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Jan 8, 2007
United States, East Coast
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William Kincade Baber
Didn't see any posts on the main page of 'housing' listing any apartments that had shopkeepers. Sure, there are plenty of apartments set up by people doing beauty related tasks. I went through my entire tower from floor 0, including booths, to 18 and didn't see a single shopkeeper. I recently aquired a shopkeeper to sell a few things that take an exhaustive amount of luck and/or patience to sell and not just dump them into the TT. This thread will be available for people to advertise their apartments/houses and what their general wares are. Please state the location/tower/level/letter etc. For houses, coordinates along with relative location to tp's and landmarks will help.

Here goes:

Kincade's Wares
Treasure Island Silver Building, 15A------> REALLY close to TI teleporter
(36864, 53248)

Pixie Pieces M & F
Goblin Pieces M & F
Socket and Tier Componenets
Explosive Projectiles
Animal Oils
Sweat (I don't enjoy spending hours trying to find buyers. I swunt and it helps offset ammo burn/decay. I have a steady supply of ~3k sweat/week)

As the sign reads as you walk in, whatever you see in the apartment is available for sale, excluding my storage terminals and furniture. Yes, I realize that I should get my poor shopkeeper some clothes ;-)

P.S. What do you guys/gals think about my setup? Suggestions?
might move it to the shop section.. yes shopkeepers are interesting little critters. Want to see where the majority of them are? Visit Auktumas shop in the mall sometime, lol.