Are second account against EULA ?


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Feb 25, 2005
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Vap0r said:
Just curious here, what are the negative effects of having say 100 avatars? Obviously you wouldnt need a CND apartment but other then that?

U can pretend to be an honest, trustful and cool dude and same time be an ass
with those 99 other avatars. Making false bidding in auction, be a nasty reseller
team manipulating auction prices. Easy skilling, with 99 avatars equipped with (L)
weapons and getting SIB, to a level ~2k then fill a chip and sell/use it with your
cool dude avatar. Mentoring yourself, cool dude avatar with 99 disciplines.



Jun 30, 2006
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safara said:
In both instances you must contact MA and ask them to delete the old avatar first before creating yourself a new one.

I think this is strictly the case, but I have no idea if many people do it. I have never changed my Avatar or created another one, so I have no first hand experience of the procedure. Just going on what has been written in here previously.
Well its quite well known that i went through a sex change (not irl :tongue2: ) earlier on this year. This is what i did....

First i contacted support asking if i could swap my gold card over to my new account. The answer was no because of security reasons. Which is fair enough. Through these various support tickets i made it clear that i had two accounts. At no point was i told that i must delete the old one first. In fact this would be quite hard financially especially when u have a fair amount of skills to transfer. Anyway cutting a long story short im almost in the position to move the last of my skills accross from my old avatar to Violet. At that point i will ask MA to lock my old account as it will no longer need to be accessed.

That leaves me with 5 months of having 2 avatars, but am i worried that i will get in trouble for this? No, and the reason is that my old avatar has only been accessed to remove skills. There has been no other activity with that avatar what so ever. Im happy that if MA check their logs on this avatar they can see what has happend.

So answer to the original question... No you cant have two avatars if your intended use to bypass storage on cND, or use as a trader avatar and manipulate prices etc. MA will be able to see your activity and act accordingly (maybe when u try to withdraw). However if you are changing avatar for what ever reason i cannot see how you can do this without having two avatars concurrently. As long as you are only active with one avatar i cant see MA throwing the book at you.


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Apr 30, 2005
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AlphaGeek said:
...and that's different from the normal support because...?


the normal support is good isnt it? allways helped me with my problems