by the way, she still had not got) and try to arrange a meeting.

This is what I wrote:

-------------Original Message--------------
My Darling,

As I sit here, writing these words, your face is clear before me. In my mind's eye, I can see the playful toss of your hair, feel the warmth of your eyes, and hear the lilt of your voice. I recall the last words that e'er you spoke to me. "I will talk to you later!" It is later, my love, and getting later still as I pen these words. Listen, O My Queen! Surely you must know how very sad and sorry I am for having deceived you. You must be equally certain as to the utter sincerity of my contrition. I long for nothing in this world more, than your forgiveness, and our reunion.

Your password is: ********

I shall be waiting for you every night at precisely 17:00 MA time, in our special place. Please join me there. Come to me, my love. I want to add you to my friends list. You are the only one for me, and of this fact there can be no doubt. If you should appear, in our spot thereby the river, I will know that all is forgiven and we are again as one.

[wrap=right][/wrap]I know I don't have to tell you this, but still I shall say it. The evil thing is gone, really and truly gone.

My password is: ********

Whenever, you have the desire, please log into my account and satisfy yourself, that I am acting in good faith toward you. Never again, shall I go on the hunt. On this you can rely! Test me out, until you are convinced of the truth. Then this subject need never, ever arise between us again. And our lives can be lived together in eternal harmony.

Adieu Angelic One!

P.S. Ang iyo bang puso ay tapat? Na gaya ng aking puso, sa iyong puso?
----------------End Message---------------

There was nothing for it now, but to log on, dispose of the weapon and have done with it. I ought to have mentioned before, that we did sooner or later get around to visiting some of the local spots on Eudoria. And of those few, we hit upon the river banks north of West Orthos Mound, as our spot. I had just 15 minutes to get the job done. So I immediately logged on, teleported directly to Port Atlantis, found a good location just north, outside of town and dropped the Opalo there. I recall the x-coordinate as being 6065, but I can not remember the y. And anyway, I doubt that it is still there...

The ammunition I sold at a Trade Terminal, just because. Now there was just enough time to get to the river, so off I flew. I know it seems highly unrealistic that she would check her email, forgive me and meet me at the river all within 15 minutes, but it would be unconscionable on my part not to be at our rendevous should she appear! How well would that go over? Not well at all, is my guess.

I hit the ground running once at West Orthos. Just to the north of the teleporter there is a thicket of trees.A path leads through those woods, at a steep down-grade toward the river. There the grass at the river's edge is soft and green, and many's the pleasant hour we spent there in happier days.
And it was here that I would wait. ...and wait ...and wait. Seventeen-hundred MindArk time, came and went. Thirty minutes passed. Then an hour. I sat and waited until I was sore from the sitting, and still she did not come. Expectations postponed, I was heartsick, but tommorow was another day. I vowed to return and keep returning until she met me there. But for now, I really needed to catch forty winks. So I teleported home.

Day Four of being alone
The day dawned bright and clear. Over the last few days, both the temperature and humidity had dropped substantially making for some delightful autumn weather. I decided it was high time I stepped outside and drew a few breathes of fresh air. My boss had very kindly given me the entire week off. After my initial half-day on the previous Monday, I felt the need to take an impromptu holiday, and Kitty agreed. My plan for this day was simple. I would just step out for a bit of air, then return to the EU and get back to skilling. I am pleased to say that I actually was making progress. At this particular time, I had 33 skill points in Colour Matching, and 56 in Coloring. Not too bad, given the time I had wasted. Then, once again at 17:00 hours, I would go to the river and wait.[wrap=left][/wrap] Perhaps this was to be the day...

As is my usual habit, when out taking some air, I like to make an inspection of the postbox. On this occasion, there seemed to be the regular assortment of rubbish. Solicitation for new credit cards, grocery coupons, and the like, littered the box. But one piece inparticular caught my eye. From the Law Offices of Hu, Watt, Weir and Wen. "Oh no". I thought, and with trembling hands I tore at the seal.

"She's left me", I muttered. "She's really left me. Blimey!" And I didn't know what else to say. In my depressed state I did not actually look at the letter, from those solicitors. Instead I sat, head in my hands on a bench near the pond. It seemed as if she were gone for good, and I sat recalling to mind, our wedding day and how happy we were then.

"All because of some foolish game...", I thought, and blinked back bitter tears. After what seemed like an eternity of sitting still, I rose and lumbered toward our home, my home. As I moved slowly on my way, I glanced at the official-looking document in my hand and saw the words, "Do you have BAD credit? We can help."

"Bad credit? Bad credit! Bog blast and bleed you, Messrs. Hu, Watt, Weir and Wen!", I shouted as I ripped the paper in two, and tossed it in the air. Suddenly to be back in-universe was the most important thing I could think of.

"Maybe she's already logged in; maybe I can find her there right now!" A bit manic, yes, indeed I was but I didn't care. I wanted to believe she would be in Entropia, at the river's edge waiting for me. What time was it? I glanced at my watch. Only just 13:00 MindArk time. No matter, I would go early and begin my waiting. It had become my habit to always carry a spare set of Mannell Shoes, paint and colourizer, where ever I went in-universe. I would do some colouring while I waited.

Shortly I was in West Orthos Mound and running north. I came to the path, and rounded the bend on that downward slope.


"Sweetheart!", I cried.

"Sweetheart!", came her response. Soon we stood face to face and locked in a long embrace. When at last we did speak, it came in short breathless statements.

"I am so glad you got the email... Tell me, what did you think when you saw it?"

"What...? I haven't check my email. I just come to see if you are here", she replied.

"Well then, how did you happen to know the password?"

She said, "To be honest, you never have imagination..."

"So then, all is forgiven?"


"...and you still love me?"

"Of course."

"...and I may continue with the hide procurement program?"

"There will be no hunting!"

"Quite right, no more hunting." Well, two out of three wasn't bad. I have always believed that some things are incalcuably precious, and others, not so much. The hunting I could live without. Besides, someone was going to have to give Sarah some competition in colouring, and it might as well be me.

Much has happened since that day, and the Mrs. and I have grown quite a bit, within the EU and without it. She has since explained her amazing progress as a tailor, and how she came to be forum member, E-------. Since that time also, we have branched out a bit in our in-universe activities, and while I no longer enjoy the slaughter of our pixelated animal friends, we do enjoy exploring and doing a bit of photography together. Maybe I will write up some of these tales one day... as a sort of diary, or something. No... that would be foolish, as who would want to read such a thing?

I have only one concern, one great fear. There is just one thing that could possibly disturb our idyllic existance in Entropia. I do so hope she never meets my evil twin brother, Ronald.

[End of Part V - End of Story]

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I can't help it.
I know this thread is ancient but that was a good read!

"Well, truthfully, there is not much hunting involved. The animals are usually just standing about. It's more a matter of disassociating them from their hides, really. You know what I mean?"


Donald (whoever that is) has his own sub-forum? :confused:
Part of the old "featured storytellers" thing.
I was actually enjoying reading this. :) Glad you necroed it :)
whatever happened to Donald, he made quite a splash and then just disappeared, anyone know?
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He made his farewell here well before Typhon destroyed Hadesheim. I believe he posted a parting message, but the Langoliers got it.